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Minna no nihongo, みんなの日本語, 1.1 (2nd edition), EN to JP

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All vocabulary of lesson 1 as digital flashcards. You are given the English meaning and it will print you the Kana writing, Kanji and a remark. I sometimes added the Kanji even though it was not given in the book (sometimes they are archaic). The remark field explicitly tells you about this addition. The cards are in order of their appearance in the book. Feel free to adjust the design of the cards, if you are unhappy with my suggestion. Source: みんなの日本語, Second Edition - 2012, 3A Corporation Feedback: admin AT lukas-prokop DOT at Cards published: 2017年04月21日 I think みんなの日本語 does a good job at teaching the basics. Don't forget to do some grammar exercises in the textbook. Please enjoy it!

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English China
Kana ちゅうごく
Kanji 中国
English Japan
Kana にほん
Kanji 日本
English Indonesia
Kana インドネシア
Kanji インドネシア
Remarks katakana only

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Nice work
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I didnt think that someone could have done this work. thanks!!!!! im going to rate with a dot, just to show my thumb up.
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Great updated deck!
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The set is in accordance with the book. Well done.