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Norwegian Sentences with Audio

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This deck contains a number of basic Norwegian expressions and around 2000 beginner to advanced sentences drawn from Tatoeba.org. Audio samples have been recorded in a variety of Norwegian dialects, but with some standardization. There are also some examples read by Swedish, Danish, and African accents just to add a little more flavour. Norway is increasingly diversifying, so you should be prepared for a few different pronunciations. Thanks to all the volunteers for recording the examples, and the good folks at tatoeba.org!

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Expression Hun er ikke så ung som hun ser ut.
Meaning She is not as young as she looks.
Translation y
Expression Faren min er opptatt akkurat nå.
Meaning My father is busy just now.
Translation y
Expression Kan du tvinge deg selv til å sove?
Meaning Can you will yourself to fall asleep?
Translation y

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it is good
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Several cards have incorrect translations.
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No issues. Neither with Bitdefender nor on Virustotal.
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virustotal.com gives a trojan alert?!
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A great deck with lots of different conversational sentences, as well as different accents!
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Extremely grateful to you, stranger!
Thanks a tonne.
Hope you're living your best life.
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good sentences
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Over 2,000 words all with audio and correct pronunciation and different accents to get use to the diversifying pronunciations use this with Duolingo to increase vocab and grammar and watch some T.V. shows, movies, podcast, music, fluency shouldn't be a problem.
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Such a wonderful deck! The audio recordings help a lot :-)

Thank you *so* much for all the effort! Using this deck and this <https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/281628775> really helps me to become conversational in Norwegian ^_^

Why don’t you upload the recordings to Tatoeba, as well as the added sentences?

— Júda Ronén
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Extremely helpful to pair with other learning tools.
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It's great
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Being able to study with pronunciation info is super helpful. Tusen takk!!
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Good cards
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