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Barron's Basic Word List: 1500 words for the PSAT, SAT, etc.

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1500 words taken from Barron's PSAT/NMSQT Basic Word List. This list represents the words that most often show up in questions, passages, and answer choices on the PSAT, and by extension many other standardized tests. These are NOT the most common words in the English language. Rather, these are intermediate/advanced words that you must be familiar with in order to succeed on the (P)SAT. Each entry includes: - the word - its part of speech - a brief definition - one or more sentences illustrating the word's use - derivatives and their parts of speech (if appropriate) These are all separated into different fields, thus making customization relatively simple. Also, 300 words are tagged "HF" (high frequency). These words have been demonstrated to turn up again and again on the PSAT and therefore merit special attention. If you go through the entire list, you will improve your score (I did).

Sample (from 1467 notes)

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Word forfeit
Part of Speech V.
Definition lose; surrender.
Sentence Convicted murderers forfeit the right to inherit anything from their victims; the law does not allow them to benefit financially from their crimes.
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Word emancipate
Part of Speech V.
Definition set free.
Sentence At first, the attempts of the abolitionists to emancipate the slaves were unpopular in New England as well as in the South.
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Word fallible
Part of Speech ADJ.
Definition liable to err.
Sentence I know I am fallible, but I feel confident that I am right this time.
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advanced lexis, nice laconic design. Thank you!
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Helped me on my SAT test!
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Clean, simple, and effective. Exactly what I was looking for.
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Great for GRE
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The reason why this deck is really good is that I do not know some of the words in my native language. Thanks!
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I like the word choice and card layout is good
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Nice decj
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Great for your SAT

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