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10 000 german sentences sorted from easiest to hardest [2/3]

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10000 german sentences sorted by the average frequency of the words on them — that is, sorted from easiest to hardest. If some sentences are too easy for you, just delete them (press Delete button on your keyboard) until a more challenging one comes up. The following Anki add-on adds a Replay button to the Computer Version of Anki, and is recommended for this deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/498789867 -=-=-=-=-=- The purpose of the audio in this deck is teaching and scholarship, and I'm not making money out of it: therefore it is considered "Fair Use". -=-=-=-=-=- If this deck is useful to you, please rate it!~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/ - This deck is divided in 3 parts. This is part 2.

Sample (from 4004 notes)

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German Ich mag diese Jacke nicht.
English I don't like this jacket.
Sound (English)
German Sie schlug ihm ins Gesicht.
English She slapped him in the face.
Sound (English)
German Du hast kein Recht dazu.
English You don't have the right.
Sound (English)

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on 1602058772
This is my only tool for learning German and it really works. After one and half year learning with this method I have made great progress and now I am heading for 3/3 part of 10 000 sentences. Thanks for making learning German for me possible.
on 1598452543
I would like to thank you for sharing these flashcards with everyone here on Anki.
on 1598211619
on 1594901915
Very usefull
on 1591695140
on 1591609301
on 1590271716
Obrigado pelo ótimo trabalho e por disponibilizar os decks. Fique com Deus e abraços.
on 1587989548
lots of simple phrases, really helpful
on 1582284990
on 1571499508
on 1571396007
ist perfekt, i hope i can reverse the cards once i finish them
Comment from author
You can choose what appears in the front and back of the card.
See this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnbKwHEQ1mA&yt:cc=on
on 1570529276
Great study tool. Could you also upload the pdf version of it? Thanks
on 1564777985
Good job
on 1562789288
I was very happy with the first one and I really like this deck, buuuut:

- the first deck has 2 parts - reading and speaking training and the speaking training is very useful, I would say even more useful than the reading and therefore I would suggest doing the same thing as for the first one (unfortunately, I was not able to it myself and I have been struggling with it quite some time, because you cannot flip the whole deck in mobile version of Anki and exporting such a big file from desktop version of Anki is problematic because you cannot open it on mobile and you are probably more skilled in editing the decks than I am :D). But it is indeed a great deck but for me personally those changes would be really appreciated.
on 1560040210
Sehr Gut
on 1557596587
great work!!! thanks very much
on 1541663256
Good work
on 1538998035
Hi, Sir! Beautiful job, thanks so much. In anki website you've shared the spreadsheet of the part 1 of 3 for top 4000 german sentences. Could you please share the spreadsheet for 2 and 3 as well? I would like to edit them to combine the deck which will be slightly modified (with russian translation and perhaps some reductions). I would appreciate!
on 1533362214
Great deck! Thank you!
on 1522540800
I am not a fan of the English voice but it's a great deck and perfectly reversible thanks to having both voice clips.
on 1517443200
Great resource!
on 1514160000