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British Sign Language - general vocabulary (in SignWriting)

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SignWriting is the written language for any type of sign language. This deck contains a de-duped version of the British Sign Language (BSL) dictionary here: https://www.signbank.org/signpuddle2.0/searchword.php?ui=1&sgn=59. Unfortunately, some sign variations for the same word have not been transferred over. If you don't know sign-writing, you can get a working knowledge of the basics very quickly by reading through this short, free textbook: https://www.signwriting.org/archive/docs9/sw0821_SignWriting_Basics_Instruction_Manual_Sutton.pdf. This should be enough to let you tackle learning this flashcard deck. You can find further lessons about sign-writing here: https://www.signwriting.org/lessons/ I would recommend double-checking signs on https://www.signbsl.com to see videos of real people signing the word. This also lets you see the variations in dialect too. Valerie Sutton invented SignWriting. She agrees with Anki flashcards sharing. All SignWriting material is done by volunteers. It can be used for free and copied.

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