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Remaining time (for Anki 2.1)

0.13MB. Updated 2020-12-14.
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Adds a progress bar and estimated time to complete current reviews. - Blue: you pressed 'Correct' there. (Good/Easy) - Red: you pressed 'Again' there. - Vivid (More saturation): you quickly answered the question. - Pale (Less saturation): you slowly answered the question. (Maybe you did some other things for a while?) - Length of each colored bar: Time spent on that review. Much of the code as been rewritten. Feel free to report bugs at the Github. Github: https://github.com/trgkanki/remaining_time ------------------------------------------------------- Changelog See at https://github.com/trgkanki/remaining_time/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md ---------------------------------------------------------------------- old changelogs Fix 12: 2020-08-25 - Full rewrite in typescript. (e.g. many bugs following) - AnkiDroid support. - Further changelog will be uploaded at github. + Hotfix: compat w/ anki 2.1.30+ Fix 11: 2020-05-04< - Fix: basic compatibility w/ hint hotkeys addons - Feature: Flag now not hidden by the bar - Feature: Better visual cue for procratinators: if you leave the session for a while, that will be reflected on the progress bar. Not on the estimator however. Fix 10: 2020-03-28< - Compatibility fix w/ dark mode addon - Manual reset mode by default. Review estimator will only reset when : you study other decks : you press the reset button Hotfix 10: 2020-03-18< - Compatible with Dark Mode addon. Fix 9: 2020-03-18< - Fix: properly handles undo - Fix: transparent background issue of the progress bar - Fix: pressing 1/2/3 at question side won't cause progress bar updates - Feature: 'Toogle to bottom' menu added. See addon's configuration. Fix 8: 2020-03-12< - Works more consistently. Fix 7: 2019-03-26< - Fixed bug making invalid estimates Fix 6: 2019-03-23< - Support for anki 2.1 Fix 5 ~ Initial release< - See changelog at https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/519467573


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1674931186
update it to latest please
on 1673018530
Good addon, but it counts the time even if i am not at the screen of the card (e.g. in main menu, or Study page). Sometimes the values are weird, but overally works well.
on 1668768887
Very useful, quite accurate remaining time estimation, much better than watching remaining cards.
on 1665777646
on 1661336247
on 1660474166
Either the addon updated today or it conflicts with pokemanki. As it wasn't working prior to me disabling pokemanki and reopening the app.
Good addon also.
on 1647550874
Only used it briefly but seems very useful, and quite accurate
on 1647549121
on 1645186048
on 1643085830
Omg, this add-on's really good. Many thanks to you
on 1642412059
Good! Recommendation like a dog
on 1637328553
The guy rating negatively above seemingly forgot that ankidroid has this sort timer built in natively
on 1635918224
Do not download this if you use ankidroid. Ruins the whole thing and stays there even if you delete it from the windows version.
on 1633336917
Fantastic, thanks for making this.
on 1631563684
It's pretty accurate! I'm not a huge fan of the colors displayed with each card, but it's a small price to pay for time management. (I'll probably grow fond of them after lots of use...)
on 1631287992
Fantastic add on! Just know that if you use it on AnkiDroid it will add a little bit of load time to your cards.
on 1627714767
Really good
on 1627330165
Great app. Thanks.
on 1626510561
Love this add on! I use it every day and I love seeing the progress bar fill up
on 1625582638
Great so far. Had an issue with it not working initially. Took an hour to figure out that this add-on is incompatible with the Pokemanki add-on at the time of this review. Hopefully, the author can adjust this. Until then, I just disabled Pokemanki as this provides more value IMO
on 1622386029
this is indispensable for any Anki user that helps to achieve reasonable time schedule or managment of each study
on 1621523129
simple and works great.
Not a bug but would be nice to have a text on the different row since atm progress bar colors are hiding behind the text (remaining time etc.)
on 1621282289
What does ETA means please ?
on 1619856265
error when open
on 1616896680
on 1616590451
Great addon, working just fine. Thanks very much!
on 1616500851
Love it :)

Please add a paypal "coffee-button" in the description of the addon that people can send you money for your great work without patreon.
on 1616443531
on 1614775565
Best progress bar addon I've tried
on 1614603020
on 1613739308
Nice addon, how can I change the font size of the text on the taskbar? I tried "font-size: 17px" in the css field you have in config but nothing happens. Sorry if what I said is stupid, I have very little programming experience.
on 1613131719
ETA is interesting and it keeps me motivated to finish the task within that stipulated time
on 1611914187
Really good BUT it seems to interfer with the Pop-Up-dictionary-beta and the Amboss-addon. both popups are shifted to the right side....
on 1611167264
Thank you soooo much author!
on 1609189172
Real gem! Would be good to display average time/card done :)
on 1608308471
Incredible add-on; it is essential for my daily studying. ETA is very useful and the different color lines are beautiful. Thanks!
on 1608308305
This is an excellent add-on, but there is only one concern when I use it: when using the undo button in my keyboard (CTRL+Z) the whole bar goes back to zero (like starting my deck again from the beginning). I know probably not a lot of persons use the undo button in Anki, but I find it very useful especially because I am using another add-on which marks the card as incorrect if a certain amount of time passes. I would be very thankful if you can take a look to this issue.

I am willingful to adjust the rating if my concern is addressed

Update 12/18/2020: the issue was corrected, thank you very much!
on 1606407838
A very useful add on.
on 1605210864
Great add on very useful, would love the option to toggle the bar to not slide around based on time, IE each card just has a set slot that it fills and all the colors etc. stays the same (sort of like progress bar but with more colors). Could be useful for days where I start my reviews early then have an activity for a few hours and the progress bar projections get a little weird as it brings the projected time way up, this is fixable with just resetting the bar but obviously I liked like to avoid that.
on 1602598882
Thank you I love this!
on 1602548604
Unbelievable add on. Bless you! I am in medical school and I have to sometimes pass over a thousand cards today or will fall behind. The ETA function is absolutely stunning and I now find myself using my PC even though my iPad is more comfortable if not only for this add on. Thank you so much! You should be proud! I wish this was built in to the anki client on mobile!
on 1602534472
Works as intended and is very motivating!
on 1601052850
Works perfectly well with the PC, it's a pretty great addon, thanks for making this!
One small issue I have been having is that it refuses to show the bar on the bottom of the screen in ankidroid.
I have the config set to show at the bottom, and it does so on the PC, but on ankidroid it persistently stays on the top of the screen.
I have tried refreshing, syncing media, and deleting and reinstalling the addon, but this fails to solve the problem.
Would really appreciate a fix for this as the mobile screen is already pretty small, and having the timer with all it's text on the top is quite distracting.
Comment from author
Thanks for using my addon :) For feature requests or bug reports, please use the GitHub issues page. You can access that with the 'Contact Author' button. I could see all the issues at once if issues are posted on Github, so that would help me streamline the maintenance works. Thanks.
on 1600824977
This keeps getting better. The new customizable remaining time message is so good. Thank you for adding CPM (cards per minute) option. Also the 12-hour format ETA is so cool.
on 1600344487
I LOVE this addon so much. It provides me with so much more motivation, keeping the bar blue + reducing the ETA time.
It's just the most perfect addon.
Thank you so much!
on 1600230312
Failed to load/Error

Will adjust rating once fixed
on 1598550687
This addon is great, really helps with motivation and with sticking to moving through large review sets!
on 1598472977
This add-on is awesome, I'm so thankful to you! However, when I updated the add-on today this message came up and I had to disable it so Anki would resume working! I tried installing the most up to date version of Anki (2.31) but the issue persisted until I turned the add-on off!

Edit: You are an angel from heaven, thank you for addressing it so quickly!

Error during startup:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt/main.py", line 119, in __init__
File "aqt/main.py", line 175, in finish_ui_setup
File "aqt/toolbar.py", line 49, in draw
File "aqt/webview.py", line 426, in stdHtml
File "</Applications/Anki.app/Contents/MacOS/decorator.pyc:decorator-gen-12>", line 2, in body_class
File "anki/hooks.py", line 638, in decorator_wrapper
File "anki/hooks.py", line 635, in repl
TypeError: new_body_class() got multiple values for argument '_old'
Comment from author before post was edited
Re-update please. Sorry for inconvenience
on 1598446244
Love the new update but however the Total Minutes Left has gone and been replaced with ETA, is there any way we could get that back?
Comment from author
Hmm, I think the current change is better in every way... Could you elaborate more of your use case at the issue page? Why you need total minutes instead of ETA...

on 1598404005
Wonderful way to help keep motivation to finish my studying for the day! 100% recommend!
on 1598366115
I just updated to the new version and my bar which used to be blue and red now turned to all neon green. How can I fix this or downgrade to earlier version?

edit: thank you
Comment from author before post was edited
Due to the implementation issue, new cards are shown as green instead of blue.
I'm quite sure you can get used to this change. I myself found this more useful than before. It highlights how you spend your time on learning new cards.

However if you want to revert the changes, replace the addon with https://github.com/trgkanki/remaining_time/raw/cd611d23b3350d7caace2ce0e51bda536386f160/rt_legacy_purepy.zip
on 1598313611
Hey, thank you so much for creating this Add-on, it gives me hope when I have hundreds or even thousands of cards to go over. However in this last update im also having the error message for starting up. Is there any way to downgrade to the last version? Thanks again
Comment from author
Re-update please. Sorry for inconvenience
on 1591501789
The Add-on is Great!!
for some reason, It doesn't count the very FIRST card in my review!!!
It always starts to show progress after reviewing my second card :(
on 1589527939
on 1589524892
Great add-on. Does what it says. Anyway to configure it to only count for "News" i.e. want to see how long it would take me to finish my "News" for the day then after I finish, the add-on will calculate how long it will take to finish "Reviews".
on 1589296159
In the black mode feature, the hue of the "black" doesn't match the black hue of the background of the rest of the card in the review setting so it is distracting. It would be great if the black mode feature can match the black mode default setting of anki 2.1.2x
on 1588642640
I don't know how I missed this one, but this is incredible. Thank you so much.
Hey. Did you remove the hotkey entirely or reassign it. It was quite convenient for me.
on 1587448608
Great addon, has become essential for me.

Is it possible to customise the font though, as it shows up as Times New Roman now.
Comment from author
on 1585438941
I can no longer use "h" to toggle masks, because that is now the shortcut to reset the progress bar. Is there a way to change that to a different keyboard shortcut so that I can toggle the masks again?
Comment from author
Cannot reproduce the bug on my side. Could you leave detailed reproduction steps at
on 1585085988

big fan of the addon, but honestly preferred the previous version a LOT. I felt that the fact it showed you how much productivity was lost when you tabbed out of the reviewer, and didn't reset was one of the biggest strengths of this addon. Is there anyway I can replicate this by editing with the config at all? Really prefer the old version when it didn't reset all the time. Otherwise, HUGE fan of this.

Comment from author
Follow at https://github.com/phu54321/anki_plugins/issues/27

Had the issue been resolved to you?
on 1585079434
Comment removed, color saturation issue fixed :)
I do suggest making a separate button or hotkey to reset the timer rather than clicking decks, I sometimes switch back to the deck page to see my progress on different decks, or sync periodically, and it would be nice to not lose the progress on the bar. This did not happen before the 2020 update..
on 1584951626

↓ you can edit the code of the addon and switch "fill" from white to black and the vice versa with the "color" for night mode to alleviate the "eyesore"
on 1584717199
Currently it is white even in dark mode. It also used to have an opacity set, so you could see what it was covering up (it renders over your cards). However with the recent update it just covers whatever content is at the top of your card completely.

Gladly switch to a thumbs up if it stops covering content on the card, or less desirable, goes back to having an opacity set.

Better support for dark mode would be a plus.
Comment from author
Follow at https://github.com/phu54321/anki_plugins/issues/25

Had this issue been resolved for you?
on 1584649340
I like it, but I'd love to see an option to change the colour of the background as it's an eyesore in the dark mode.
on 1584600891
I love this addon. I think the new 2020 update has made it WAY more accurate in determining how much time left I'll actually be spending to finish the deck and I really appreciate the changes. Thanks!
on 1583158290
Gives a good overview of the deck's study status.

For me, I find it very useful to keep a track of the difficulty of the deck when the progress bar shows red color.
on 1580343420
on 1580059179
on 1579995095
Works very well and is graphically pleasing. For me, it is also useful to confirm I pressed the correct keyboard shortcut since I reduced the possible answering options to two ("correct" and "wrong").
Minor flaw: If I finish a deck and start another one which contains only a few reviews (up until about 3 minutes worth of reviews), the bar does not reset and thinks I'm still working on the old deck. Only a minor inconvenience, though.
on 1579638345
Quite nice, but went into the files to change the background to be just black!
on 1578256001
For some reason the "again" colors are not showing up, everything is various shades of blue. I'm on a mac if that makes a difference. But I love this idea
on 1577483125
on 1576612507
Great add-on. Can you add an option to move it to the bottom, or at least describe how to do this via the code?
on 1576163634
Super cool, thanks a lot :)
on 1574358837
OMG, you have no idea how much I appreciate this Addon! A must-have!
on 1573773042
Been using this addon for a while and it's worked great. However, I just recently upgraded to Anki 2.1.15 and it appears to no longer be working.
on 1568839637
Great addon! Helps my motivation significantly, because the less time I'm distracted, the less time I have left to finish. While this is of course true already without the app, for some reason I find it very motivating to see my time left decrease as I focus. Perhaps this is because cart counts don't give me a very good estimate on time remaining.
on 1567309226
on 1565528771
Where are the settings for the time bar?
on 1559196568
on 1558398195
on 1557438073
Takes some getting used to, but is so worth it now that I understand how it works-I can't do without it now! Definitely a big improvement on the already good Progress Bar add-on(I suggest naming it something similar because it was hard to find this add-on when I wanted to tell others about it).

Initially thought it was broken or something due to the time displaying as way too high, but it just uses the first two cards or so to calculate a proper estimated time so it wasn't a problem.
Some issues I have had though are: time outside of 'Study' is still counted, which is inconvenient since if I need to do something else in between studying then my estimated time is distorted, and the only way to fix that is restarting anki to refresh the entire add-on.
Another issue is that sometimes after doing a deck and moving to another, it can have many cards already filling the bar even though I haven't done anything on that deck yet.

Despite this, the add-on is still excellent and I would definitely recommend
on 1556627281
very promising
on 1553661483
Perfect bug fixed appreciate this
Comment from author before post was edited
Sorry for inconvenience :( bug fixed now