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TTMIK's First 500 Korean Words by Retro [pictures+audio]

66.85MB. 500 audio & 361 images. Updated 2021-01-29.
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500 words deck with pictures and audio, great for beginners, reuploaded because Ankiweb wouldnt let me update. Hi guys, I recently did a switch around, so to access the higher level decks and the beginner vocabulary deck, please follow the link. All the decks and explanations: https://retrolearnskorean.blogspot.com/2020/08/anki-decks-for-korean-learners.html Here is my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq5z8CCj8k0d_gDNpAlPWhw I will be uploaded more explanations for the decks and other content related to learning Korean. I will leave some basic decks up so that people can find them on anki web. I highly recommend downloading the decks from the google drive folder as they will be the most up to date versions.

Sample (from 500 notes)

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Korean 식물 (植物)
English plant
Audio [non-mp3 audio]
Tags 45 day
Korean 팔다
English to sell
Audio [non-mp3 audio]
Tags 46 day
Korean 노트북 (notebook)
English laptop
Tags 16 day

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easy to understand!
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on 1656073389
Thank you!
on 1652546830
Extremely helpful, thank you.
on 1649308398
Thank you <3
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Really nice.
on 1647470188
Very nice deck for beginners
on 1644867992
aa this is perfect thank you!
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super helpful!
on 1635261868
travail fabuleux !
on 1634087016
Thanks. The audio and pictures help alot.
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Just what I needed. Thank you.
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Thank you so much for making an effort to do this.
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Fantastic foundation for beginners
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Great deck
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great audio visual supplements
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Thank you!
on 1617995054
Great detailing with the pictures and translations
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Thanks !!
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great. thank u a lot for sharing with us!!!
on 1602978426
Great deck to start out with. Nice audio and memorable images to match.
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pictures and audio
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on 1599752418
All round good deck.
on 1599694794
well-made deck
on 1599675571
Amazing deck for beginners. Love the fact that we have audio plus images.
on 1599670487
an ideal beginner deck with audio and images
on 1599667153
thanks again for all the great decks
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Pictures and audio are a nice touch.