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Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Vocabulary

35.27MB. 0 audio & 15697 images. Updated 2013-01-30.
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This is a deck I made from Mark Vygus' dictionary, which can be found online at http://egyptology.blogspot.com/2009/03/hieroglyph-dictionary-by-mark-vygus.html

Sample (from 15697 notes)

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Transliteration ssnḏm
Translation costly wood
Transliteration jꜣt
Translation back
Transliteration sḫpr
Translation ward

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This is good
on 1635192868
Thanks for uploading this deck. However, when I import it it cuts off the name to make it "Ancient Egyptian" and when I use the link on it's page to go to the shared deck webpage it instead ssend me to "https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/". Regardless, thanks for uploading this awesome deck!
on 1579638715
I have the book of Ani (the ancient Egyptian book of the dead) translated, transcribed and transliterated. How did you upload these beautiful fonts to a deck?
on 1576869432
These cards help me learning ancient egyptian language, which I learn, because I am interesed in ancient Egypt. Thank you.
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