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Japanese Mining Deck Template (Animecards)

1.70MB. 27 audio & 11 images. Updated 2023-01-19.
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Anime Cards Mining Deck Template See the GitHub repository for information about the template: https://github.com/friedrich-de/Basic-Mining-Deck Sample Cards Overview This template changed quite a bit from the last version and thus most of the sample cards lost their concrete purpose. Still I would like to explain what is going on with most cards in the following section.
  • Sample Cards #1 #2
  • Normal cards with an English definition as generated by the templates above. Simply ensure you have the Yomichan pitch accent dictionary installed and that JMdict is at the top. The first card has no example sentence, the second does. To automatically insert the example sentence simply copy it to your clipboard before making the card.
  • Sample Cards #3 #4
  • Cards with additional media (screenshot and sentence audio) captured from native media. See https://animecards.site for more information on how to do this.
  • Sample Cards #5 #6
  • Cards now have Japanese definitions. These are very good to switch to when you feel able to, as they provide you with more input.
  • Sample Cards #9 #10
  • Showing off the hint field (where it makes sense). In this case you have reading alternatives for 音読み and 訓読み variants, so I put the type of reading the card covers for ambiguous words on the front. Other words where this differentiation would make sense: 武士 (ぶし - もののふ) 海風 (かいふう - うみかぜ) 赤子 (せきし - あかご) 耳朶 (じだ - みみたぶ) 足跡 (そくせき - あしあと) 悪口 (あっこう - わるくち) And the list goes on and on. Its important indicator to not make your cards ambiguous.
  • Sample Cards #11 #12
  • Another usage for the hint field. Some words appear only in certain expressions or contexts, in those cases it makes sense to put that expression on the front as it will be much harder to review the card without that context, and it's pretty much the only context you see those words in. If you are asking yourself why you wouldn't just mine the entire expression, it's simply less convenient. Usually the expressions don't have entries in Japanese dictionaries (as they are sorted under the word in question) and they are often not voiced in the Japanese pod audio. Of course, you are free to handle this however you like.
  • Sample Cards #13 #14
  • Another usage for the hint field. Onomatopoeic words are difficult to review on their own without context. The hint straight up serves the purpose of making those cards easier. It also makes sense to use the hint field for other non-kanji words. The reason you can review kanji words without a context is because the kanji themselves carry semantic hints that make guessing the meaning not difficult at all. Ultimately you review faster and more effectively than if you used sentence cards and a context you are already familiar with.
  • Sample Cards #15 #16
  • Two more well-formed cards. These are the types of cards you should strive to make. Join the Discord community: https://animecards.site/discord/

    Sample (from 16 notes)

    Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
    Word むっつり
    Reading むっつり
    Glossary 口数が少なくて無愛想なさま。「─(と)押し黙る」
    Sentence 一生むっつり顔のままになっちまっても知らねぇんだからSample Card #13
    Hint 「─(と)押し黙る」
    Word 楷書
    Reading かいしょ
    Glossary printed style (of writing Chinese characters), square style, block style
    Sentence 履歴書は楷書で書いてくださいSample Card #16
    Word 読破
    Reading どくは
    Glossary どくは【読破】〘n・vs〙reading through (a book); finishing (a book).どく は [1]【読破】(名)スル本を終わりまで読みとおすこと。すべて読みつくすこと。読了。「大作を―する」どくは【読破】[1]―する 〔難解な本や大部の本を〕全部読み通すこと。どく‐は【読破】〘名・他サ変〙大部の書物や難解な書物を終わりまで読み通すこと。どく‐は【読破】(難解な、または大部の書物や書類を)すべて読み通すこと。「万巻の書を―する」どくは【読破】 [ローマ字](dokuha)〜する read (through); go through; peruse.►万巻の書を読破する read mountains of books.
    Sentence 悔しいけど、負けてられない。・・よし!今日中にこの教本を読破してやるんだから!Sample Card #4

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    latest version makes very good and clean looking cards when set up correctly
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    So useful, thank you for sharing!
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    It's a great template but the pictures are not showing on ankidroid mobile.

    FIXED: on Git Hub shows that you need to delete these last two codes on styling to fix this bug:

    .iphone .main_image {
    display: none;

    .mobile .main_image {
    display: none;
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    Very nice
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    Perfect. Just what I need.
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    Friend you saved my bacon!
    None of my Decks had a fitting template for sentence mining with YomiChan. I was absolutely desperate.
    Thank you, seriously!
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    Nice (すごい)
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    Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for a perfect template for my phrase mining project and I found this! Thank you!
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    Extremely useful for building a mining deck! Thank you for all the examples and explanations!
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    Good stuff. Far better than sentence cards.
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    Amazing, thanks for the hard work!
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    Thanks for your hard work! For more information on this template and system https://animecards.site/
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    Thanks for your effort.
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    miniquiz gonna mini quiz.