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1000 russian words from frequency list

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the idea for this deck was suggested by a friend of mine! i tried to make it as best i could. every word has a stress mark, nouns have specified gender an verbs are marked as im-and perfective. oh and of course it's not all jumbled up together - the sub categories are nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and "other". feel free to leave feedback! i'm still learning how to use anki, so it's fun like that. 27/08 edit: replaced google adio with my recordings! i hope it's not too bad haha (note: if you can't quite hear a consonant see if it's before a voiceless one bc that's a pronunciation rule! much like unstressed vowel reduction doesn't quite match the written stuff etc.)

Sample (from 989 notes)

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Front brother
Back брат m
Front german
Back неме́цкий
Front to cry (impf)
Back пла́кать

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