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Edexcel Maths New specification

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Contains content for the new A-level specification for Edexcel the decks mostly focus on A2 Content, however, I will be updating the decks to contain more AS content soon. Contains Exam Style questions with their attached mark schemes. If you find these Flashcards useful and want to help me continue to update these decks feel free to donate: https://paypal.me/patwantsandhu?locale.x=en_GB

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Front Cleaning the data
Back Process of removing anomolies from data
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ID (hidden) fae7637d6c104ced9510faa2a2c5be50-ao-1
Header Weather stations around the world
Question Mask
Extra 1
Extra 2
Answer Mask
Original Mask
Front When do you use binomial PD
Back P(X=Y)
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Great deck! Thank you for your hard work :)
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Great Deck! Helped me out a lot for my exams
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