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Russian Sentences

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This is a collection of Russian sentences, sorted from easiest (most simple) to hardest (most complex). This deck begins with very simple sentences, and slowly gets harder as you progress. You can download this deck in the form of a PDF file. -=-=-=-=-=- — Why study sentences? Memorizing the meaning of individual words... is pretty much pointless. If you want actual fluency, you need to see a word in as many example sentences as possible. That makes the language start to flow in your head. That shows you how to use the word. How it is combined with the other words. And many other things. We think that effort always converts into fluency. This is not true. If you memorize the meaning of individual words you won't get fluent and you will spend a ton of effort. But studying sentences is the real deal. Is the method of learning that actually converts effort to fluency. Get some basic grammar, some basic vocabulary, then just dive into sentences and more sentences until you're fluent. -=-=-=-=-=- https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/ -=-=-=-=-=- Part 1 ➔ [this deck] Part 2 ➔ https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/645084917 Part 3 ➔ https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1467461451

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difficulty index 5582
new word introduced реально
sentence Это было реально страшно.
sentence english It was really scary.
sentence cloze Это было _____ страшно.
sentence cloze (answer) Это было реально страшно.
sentence Давайте пойдём домой.
sentence english Let's go home.
Sentence Как хотите.
Sentence (English) As you wish.
Sentence (Search Field) Как хотите.
Language Code ru
Language Russian

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on 1680282127
This deck is very useful! (especially the legacy version) Cnacuбo!
on 1675189981
on 1674170168
on 1672872266
on 1666517642
Amazing collection of Russian sentences.

It would have taken me years to mine this large and well ordered collection of sentences in part 1, 2 and 3. Thank you very much.

To those reading this review, ...

- Trust me, I tested many decks and this is the best deck of Russian in Anki, since it starts with 2-word sentences, so it's the perfect material for beginners; are easy-to-learn sentences as they require less mental effort than long sentences. The deck becomes more complex as you progress. Also, its sentences are taken from movie subtitles (i.e. are sentences actually used in everyday life; it's not boring academic or book sentences).

- Download the HyperTTS add-on and use Azure (natural and like-human voices) to improve listening comprehension and the language acquisition. No audio = no language learning.

- The translations are usually right, but even if they aren't right, the most important thing are the sentences; the translation is just to give an overall meaning of the sentence. You can use DeepL Translator to check the translation and edit the card. Don't give thumbs down because of translations. As I said, the most important are the sentences.

Good luck.
on 1665197264
Thank you!
on 1661800725
very good
on 1649361953
on 1646664316
Really great but I am missing stress marks.

It would be perfect if you would be able upload with generated stress marks (using a website like https://russiangram.com/ for example).
on 1640170343
This is a very helpful and comprehensive deck for frases. Thank you!
on 1634394985
Something is wrong i can not download it
on 1632996343
on 1632699000
Amazing work, Neri!
on 1627416824
on 1627402526
i liek it
on 1627320120
Thank you!
on 1625872313
I was looking for something like this, I am grateful :)
on 1621362531
on 1619532300
There is still NO AUDIO in 2/3 of the deck. It's useless for me without proper audio input.
Comment from author
This Anki addon allows you to generate audio for the cards:
on 1614575871
on 1613546379
Great, thank you. Tip: make the link to GT English instead of Portuguese.

It's in the back template. Removing the ".br" from the links did the trick for me. These are the lines in question:

Word for word:
for (i = 0; i < words.length; i++) {
processed += "<a href = \"https://translate.google.com.br/#view=home&op=translate&sl={{Language Code}}&tl=en&text=" + words[i] + " \">";

Entire sentence:
<a href="https://translate.google.com.br/#view=home&op=translate&sl={{Language Code}}&tl=en&text={{Sentence (Search Field)}}">
Comment from author before post was edited
I tested this deck on the computer version of Anki, and I see that it is linking to GT English, not Portuguese.

If someone else is getting this issue (where the GT links to Portuguese instead of English), let me know.
on 1612231222
I have just downloaded this deck and so far love it. My only question is why is there a timer?
Comment from author
After countless hours of Anki studying, I found that my productivity would increase 3x if I included a timer on my cards. So I decided to include a timer on my decks.

But now that there is an Anki addon called Speed Focus Mode, the timer is no longer needed, and I will remove it when I update this deck again.

The Anki addon Speed Focus Mode can be downloaded here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1046608507
on 1610757586
Great variety and massive number of phrases
on 1610129753
Thank you, I'm trying material for learning English.
on 1609687615
URGENT QUESTION: Is it correct that this only has about 4,700 cards? I am new to Anki but this number doesn't seem right for 13,000 sentences? Please help - thank you!
on 1607125890
Great deck
on 1606520140
İt's great to learn with it👍
on 1603651100
good for learning
on 1602928139
Hello, you are missing 1/3 of your 3/3 decks. Are you planning on remaking all 1/3 - 3/3 russian decks or is this replacement?
on 1599479999
Complete deck. Nice!
on 1599367068
It is going from basic to advanced step by step. Adding words to sentence slowly.

Suggestion: it will be great to have reversed questions.
on 1599270462
on 1598413618
I am in awe of what you've produced here. It's only my first day using it, I've put a lot of time into creating decks over the years, so I could immediately tell how helpful this will be. You've inspired me to go back to my old decks and build them up in this same way. Thank you!!!
on 1598221090
Is it just with me or does the áudio cut off half way trough (I meant half way through the deck)? this is a huge bummer (sorry for the change of review, i needed to ask this and my previous review was rather irrelevant)

(update) no, there's only audio for 1000 out of the 2000 sentences, literally all of last thousand sentences have nothing in the audio section. (unless there's something wrong with my program or computer, maybe?)

I would be super grateful if you could look into this, i had my rythm going and this really threw me off track
Comment from author
on 1595710851
This deck is super nice, but the problem is that only half of it has audio. I'll put the thumb up when all 2000 cards will have audio (and not only the first 1000).
Comment from author
on 1591186171
Very good! Quick question, doesn't this «Для чего тебе эти деньги?» need a « нужно » ?
Comment from author before post was edited
If this is too difficult for you, try this:
on 1590271806
Obrigado pelo ótimo trabalho e por disponibilizar os decks. Fique com Deus e abraços.
on 1589912220
Very nice deck
on 1588285991
I like it
on 1583365530
It is easier to translate Russian into English than think of Russian on your own so it is a bigger challenge
Comment from author
Translating English to [Language] is more challenging than translating [Language] to English — but it's also more productive. Increases fluency a lot more. ^^
on 1583139574
Good deck, thank you
on 1577675167
Thank you for saving me all the effort by making this resource available. I rather ride the bike instead of building it :).
on 1575750164
Very good deck. Those complaining about translations are free to look up the words themselves when they learn a new card. Is there a part 2 and 3?
on 1574881779
Many sentences are simply wrong.
Comment from author
Thanks for being polite — make sure you are not mistaking "idiomatic expressions" with "wrong translations".
Some people see an idiomatic expression in the deck, and think the translation is wrong but it isn't.

Examples of idiomatic expressions:
on 1571520139
I'm learning a lot, quickly
on 1571504628
haven't tried it yet but looks promising, got one problem, i've downloaded it on my laptop and have no idea on which program i should open it with, what should i do?
Comment from author
Download it here: https://apps.ankiweb.net/
on 1567542512
seems like a good deck although I haven't tried it yet. any news on when it will be finished? i'm eager to learn!
Comment from author
on 1566297409
DUDE, you're an absolute madlad!
I can't believe you provide this all for free. Do you have patreon or something?
Spasibo Bolshoe!
Comment from author
I don't have a patreon but if I ever have one I'll post a link; thanks for the support ^^
on 1565472039
Exactly the way I like to learn. Would be ideal if Anki forced you to type. Also, if there were three variations of the sentences organized into weekly schedules such at simplest sentences for words A B C appear in first week, with the second week with simplest sentences for words D E F, and third week with slightly-more-difficult sentences for words A B C, and-so-forth. That is ideal IMO
on 1559670682
Proper respect to you working on this obviously large project! I've looked over the deck and I'm frequently checking this page for updates. Really looking forwards to downloading the finished product!
on 1558547345
many wrong translations
Comment from author
This deck has been updated, and wrong translations should be gone now.
on 1556842134
unreliable, some of the translations are wrong
Comment from author
This deck has been updated, and wrong translations should be gone now.
on 1555889442
Can someone help me? I have to say the translation of the sentence or I've only to remember the word in bold?
I have defaults settings and in 4-5 days of studying I spend like 2 hours to finish all the daily course, is that normal?
Comment from author
You should focus on just getting the bold word right — because there are many possible Russian translations, for any English sentence...

but if you want to try to get the whole sentence right, go for it.

Remember though that whether you get a card wrong or right: if you are trying to speak, you are evolving.

Now, if you take a long time to finish your reviews, I highly recommend this add-on: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1046608507
on 1554211842
As a Russian learner I found it very useful.
on 1549630085
Frequency word list with sentences.
on 1548234949
Still no update? What happened to the middle of December? We are already near the end of January. If the first version of this deck had fewer errors and you don't have time to fix this version, can you just revert to the original version?
Comment from author
Finally done ^^ I don't have a lot of motivation to do things quickly, because I do it for free.
on 1546960133
on 1544559781
Have been studying this from scratch for some time and it's amazing. I've traveled to Russia for the world cup and haven't even finished part 1/3, and was able to get around just fine. I even got compliments for how well I could speak Russian. Highly recommended!
on 1543410079
Has it been fixed already?
Comment from author
on 1542017903
I tried the first set of cards and the translations are wrong. Put the Russian phrases into google translate and see for yourself.
Comment from author
This review refers to the new version of the deck; the older version of the deck had no translation problems. (Which is why there are no negative reviews pointing out translation problems before October of 2018 — they were referring to the older version of this deck).

I'll fix that this December.
on 1540918532
La traduzione non sembra corrispondere correttamente
on 1536179051
Чо за резон не понял
on 1535536622
on 1533820832
on 1532977932
Very good.
on 1532490401
Sentences are very useful in live
on 1531066413
on 1529280057
This is all that I was looking for. Thank you for awesome work.
on 1528502400
Супер колода, отличный способ пополнить багаж фраз на английском. Пару раз наткнулась на ошибки/неточности, но незначительные.
on 1527984000
Good. But turn off the audio to English Translation. That would be so awesome, because it is very annoying; we all know how to pronounce English so we do not want an audio, least a robot-like voice as the one over here. Anyhow, thank you. But please update it to a soundless English translation version.
on 1527638400
Great desk!!
Thank you!
on 1524009600
Крутая колода
on 1522886400
Great content! Is there a part 2 & 3? Or am I misinterpreting the "[1/3]"?
on 1520812800
on 1516492800
great sentences
on 1516060800
Aw man, is there a way to have a better audio sound? it's a real shame.
Also, many of the sentences are in fact a bit longer than 5 words. A bit of a grind for the newbies.
That being said, the deck is great. Too bad about the sound quality. . .
on 1514419200
made a huge work!
on 1513814400
on 1512172800
Not much to say about the deck, it does what the description says. Shame about the inorganic voice.

Author is a cool guy, resolved an issue with the files the same afternoon I mentioned it
on 1511654400
ужасный синтезатор
on 1511222400
This is a great deck! I have parts 1-3. Even though I speak Russian quite fluently I use it to practice and drill different sentence structures. Sentence mining really works. This deck can't replace regular Russian lessons, but is an absolutely fantastic resource. It works great on the AnkiDroid app as well. I also recommend the 5,000 Russian verbs Anki course. Using these decks plus regular Russian study will help you become a Russian language badass. Stay Cheeki breeki ;)
on 1509840000
on 1507248000
on 1506643200
on 1505952000
on 1504656000
on 1503014400
on 1497916800
on 1496275200
on 1495411200
on 1495411200
on 1488672000
on 1487808000
Sentences start very difficult

Decks buy this person are usually the best on the site, but here the sentences start way to difficult like someone else said. It also could be useful to have a link to the other parts of the deck in the description. Shame it would be great to have a Russian deck like the Italian and German one I've used, but it's too difficult to start with.
on 1486339200
Beginner sentences missing

This deck is exactly what I was looking for, unfortunately the beginner sentences must be hidden away in part 2/2 because I cannot find them here. When I tried downloading the second part, an error message read "this shared item is unavailable."
on 1486252800
Missing 2nd part

The second part returned with 'this shared item is unavailable' message.
on 1485043200
on 1484438400
Too fast audio

The paste of the recordings is often too fast. Real people don't talk like that.
And, what worse is, the intonation is lost. In case of questions it is annoying.
But still this collection is the best I've found. The scope of author's work is epic.
Great job. Thank you!
on 1483660800

Thank you so much - I see the kind of work it too to get that, so many many thanks!
on 1483488000

Its just SUPER! I've looking for something like this for a long time and it blew me away! Such a great collection.
on 1482969600
on 1482883200
Thank You

Epic. Thanks. Beyond my dreams. Thank you!
on 1482451200
on 1481846400

Man, you're a God.
on 1480636800
on 1480464000
on 1480377600
on 1480291200
on 1480118400
on 1479600000
on 1477872000
on 1477699200
The source?

where did you acquire this large number of sentences?
can you please share you source of data make this deck based on?
on 1474070400