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Japanese Automatic Flashcard Creation (from Jisho.org)

0.01MB. Updated 2018-03-20. Only supports Anki 2.0.


This addon automates the creation of Japanese flashcards by looking up information from Jisho.org To use the addon, create a new flashcard with a note type containing the word 'Japanese'. (Ex. 'Japanese', 'JapaneseNote', 'Lvl1JapaneseCard'). Type the word you want to create a new card for into the card's answer field (by default, the 'Expression' field is used). The initial term you enter into the card's field can be in full Japanese, in kana, in romaji, or even in English. An option has been added to the edit window's right-click menu that when clicked will look up the rest of the card's information from Jisho.org and populate the card's fields accordingly. ("Fill card fields using Jisho.org") If you entered the word in a non-standard way, this addon will replace what you typed with the proper form of the word as returned by the Jisho.org search API. (Ex. Typing 'house' into the field then tabbing out will cause what you typed to be replaced with '家'). The fields on the note that will be automatically populated, can be changed by editing the addon file through the Tools -> Addons -> jp_auto_card_generation -> Edit command in Anki. Simply read the comments and follow the directions. Default Field Mappings The correct form of the word is placed in the 'Expression' field The first definition is placed in the 'Meaning' field The second definition is placed in the '2ndDef' field The part of speech is placed in the 'PartOfSpeech' field The first tag is placed in the 'Tags' field The first restriction is placed in the 'Restrictions' field The first antonym is placed in the 'Antonyms' field The first info is placed in the 'Info' field The reading of the word is placed in the 'Reading' field, unless the Japanese Support addon is installed. The reading is also mapped by default to the 'JishoReading' field if you wish to use both the Jisho.org reading and the Japanese Support addon's generated reading. Features Tips Changelog 3-19-2018: - Changed the addon to no longer do the lookup when the user tabs out of the term field. This functionality has become more unstable as new versions of Anki have been released, so the addon has been changed to automatically fill out the card using a right-click menu option ('Fill note fields using Jisho.org'). Accordingly, the addon can no longer be enabled or disabled, since it no longer triggers on simply tabbing out of a field. 8-14-2017: -Added a proper error message if your current note type doesn't contain the field the addon is configured to use to know when to perform the Jisho.org search ('Expression' by default). The message also contains instructions for how to configure the addon to use a different field to trigger automatic card generation. 8-11-2017: -Changed behavior to clear all mapped fields when a search is performed, so that fields from a previous search that contained data did not remain after a new search was performed. -Error messages are not displayed again unless the search term has changed from the last search. This prevents a loop of error messages in some cases, since clicking onto an error box can trigger the addon when focus is removed from the search field. -Added an additional field mapping for "JishoReading" so that the Jisho.org reading data can be used alongside the reading created by the 'Japanese Support' addon. Previously, you had to choose between the two. Please send comments and bug reports to osunightfall@gmail.com


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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It is useful
on 1603364472
Great add-on! (Right click to get the menu, I couldn't find it for a while)
on 1519430400
Great add-on, makes creating cards much more convenient, nowhere near as much of a chore. This means less time putting card creation off, more time studying, and more productivity. Love it. Only two things that might make it even better - (1) option to bulk add meanings; and (2) option to turn off the replacement of the 'expression' field with the jisho entry. Sometimes I'm entering certain words or phrases into the expressions field that I don't want to be over-written with the correct/typical jisho entry. When that happens I have to write the expression, tab out, turn off the add-on, then edit the expression field and create the card before turning the add-on back on again.

Still a great add-on, I really love it and wish I'd installed it earlier. Thanks for all your hard work!
on 1509926400
on 1509235200
excelente add on

very good!!!!
on 1502668800
on 1502323200