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Korean 한자어 Vocabulary Builder

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A Deck of Sino-Korean vocabulary (i.e. the words based on Hanja) from my Korean 한자어 Vocabulary Builder Android app. Sorted by frequency of 한자 usage, so starts with more familiar words. Suitable for lower-intermediate levels upwards. Individual 한자 character definitions are from the Unicode database (by permission) so may not always be the most pertinent to each word, but should be relevant in most cases.

Sample (from 3266 notes)

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Number 3240
Hangul word
English Word Definition beam, building
Characters 동(棟) - the main beams supporting a house
Chinese Word Definition
Number 1184
Hangul word 귀가하다
English Word Definition come home
Characters 귀(歸) - return; return to, revert to가(家) - house, home, residence; family
Chinese Word Definition 歸家-
Number 522
Hangul word 등장
English Word Definition entrance
Characters 등(登) - rise, mount, board, climb장(場) - open space, field, market
Chinese Word Definition 登場

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on 1663861891
Thank you so much for sharing this!!
on 1661133792
I was just about to make a deck like this because all the other decks start from the Chinese characters, rather than asking you to identify the meaning in a Korean word. Luckily I wasn't alone in wanting to learn this way. Thanks.
on 1578742822
Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I was looking for!
on 1569582914
Thanks. Great to find the root of the words, I used it as a complement to my regular deck when the words are difficult to recall.
on 1519344000
Best deck on the Internet for Sino-Korean vocabulary (Korean words that use Chinese characters).