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Ankimote - remote to control Anki from your phone

2.31MB. Updated 2021-08-12. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.


Ankimote is an addon that adds remote control functionality to Anki. After installing this addon, selecting 'Ankimote' from the Anki toolbar will start Ankimote and display a QR code and URL directing to the remote that can be accessed by any other device on the local network (usually your phone). Best used with the Anki Zoom addon to make card text bigger. Then place your laptop far away (or plug into an external monitor or TV) and put your feet up! FEATURESLIMITATIONS/TROUBLESHOOTING SCREENSHOTS Connect by scanning a QR or visiting the URL from a phone or other device that is on the same local network Visual feedback in the desktop Anki app Swipe mode and swipe settings Tap mode (best in landscape) PRIVACY Ankimote uses Google Analytics to count anonymized users and engagement. LICENSE MIT License (see github) BUG REPORTS, FEATURE REQUESTS, SOURCE CODE https://github.com/TheDabblingDuck/ankimote CHANGELOG 8/11/21 - Fixed inaccurate feedback with V1 scheduler on learning cards, and recognition of 'undo' action on V3 scheduler. 7/29/21 - Fixed bug when using V1 scheduler 07/27/21 - Fixed feedback and scrolling for the latest versions of Anki (tested on 2.1.45). Updated AMBOSS integration for the latest version of the AMBOSS addon (07-26-21 update). 07/11/20 - Reworked custom actions to execute Python code instead of Javascript as previously. This allows the user to easily set actions to suspend, mark, bury, replay audio, etc. See addon config within Anki. 07/05/20 - Initial Release SUPPORT DEVELOPMENT


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1636017000
Thank you, I need this
on 1633814570
awsome addons thank you
on 1631204097
Infinite loading, i can not review anki from phone
on 1630371913
I just can't open the page from the QR code. It never finishes loading. I was trying to open it in my Iphone and the desktop is samsung, does it have anything to do with the fact that Apple products are incompatible with other brands products?
on 1628685399
Worked great, but with the scheduler turned off, marking new cards as “good” shows the “hard” prompt.
Comment from author
I think I've fixed the V1 scheduler feedback issue with the 8/11/21 update - if you continue to have issues, please let me know by making a github issue.
on 1628544515
I have been using remotes on my phone to do the same thing, but none of them work as well as this. This is great.
on 1628037599
Worked well for me until update today (7/28). Now the "Good / Show" action actually functions as "Easy / Show", and the "Easy" action does nothing at all. There may be more broken ones.

Edit: works again
Comment from author before post was edited
The issue was related to using the V1 scheduler - have now updated with a fix.
on 1627575883
Works as intended. I find it allows for faster reviews than mouse and keyboard.

Edit: "I wish it worked with Auto Ease Factor though." It now does 👍
Comment from author before post was edited
Should work with the latest update!
on 1627562935
Works great! Seriously best way to use anki without a controller.
on 1627406816
Works amazingly well! And the author is super responsive and helpful on GitHub as well. Thanks so much!
on 1623866572
I did all the troubleshooting options listed and my phone still won't load the anki cards after I scan the code.
Comment from author
Please reach out to me on the github issues page if you'd like help debugging. We can talk back and forth there, which is more likely to be useful to you than leaving a thumbs down review.
on 1623584580
Does not work with Advanced Review Bottom Bar enabled, but I just toggle between these 2 add-ons. This has been excellent. In the morning I put Anki on my monitor, lean back in my chair with coffee, and swipe away. It's only 0.5-1.2 seconds faster per card, (so for 500 cards a day, I'm saving 8-10 minutes) but the ease and comfort are key. This lowers my energy of activation for morning Anki reviews and that is a blessing. Great add-on! Thank you!!!!
on 1623080001
Works well! Helped me go through cards much faster
on 1622169926
Brilliant add-on. Absolute legend.
on 1622112748
on 1620971165
Good job..
on 1620948743
So cool
on 1620241750
Amazing add-on. I used unified remote previously but this is much better and simpler. Short cuts d and s would be very appreciated.
on 1619793214
on 1617787880
game changer!
on 1615155279
very disappointed because I really wanted this to work for me, it would e very helpfull.but it didn't. I was never able to rank my cards through my phone, I even waited for an update, but it was not fixed :/

edit: the problem was that my anki was set on portuguese, what does not work. I would like to be able to set the add-on on my primary languege, but thats ok. verry helpfull tool.
Comment from author
Support for all languages will come in ~ 1.5 months
on 1613714499
This is awesome!
on 1613093489
This. Is. Amazing. You changed my life... Whoever you are, I love you.
on 1612858934
on 1612618833
Game changer! Love this addon so far.
on 1612122549
Super great, but I have a question, how can i set one of the CMD options to the "set due date" button on the iPhone?
Comment from author
I'm not sure what "set due date" you are referring to - is it a feature from another addon?

If you open a new github bug report, we can talk back and forth there.
on 1611392375
Amazing add-on, makes reviewing very comfortable. I was going to buy a controller for the sake of remote control but this saved my money and time. I plan on using this to do anki review nights with med school friends :) Thank you so much!!!
on 1611166209
Works well
on 1610394013
Great tool, especially when I forget my remote control somewhere else!
on 1610282897
Just lovely ^^
on 1610114647
Awesome addon, good balance between customizable and intuitive. Love the amboss addon feature.

Would you be able to make it work with "Advance Review Bottom Bar"? I don't want to have to choose between it and this addon!
on 1608530009
Damn this is def one of the best Anki control add ons there is.Not only is it simple and easy to setup and control, there's even amboss integration in it!
Although I would say a physical controller is still superior, this is perfect for when I'm in not home and don't have access to my controller. 10/10
on 1607194227
This addon is a game changer. I was about to buy myself a controller and hook it up to my PC so I can do my reviews more comfortably until I found this. Thank you very much to the author of this. This has to be one of the best addons there are for Anki, a must have.

PS: The addon wasn't working for me either, I thought that it had to be some interference with another addon, but no because I tested it by disabling all of the addons I have. The problem was the language that my Anki was on. I switched it to English (United States) and it started working. So for the people that have this problem, you might want to try this solution to see if it works
on 1606677209
Brilliant, possibly one of the best add-ons out there. Thank you so much for your work! If I could make a suggestion, it would be awesome if the feedback option was available even when not using the remote, but I understand that might be difficult to implement
Comment from author before post was edited
Glad you like it. If you have any ideas on a better way to show connection status feel free to email me or make a suggestion on the github page
on 1606567836
Comment from author before post was edited
Likely causes:
* Having button colors or another addon that modifies the answer buttons. Try seeing if it works without other addons active.
* Anki not being in English so the answer buttons are not in English

Try making a github issue so we can talk back and forth if you still can't get it to work
on 1606174886
great idea, works amazing, takes a lil time to get used to the controls but overall its well done
on 1604176528
Very helpful add on!!!

Thank you.
on 1604162203
Wow... I was thinking of buying one of those small keyboards that have only numbers on them to make my reviews easier on my wrists, but you have saved my life!!!
on 1602707376
Thank you so much for creating this great add-on!
on 1601960426
Comment from author
Works just fine for me. If you want help using it, you'd be better off contacting me on github where we can have a back and forth conversation.
on 1601154837
Works like a charm
on 1601122092
Such a handy add on to have. So happy this was created.
on 1599884290
My favorite addon
on 1598819094
The QR code doesn't pop up for me. Any solution?
on 1598028515
Great app. Is there a way to get the visual feedback even if using a keyboard/xbox controller/etc?
on 1597951778
Makes doing cards very comfortable, I can put my laptop further away with larger font to prevent strain on my eyes. Plus I can sit in comfortable positions!
on 1597885911
Thank you so much for creating such a useful product! I am still bed bound from an injury and find this add-on to be super useful for keeping up with my reviews.

I have modified my keyboard shortcuts to pull up other useful functions on Anki. Can you tell me how I can configure the custom commands to simulate pressing a specific key? For example, I want to configure command 2 (cmd 2) to simulate pressing the key “h” .

Thank you!
Comment from author
Simulating a key press is not possible to my knowledge but chances are there's a way to trigger that action directly by calling the function with code. Can you make a github question about this and write what things you'd like to do with the custom commands?
on 1596874439
Totall changed the way I use Anki for better, great job! this cant be said enough. Also how do i use this addon with Anki Zoom, a little nudge in the right direction would be really helpful.
Comment from author
Just zoom in and out on the card with the Anki Zoom options in the tools menu, or the Ctrl+ / Ctrl- shortcuts (Cmd instead of Ctrl on mac).

You can also set is as a custom action on Ankimote with the following commands in config:

Zoom in:
"mw.zoom_submenu.actions()[0].trigger() if 'zoom_submenu' in mw.__dict__.keys() else showInfo('Anki Zoom addon not found')"

Zoom out:
"mw.zoom_submenu.actions()[1].trigger() if 'zoom_submenu' in mw.__dict__.keys() else showInfo('Anki Zoom addon not found')"
on 1596503411
you win. we in. this is perfect. appreciate it.
on 1596098095
This is so amazing! Thank you so much. Would it be possible for me to tweak the code so I could change the size of the status button that appears if I click Good, Again, etc.? If that's possible, would you mind telling me which file contains the code for the dimensions of those buttons? Again, thank you so much for your hard work. :))
Comment from author
It's in init.py, line 253. Changing "font-size: 24px" on that line should work. I'll eventually push an update where that size is customizable.
on 1595416797
Easy to use and really helpful. Was just about to buy a controller when I found this and I am so glad I did. Just make sure you disable the "button colors" addon (which is written in the description but I still forgot - my bad!)
on 1594762350
adds a ton of functionality and helps me not slouch over my computer for hours on end (:
on 1594676718
Stopped working after the latest update! :/ screen won't load on phone.
Comment from author
Strange, this doesn't seem to happen for most people. Try clearing your browser cache on your phone.
on 1594315689
I guess this add-on will be awesome but the thing is the URL page takes forever to load and then it never redirects me to the remote page? Idk what to do actually :(
on 1594276332
Total game changer! It's so much better than using a controller. One thing I'd love to see added is a small window on the phone's screen that shows you the number of reviews/new/ learing cards left since it's hard to see when you're sitting far away, or maybe perhaps a mini progress bar, but other than that this add on is perfect!

Ps: I installed this on anki ver 2.1.22 using the link you provided in reddit and it worked flawlessly so I think you might wanna decrease the requirement since so many people( like me) put off updating to the latest versions until they confirmed all their add ons are compatible. Thank you!
on 1594237725
Good idea. Unfortunately not available for older versions. I use 2.1.22
on 1594197184
This is good. Thank you fellow ankier

It would be fantastic to be able to link a button / gesture to bury / suspend
on 1594154173
Great Addon
on 1594044973
This is up there with the greats, amazing addon
on 1594036066
Works perfectly but like the author says, need to delete any addon that modifies the again/good/easy buttons
on 1594021581
awesome . i can not thank you enough.
on 1594014122
Such a smooth add-on! Love it, thank you for this!
on 1594006232
A great way to increase the functionality of Anki, and very efficiently at that. This could very quickly and easily allow someone to mirror Anki onto a TV and study through a deck with as little as a finger swiping the entire time. Brilliant work and beautifully executed!
on 1593986727
This a great add on - been waiting for something like this for a long time. Super easy to set up - you don't need to download a separate app for your phone - just use the internet browser (i.e. Chrome). Makes doing anki more comfortable - you can sit back in your chair and just use your phone as a remote.
on 1593984767
Awesome add-on, was just about to purchase a bluetooth remote before I saw this. This add-on offers much more customizability and is also free - thanks!!!!
on 1593984128
wow this is super useful, makes my studying a lot faster and much more comfortable now that I don't have to be hunched over the space bar all day lol
on 1593980337
ey yo, this is lit