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More Answer Buttons for New Cards

<10kB. Updated 2017-08-07. Only supports Anki 2.0.
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Adds extra buttons to the Reviewer for new cards and cards in learning. This is a slightly modified re-upload of an add-on by Steve AW. Below follow excerpts of the original description: ========== SCREENSHOT DESCRIPTION Adds anywhere between 1 to 4 new buttons to the review window when reviewing a new card or cards that are in learning mode. The new buttons function like the existing "Easy" button, but in addition, they reschedule the card to a different interval, which is randomly assigned between a lower and upper limit that is preset by the user (see below). By default 3 buttons are added, with intervals: "3-4d" , "5-7d" , "8-15d". This can be changed in the source code. USE CASE I wanted this addon because many of my new cards do not need to be "Learned" as I created and added them myself, typically an hour or so before my first review session. I often add around 100-200 new cards per day, all on a related topic, and this addon allows me to spread the next review of the new cards that don't need learning out in time. HOW IT WORKS This add-on functions as if you click the "Easy" button on a new card, and then go to the browser and reschedule the card. This means that, in contrast to rescheduling the card, using one of the new answer keys will actually add a new entry to the card review history. INTER-ADD-ON COMPATIBILITY This add-on is oncompatbile with any other add-ons that also overwrite the Reviewer._answerButtons function, i.e. add-ons that also modify the answer button area. CONFIGURATION Open the add-on in a text editor of your choice and find the extra_buttons section below the header. This is a list of dicts, where each item of the list (a dict) is the data for a new button. This can be edited to suit, but there can not be more than 4 buttons. Values: ========== COMPATIBILITY This add-on only works with Anki's stable release branch (2.0.x ≥ 2.0.30). The 2.1 beta branch is not supported at this point in time. CHANGELOG 2017-08-06 – Streamline config section, updated credits and license 2016-05-11: Made answer buttons work properly when card is in learning mode (thanks to Dmitry Mikheev) 2016-05-10: Extend answer buttons to cards in learning (thanks to Dmitry Mikheev) SUPPORT Please do not report issues or bugs in the review section below, as I will not be able to reply to them nor help you. Instead, please report all issues you encounter either on GitHub, or by posting a new thread on the Anki add-on support forums while mentioning the name of the affected add-on in your thread title. CREDITS AND LICENSE Copyright (c) 2013 Steve AW Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Glutanimate Licensed under the GNU AGPL v3. The code for this add-on is available on GitHub. MORE RESOURCES A lot of my add-ons were commissioned by other Anki users. If you enjoy my work and would like to hire my services to work on an add-on or new feature, please feel free to reach out to me at: ankiglutanimate [αt] gmail . com Want to stay up-to-date with my latest add-on releases and updates? Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @Glutanimate New to Anki? Make sure to check out my YouTube channel where I post weekly tutorials on Anki add-ons and related topics: / Glutanimate


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1653494893
Hi everybody. In my opinion a good Anki 2.1 alternative to this useful addon is the following:


Unfortunately, it works only for the new cards. But I modified it a little to apply it to both new and review cards. If anyone needs my modification, send an email to m.jalalat@gmail.com.
on 1598733899
please make buttons for new anki!
on 1592990509
It's very useful thank you! I wonder if this is just a mistake:

{"Description": "3-4d", "Label": "3-4", "ShortCut": "5",
"ReschedMin": 3, "ReschedMax": 5}

Should ReschedMax actually be 4 there, or is the discrepancy between label and variable intentional for some reason? The other buttons don't have this discrepancy in the ReschedMax value.

P.S. I changed this so that it shows for all cards, following another reviewer's instructions.
on 1571325933
Great addon, one of my must to. I use it every day.
on 1565750648
Sincerely Thanks author and the comment which allows this add function on all cards!
on 1565296478
very useful.

I would pay for 2.1support.
on 1553514720
highly useful. This is one of the add-ons why I still use the old version 2.0.
on 1553000086
Error downloading 153603893: Invalid code, or add-on not available for your version of Anki.
Comment from author
You're using Anki 2.1. This add-on is only compatible with Anki 2.0. As 2.1 support is not advertised anywhere in the add-on description it's rather unfair to rate the add-on down for this.
on 1551455666
Great App! I made the changes listed below to add extra buttons to all cards and it was working great until today. Anyone else having the same problem?
on 1547355547
Update pro 2.1, please.

Great add!
on 1518566400
This is an excellent extension, and works perfectly for "New" and "Learning" cards. It however does not work for "Review" cards, which can be a bit of a pain. And unfortunately, the person who created "More answer buttons for ALL cards" has deleted their extension.

The comment above posted a workaround that I tried but didn't work. I messed around with the code a little and got it to now work for all cards.

Line 65:
"if self.card.type in (0, 1, 3):"
Change to:
" if True:"

Line 67:
"assert self.mw.col.sched.answerButtons(self.card) == 3"
Delete this line entirely. This line just checks that the amount of answer buttons on the screen is equal to 3 before proceeding.

Line 84:
"was_new_card = self.card.type in (0, 1, 3)"
Change to:
"was_new_card = True"

Line 88:
"assert self.mw.col.sched.answerButtons(self.card) == 3"
Delete this line entirely. Same thing going on here as above.

And presto! Now you can reschedule any card you want, whether it's new, learning, or review.
on 1516492800
This addon seems to be strictly for new cards (e.g. cards which usually only feature 3 buttons).
If you want this addon to work for any cards (like me), you have to change a few lines in the python code, as there are several checks which block out any cards which are not new.

line 65:
change "if self.card.type in (0, 1, 3):"
into "if True:"

line 67:
change "assert self.mw.col.sched.answerButtons(self.card) == 3"
into "assert self.mw.col.sched.answerButtons(self.card) in (3, 4)"

line 82:
change "was_new_card = self.card.type in (0, 1, 3)"
into "was_new_card = True"

line 86:
change: "assert self.mw.col.sched.answerButtons(self.card) == 3"
into: "assert self.mw.col.sched.answerButtons(self.card) in (3, 4)"

Additionally the addon functions in a way that any click on one of the extra buttons works like clicking on "Easy" (and rescheduling afterwards). If you want to change this to another ease, you can change the variable ease on line 88 ("ease = 3") and perhaps make this dependent on actual_ease.
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on 1460246400