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Toki Pona (with reverse and linja pona)

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3 cards per each word word -> meaning meaning -> word linja pona glyph -> word/meaning meanings mostly taken from http://tokipona.net/tp/ClassicWordList.aspx glyphs from http://tokipona.net/tp/janpije/hieroglyphs.php (except a few from http://musilili.net/linja-pona/ )

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Word o
Meaning sep O (vocative or imperative)interj hey! (calling somebody's attention)
linja pona
Tags base particle
Word kasi
Meaning n plant, leaf, herb, tree, wood
linja pona
Tags base noun
Word pali
Meaning n activity, work, deed, projectmod active, work-related, operating, workingvt do, make, build, createvi act, work, function
linja pona
Tags base verb

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on 1673167665
I wasn't originally planning on learning sitelen pona, but i think it really helped me remember the words better. Good stuff
on 1662940891
Loved the linja pona
on 1659083340
tan ni li jo e sitelen pona la kama sona kepeken ni li pona mute.
on 1642322774
ona li pona
on 1630443878
It is very Good! It greatly Helped me learn the Toki Pona vocabulary.
on 1623602719
ni li pona pona a!
on 1620326671
Comprehensive, which may not say much for such a small language, but it's the best way to learn Toki Pona that I know of.
on 1620223514
on 1613762519
great to have the glyphs as well
on 1605274894
the english definitions are like, incredibly long
so much so that some of them spoil the answer, for example `telo` (the first one i got) occurs twice in its english definition
plus it's a bit inconvenient methinks
sorry for breaking the 100% rating it had to be done u.u
on 1601634925
on 1601210855
really useful, thank you!
on 1599766995
mi kepeken e ni lipu la mi sona e toki pona. Very cool!
on 1594646243
Very helpful!
on 1590295368
good deck
on 1588648538
pona a :)
on 1588632698
Complete and straightforward. The sitelen pona is surprisingly helpful in memorization. Thank you!
on 1586691299
simple, effective, to the point. thought the hierogplyphs would be distracting but they actually help memorize the concepts, even if you don't care about them.
on 1586546291
Great deck
on 1571465335
Good deck, clear and complete definitions
on 1570396783
Great deck!
on 1553775949
Very useful deck! Thanks a lot :-)
on 1550735120
Contains the full lexicon, and the hieroglyphs, as well as the deprecated words (clearly marked). Some of the definitions have spoilers--if you're trying to guess the word "akesi" from the definition, the bit in the definition about "having the characteristics or properties of an akesi" is a bit of a giveaway--but you don't usually see that far into the definition in practice, and it can be edited if needed, so that's not a huge negative. Lipu lili ni li pona!
on 1542770326
Lots of great new vocabulary
on 1535183067
Nice to see a deck with the sitelen pona heiroglyphs included.
on 1530765042
Good images
on 1504915200