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Kanji All in One Heisig RTK + Kondansha KKLC + Vocabulary Ex

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The deck combines information from the most popular sources to learn Kanjis: - "Remembering the Kanji" (RTK) by Heisig. - "Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course" (KKLC) by Conning and Halpern. - Stories from WaniKani and Koohii. Minus some exceptions, each note has 3 cards: Recognition, Production and Memrise. The last 2 do not fully work on iphone. Here's the deck in action: CONTENT - Kanji presented in 4 different japanese fonts. Most decks on ankiweb have chinese fonts (some kanji are written differently) - Keywords from both RTK and KKLC. - Components for each kanji. RTK had many mistakes, see below. - Animated Gif to see kanji stroke's order. - Stories from RTK, Kanji Koohii's most popular and wanikani lessons. - Example vocabulary. Based on KKLC. You will only see vocabulary using kanjis you've already learned. - Tab with look alike kanji, so you can compare different kanji if you mix them up. - Many other informations regarding every Kanji (readings, stroke order, radicals ...) - Links to other websites for each Kanjis (Jisho, Kanji Garden, WaniKani ...) About RTK's components RTK's lessons are flawed. The way he deconstructs kanji in his book (which is now in most anki decks) if full of errors. He sometimes decomposes kanji in order to fit his story instead of making the story based on the real components. Ex: 笑 (Laugh). Rtk gives the following components: Bamboo . . . heavens. (⺮) + (天), but the second part is actually 夭 (calamity). The top stroke is different. It may sound trivial, but if your method is to write kanji, strokes and strokes order do matter. He also gives the same components different names, and some components that are not the same share the same name... I manually checked each kanji, and used at least 3 different resources (jisho, kanshudo, kanji garden) to make sure the mistake was indeed from RTK. It's not always perfect either, but it's better. HOW TO USE How to display or hide fields ? No deck can be universally liked. So I made sure you could choose which information you want to display easily. In the styling part, you'll see a line for each field. Some have 2 lines for the different cards (recognition, production) Simply add "none" to display or to hide the information you don't want. This way you can choose only one Keyword instead of 2, hide some stories, vocabulary ... How to change card's order ? You started with RTK and switched to KKLC halfway ? The Advanced Browser will make things easier. Otherwise, go to browser mode, pick the kanji deck, click on "Fields...". Pick one of the fields that start with "ID", depending on your preferences (Wanikani, RTK, KKLC, RRTK). In the options below, select "Sort by this field in the browser". Use the Sort Field column. Select all your cards, click on "Cards", "Reposition..." and ok. It will reorder the cards, and you won't lose your progress. How to suspend / unsuspend cards or card type ? There are 3 cards for each note. Production (writing) and memrise are cards 2 and 3. If you want to suspend them, go in browser mode. In the search bar, type: "deck:Kanji card:2" or card 3. Select all cards and go to "Cards", "Toggle Suspend" (Ctrl+J). I divided the deck in subdecks for each card type so it will be easier. If you want to mix reviews for the same kanji with the different card, go into the browser, select all cards and place them all in the same deck. See above to reorder them if need be. How to add your own story ? During reviews there is a field under the Koohii stories where you can type your own story / mnemonic. You need the edit add-on. It does not work on mobile, but the field is one of the first, so you have easy access on mobile too. How to edit the Look-Alike tab ? The look-alike tab is now entirely clickable. When I mix up kanji, I look for them in this spreadsheet and add them to the look alike tab. Makes it easier to see differences between each kanji. How to change the examples in the "Memrise" card ? It's the last two fields of the cards: "Memrise_Look_Alike_Kanji" is for Kanji, "Memrise_Keyword_Choices" is for the kanji choice". If you want to change some example, you'll need to change the kanji and the keyword. Make sure the kanji and keywords are in the same order within the field. If you change the second kanji, you should be changing the second keyword. CREDITS - The production card style is based on this deck. But the data was based on chinese kanji instead of japanese (presentation and stroke order are different), so I used the correct japanese data instead. - The memrise card style is based on this deck. I modified both card template to suit my needs, preferences and keep consistency with my recognition deck. HISTORY V5 - 27/12/2020 - Production card added - Memrise card added - Recognition card revised V4 - 05/07/2020 Screenshot Preview - Card Template updated. Everything should look cleaner, especially on mobile. - Font changed so that all Kanij display correctly. V3 - 03/02/2020 Screenshot Preview - "Look Alike tab" is now editable. - "Look Alike tab" updated for more accuracy. - Own story field added. V2 - 31/12/2019 Screenshot Preview - Added the "Look Alike tab". - Typos in stories completely cleaned. - Card Template updated. V1 - 27/11/19 Screenshot Preview - Release OTHER DECKS - Study : Kanji, Grammar, Vocabulary - Reading: Manga (Yotsuba), Games (Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest) - Listening : Anime, Pimsleur I've compiled all my resources on my website. You can find hundreds of anime, manga, games ordered by difficulty, direct links to their anki decks; links to video-game japanese scripts, guide on how to study japanese, links to ressources for studying, and various tutorials to help you along the way. If you have any issues with deck, use the contact button, or you can reach me on reddit (Jo-Mako) or Discord (Jo-Mako#7531). Buy me a coffee

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Keyword_RTK Cramped
Keyword_KKLC NARROW, tight
Look_Alike_Kanji KANJI RTK KKLC COMPONENTS狭CrampedNARROW, tight犬: dog (犭)夾: scissors矢DartARROW矢: arrow; dart (RTK)峡GorgeGORGE山: mountain夾: scissors朕Majestic pluralIMPERIAL WE肉: meat; flesh (RTK) (月)天: heavens; sky倣EmulateCOPY AFTER人: human (亻); umbrella (𠆢) (RTK)放: set free笑LaughLAUGH, smile竹: bamboo (⺮)夭: calamity; witch (RTK)従AccompanyFOLLOW, obey彳: going, act; line; column (RTK)丷: animal horns (RTK)疋: cloth; zoo; mending (RTK)奥CoreINNER PART, depths丿: katakana no冂: hood; belt (RTK)米: rice大: large; St Bernard (RTK)僕MeI, myselfMANSERVANT人: human (亻); umbrella (𠆢) (RTK)业: spikes䒑: weeds夫: husband; man炎InflammationFLAMEINFLAMMATION, -itis火: fire (灬)火: fire (灬)
Story_RTK Pack of wild dogs . . . scissors.
Story_Koohii_1 A pack of wild dogs, waiting in a very cramped waiting room, to get their hair cut by Edward Scissors Hands, who is very popular.
Story_Koohii_2 In a CRAMPED space, a brave man holds off PACK OF WILD DOGS with only a pair of SCISSORS.
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_1 You have an animal for a husband with horns that are narrow. This animal husband of yours is a goat. A goat with narrow horns. Why is this animal your husband? You’re weird, that’s why.
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_2 Imagine yourself married to this animal husband with horns that are narrow. It’s a strange marriage. Listen to the goat making its goat noises as it clomps around your home. Now hug your goat husband and feel its soft fluffy coat against your skin.
Story_Wanikani_Info_1 I’m not even going to get into the semantics (せま) of how this weird relationship of yours works. Nope, this reading explanation is on the straight and narrow. Need to know basis. Classified. All that junk. There will be no discussion of the semantics between you and your goat lover.
Story_Wanikani_Info_2 But that doesn’t mean you can’t imagine the semantics. The finer points of the relationship. Go ahead, imagine all the weird stuff that comes with the territory for having a goat as a husband. Use all that weird stuff to remember this kanji and its reading. Want an example? Just imagine the goat doing dishes! Goats don’t have hands! Hahahahaha!!
ID_Wanikani 797
ID_RTK_4th_Edition 1266
ID_RTK_6th_Edition 1356
ID_RTK_Lesson_Number 34
ID_KKLC 1933
ID_KKLC_Page 516
Component 犬: dog (犭)夾: scissors
Writing_Data {"strokes": ["M302,593Q338,645 398,715Q411,727 397,743Q358,782 332,782Q320,781 321,766Q321,706 272,633C251,606 251,606 241,593Q205,547 160,511Q123,483 102,464Q92,449 108,453Q165,456 265,553C290,580 290,580 302,593Z", "M309,400Q321,217 275,100Q269,85 261,85Q242,81 190,96Q159,106 154,100Q150,94 161,81Q207,42 239,5Q255,-22 266,-21Q273,-24 291,-7Q384,119 357,414Q351,463 341,502Q326,557 304,592Q303,593 302,593C282,620 282,620 272,633Q229,684 171,710Q156,719 152,707Q148,692 154,672Q161,651 181,647Q214,632 241,593C257,566 257,566 265,553Q280,528 296,480C305,427 305,427 309,400Z", "M296,480Q262,411 220,350Q174,284 64,166Q57,156 68,154Q89,151 204,262Q258,316 309,400C323,423 308,504 296,480Z", "M628,591Q784,630 787,633Q796,640 791,649Q784,659 756,666Q726,672 697,659Q663,647 630,636C597,627 597,627 581,623Q535,614 484,608Q450,601 475,586Q511,565 580,581C581,581 581,581 582,581C613,588 613,588 628,591Z", "M447,463Q466,441 485,414Q494,401 507,400Q514,399 521,409Q527,419 524,445Q521,469 450,503Q437,507 432,507Q428,504 427,493Q428,484 447,463Z", "M717,532Q698,499 659,448Q653,441 659,435Q666,434 673,438Q749,493 786,515Q802,519 799,530Q777,575 734,579Q721,578 722,560Q725,547 717,532Z", "M620,337Q704,353 842,354Q896,354 904,364Q910,376 892,390Q837,427 802,417Q735,401 619,379C588,374 588,374 573,371Q488,358 396,343Q375,340 391,323Q418,299 474,309Q517,322 569,329C603,334 603,334 620,337Z", "M569,329Q554,188 463,116Q421,86 358,54Q345,47 345,43Q346,39 358,38Q374,34 415,48Q553,87 597,223Q607,256 612,294C617,351 617,351 619,379Q623,488 628,591C629,621 629,621 630,636Q630,670 654,747Q661,762 650,773Q628,792 588,803Q563,809 553,802Q544,795 552,782Q576,745 579,698Q580,661 581,623C582,595 582,595 582,581Q582,475 573,371C570,343 570,343 569,329Z", "M612,294Q759,9 815,5Q879,6 936,7Q960,7 960,13Q961,20 936,35Q810,95 750,164Q669,257 620,337C605,362 599,320 612,294Z"], "medians": [[[330, 774], [358, 721], [287, 613], [106, 458]], [[159, 708], [298, 547], [337, 298], [323, 156], [282, 47], [254, 33], [158, 91]], [[294, 469], [243, 343], [69, 159]], [[477, 596], [789, 643]], [[436, 497], [509, 407]], [[730, 573], [758, 529], [664, 442]], [[390, 335], [817, 387], [900, 371]], [[555, 796], [614, 747], [580, 256], [499, 116], [355, 43]], [[619, 331], [690, 197], [800, 64], [954, 19]]]}
Info_Stroke_Count 9
Info_Radical_Strokes 4
Info_Radical_Reading いぬ・けものへん
Info_Radical_Number 94
Info_Classification 形声 Phonetic
Info_Frequency 4
Info_JLPT_Level 1
Info_JouYou_Level JH
Reading_On キョウ
Reading_Kun せま,いせば,めるせば,まる
Reading_Nanori はざ
Reading_Main_On キョウ
Vocabulary_List 狭い(せまい): narrow; confined; small
KKLC V1 J 狭い部屋
KKLC V1 R せまいへや
KKLC V1 E small room
KKLC V2 J 狭量な
KKLC V2 R きょうりょうな
KKLC V2 E narrow-minded
KKLC V3 J 範囲を狭める
KKLC V3 R はんいをせばめる
KKLC V3 E narrow down the range
KKLC V4 J 狭苦しい
KKLC V4 R せまくるしい
KKLC V4 E narrow and close, cramped
Memrise_Look_Alike_Kanji 矢|峡|朕|倣|笑|従|奥|僕|炎
Memrise_Keyword_Choices dart|gorge|majestic plural|emulate|laugh|accompany|core|me|inflammation|condolences|turf|equip|of|amass|crime|congeal|encroach|regiment|spinning|vertical
Keyword_Vietnamese HIỆP
Story_Vietnamese thằng Chó giả Đại hiệp nhưng lòng dạ Hẹp hồihai người lấy tay ép chặt lại.Hai người ép chặt tay lại đi đi qua con ngõ hẹpngười chồng chó chết là người có lòg dạ hẹp hòi
Keyword_RTK Sane
Look_Alike_Kanji KANJI RTK KKLC COMPONENTS康SaneHEALTHY广: cave (RTK)隶: extend; slave; sieve (RTK)唐T'angTANG DYNASTY广: cave (RTK)ヨ: broom (RTK)亅: hook口: mouth緑GreenGREEN糸: thread; Spider-Man (RTK)ヨ: broom (RTK)水: water (氵) (氺)録RecordRECORD, register金: gold; metal彔: carve (录)麻HempHEMPBECOME NUMB广: cave (RTK)林: grove; forest府MunicipalityURBAN PREFECTURE (Kyōto or Ōsaka)GOVERNMENT OFFICE广: cave (RTK)付: attach; adhere球BallBALL, globe王: king; ball (RTK)求: request庸ComfortableMEDIOCRE广: cave (RTK)肀: rake (RTK)用: to use; screwdriver (RTK)床BedBEDFLOOR广: cave (RTK)木: tree; wood対Vis-à-visOPPOSITE, counter to; in relation toOPPOSE文: literature; plaid (RTK)寸: measurement; glue (RTK)
Story_RTK Cave . . . sieve.
Story_Koohii_1 A psychiatric hospital is located in a CAVE. To determine, which patients are sane and can be released, they are given a SIEVE and asked to empty a bathtub (the sane ones take out the plug and get the water out with ease).
Story_Koohii_2 People on the cave age became more sane after they started using sieves to avoid eating harmful things with their grains. (This kanji is almost exclusively used to write 健康, health).
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_1 You see a canopy under which Wolverineis sipping some water. He looks so at ease, and at peace.
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_2 Wolverine just looks so peaceful under that canopy with his water.
Story_Wanikani_Info_1 Suddenly you realize that it's not just Wolverine, but also こういち. hanging out under the canopy.
Story_Wanikani_Info_2 こういち sees you and invites you to come sip water under the canopy. Why not? Looks peaceful.
ID_Wanikani 916
ID_RTK_4th_Edition 1159
ID_RTK_6th_Edition 1243
ID_RTK_Lesson_Number 31
ID_KKLC 1611
ID_KKLC_Page 435
Component 广: cave (RTK)隶: extend; slave; sieve (RTK)
Writing_Data {"strokes": ["M489,819C535,786 563,768 574,768C580,769 586,774 589,784C591,795 587,810 579,830C571,848 539,862 479,869C468,871 460,870 456,867C452,865 451,859 454,849C455,843 469,834 489,819Z", "M320,668Q363,658 436,667Q748,712 775,724Q775,725 777,725Q786,732 782,740Q776,753 748,761Q721,768 613,739Q438,705 315,699Q308,699 304,696C294,692 309,670 320,668Z", "M304,696C294,705 280,712 266,719C251,727 240,731 231,726C222,722 219,714 225,704C237,685 246,657 243,617C231,493 220,425 202,349C186,287 167,250 151,213C123,150 101,117 56,49C52,44 49,40 48,35C45,27 48,25 57,26C82,32 125,78 183,169C190,182 197,196 205,210C256,311 278,423 297,549C301,577 306,617 320,668C322,679 313,690 304,696Z", "M693,378C697,405 703,428 711,446C722,475 722,475 728,490C728,491 728,492 729,492C738,512 749,527 761,539C772,551 773,565 763,575C753,585 729,596 694,611C682,616 669,615 655,609C623,597 593,585 565,577C528,568 528,568 509,563C468,553 426,548 384,543C373,542 368,539 370,532C371,528 378,524 390,519C406,513 422,513 445,519C459,523 488,530 510,534C545,541 545,541 563,545C624,558 658,566 667,558C677,549 677,523 669,480C664,455 664,455 662,443C657,420 650,398 644,376C639,360 690,362 693,378Z", "M711,446C745,449 784,451 828,449C866,449 890,449 895,457C898,464 894,472 885,479C852,506 816,511 776,500C761,497 745,493 728,490C689,483 689,483 669,480C627,473 591,469 561,464C528,459 528,459 512,457C446,448 377,442 307,432C294,431 292,426 302,415C310,406 320,401 331,398C343,396 354,395 364,397C410,410 460,421 513,427C545,431 545,431 561,433C589,437 623,441 662,443C695,445 695,445 711,446Z", "M561,322C605,328 657,334 715,338C721,339 725,342 727,348C727,353 708,370 693,378C679,386 660,379 644,376C615,370 587,363 561,358C529,352 529,352 513,349C465,341 420,336 379,331C366,330 363,324 371,312C375,306 380,302 387,299C393,297 401,297 411,299C437,306 471,311 513,316C545,320 545,320 561,322Z", "M562,271C562,288 561,305 561,322C561,346 561,346 561,358C561,408 561,408 561,433C561,454 561,454 561,464C561,499 561,526 563,545C564,566 564,566 565,577C565,591 568,601 573,606C580,615 583,624 579,631C574,640 564,650 547,658C520,671 502,674 492,670C479,666 478,658 488,646C496,637 507,609 509,563C510,544 510,544 510,534C510,514 511,489 512,457C513,437 513,437 513,427C513,401 513,375 513,349C513,327 513,327 513,316C513,162 512,77 510,62C506,40 498,35 484,36C466,39 451,40 423,43C412,45 405,46 404,41C402,37 409,31 421,23C467,-5 495,-27 505,-44C512,-56 519,-64 527,-67C533,-69 537,-68 540,-66C562,-37 570,9 564,74C563,85 562,139 562,236C562,259 562,259 562,271Z", "M335,243C352,232 368,218 386,203C394,197 403,194 413,195C419,196 423,200 425,208C427,217 425,230 418,246C410,263 379,276 327,284C318,286 311,286 308,283C304,282 304,276 306,268C308,262 318,254 335,243Z", "M232,75C223,74 219,68 220,60C220,52 223,45 231,41C247,34 267,26 292,18C298,16 306,20 313,28C323,42 364,77 435,134C444,142 451,151 459,158C465,165 470,172 468,177C465,182 457,180 450,176C331,114 258,81 232,75Z", "M662,180C720,221 764,251 796,264C807,269 812,272 810,279C806,290 798,302 786,314C773,327 760,335 746,335C736,336 730,329 731,316C731,308 730,297 724,287C707,262 680,231 647,193C642,188 657,176 662,180Z", "M647,193C619,217 587,249 562,271C554,279 554,244 562,236C582,216 610,184 647,138C721,46 779,-4 821,-2C856,1 891,11 928,18C936,20 943,22 950,26C955,30 953,36 946,40C937,45 896,57 824,79C767,97 715,134 662,180C652,189 652,189 647,193Z"], "medians": [[[460, 861], [584, 777]], [[312, 694], [420, 687], [779, 734]], [[229, 717], [280, 664], [234, 365], [166, 188], [58, 33]], [[379, 533], [694, 578], [722, 544], [654, 379]], [[304, 425], [891, 470]], [[373, 324], [721, 351]], [[488, 661], [541, 613], [536, 40], [510, -17], [411, 40]], [[312, 279], [418, 202]], [[225, 65], [291, 56], [459, 173]], [[740, 326], [766, 281], [657, 186]], [[566, 260], [781, 54], [946, 29]]]}
Info_Stroke_Count 11
Info_Radical 广
Info_Radical_Strokes 3
Info_Radical_Reading まだれ
Info_Radical_Number 53
Info_Traditionnal_Form (none)
Info_Classification 会意 Compound Ideographic
Info_Frequency 3
Info_JLPT_Level 1
Info_JouYou_Level 4
Reading_On コウ
Reading_Nanori かん, こ, みち, やす, やすし
Reading_Main_On コウ
Vocabulary_List 健康(けんこう): health; sound; wholesome
KKLC V1 J 健康
KKLC V1 R けんこう
KKLC V1 E health
KKLC V2 J 小康
KKLC V2 R しょうこう
KKLC V2 E lull, respite, breathing spell (of peace)
KKLC V3 J 健康保険
KKLC V3 R けんこうほけん
KKLC V3 E Health Insurance
Memrise_Look_Alike_Kanji 唐|緑|録|麻|府|球|庸|床|対
Memrise_Keyword_Choices T'ang|green|record|hemp|municipality|ball|comfortable|bed|vis-a-vis|bake|long-distance|edge|trip|furrow|confused|ais|daytime|someone|welfare|armor
Keyword_Vietnamese KHANG, KHƯƠNG
Story_Vietnamese Kịp(đãi) vào trong mái nhà thì an Khangngày ba ly nuớc nhà nhà kiện khangTay cầm bút Nước vẽ ngôi Nhà KHANG trang trong mơNgười trong nhà tay cầm uống nước nhiều thì sức khoẻ kiện khang tốt
Keyword_RTK Bottom
Keyword_KKLC BOTTOM, base
Look_Alike_Kanji KANJI RTK KKLC COMPONENTS底BottomBOTTOM, base广: cave (RTK)氐: name of an ancient tribe; calling card (RTK)
Story_RTK Cave . . . calling card.
Story_Koohii_1 I put all those useless business cards at the bottom of a cave.
Story_Koohii_2 In the deepest bottom of this cave complex, spelunkers leave their calling cards to prove they made it all the way.
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_1 Under a canopy your clan digs in the ground, trying to get to the bottom. They want to build a nice home your entire clan can live in, but they need to get to the bottom before they'll start building.
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_2 Picture all of the people in your clan under this canopy digging with all their might, trying to find the bottom. "Isn't there... no bottom though?" you think to yourself.
Story_Wanikani_Info_1 Suddenly someone down in the hole shouts that they've reached the bottom, but it's full of water and they're all soaked (そこ)!
Story_Wanikani_Info_2 The bottom is full of water, and everyone and everything down there is soaked through now.
ID_Wanikani 586
ID_RTK_4th_Edition 1833
ID_RTK_6th_Edition 1975
ID_RTK_Lesson_Number 49
ID_RRTK 1975
ID_KKLC_Page 153
Component 广: cave (RTK)氐: name of an ancient tribe; calling card (RTK)
Writing_Data {"strokes": ["M493,803Q520,782 550,758Q565,746 581,748Q593,749 597,764Q600,780 588,810Q581,829 549,840Q471,858 460,851Q456,847 458,833Q462,823 493,803Z", "M337,627C361,617 390,616 423,622C515,641 608,659 703,679C747,689 771,698 778,703C784,708 786,714 783,720C778,729 766,736 746,740C725,745 705,742 685,734C635,717 583,701 529,688C469,674 366,656 332,657C322,657 328,631 337,627Z", "M332,657C321,668 305,677 286,687C271,695 260,698 251,694C242,690 239,681 245,671C257,650 262,607 260,553C255,435 236,338 208,261C181,191 144,116 92,37C88,32 85,28 84,23C81,15 84,13 92,14C110,18 148,57 203,136C214,154 225,173 235,194C279,288 307,397 320,521C326,588 332,623 337,627C342,636 340,651 332,657Z", "M571,507C591,516 652,543 683,550C693,553 700,554 702,559C704,566 701,573 694,578C655,604 625,616 606,612C600,611 598,605 599,598C599,578 543,538 431,476C425,473 438,459 444,461C482,473 517,485 535,492C559,502 559,502 571,507Z", "M431,476C423,482 407,490 385,495C374,498 367,496 364,492C359,488 360,481 368,469C384,444 395,394 394,323C393,279 383,255 377,232C369,209 358,185 334,161C326,154 325,144 329,129C334,112 340,98 349,89C355,84 363,84 373,94C403,126 464,177 558,244C567,251 573,257 576,262C577,267 576,268 572,268C565,268 524,249 449,213C442,210 439,211 437,213C433,217 432,220 433,229C438,383 442,429 445,446C446,452 445,457 444,461C443,467 436,472 431,476Z", "M644,354C747,388 799,408 802,410C807,416 807,422 804,426C799,433 787,439 769,440C750,442 732,438 715,429C688,417 662,403 634,393C601,382 601,382 585,377C552,367 517,360 481,351C458,346 455,337 473,329C496,319 545,322 598,339C629,349 629,349 644,354Z", "M598,339C641,212 711,116 800,47C810,39 822,31 836,24C876,3 908,-10 932,-10C950,-9 958,7 951,29C944,49 933,103 925,195C924,204 922,209 918,209C914,210 912,205 910,195C904,174 897,155 892,135C883,109 874,95 866,95C854,95 835,105 811,122C785,141 761,167 736,196C687,255 657,319 644,354C639,367 635,380 634,393C630,419 631,437 635,455C637,470 624,484 596,496C587,501 579,505 571,507C559,512 527,502 535,492C548,478 566,431 585,377C594,352 594,352 598,339Z", "M358,47C346,46 343,40 353,26C369,2 390,-7 412,-1C522,29 564,35 702,18C712,17 719,21 722,26C726,35 722,46 713,57C684,89 659,103 637,97C569,82 529,64 358,47Z"], "medians": [[[464, 846], [553, 800], [587, 756]], [[341, 651], [427, 646], [780, 714]], [[248, 688], [298, 631], [261, 345], [194, 168], [91, 20]], [[608, 604], [645, 564], [438, 476]], [[368, 489], [413, 444], [378, 138], [570, 262]], [[472, 338], [799, 423]], [[545, 487], [599, 453], [654, 270], [787, 99], [854, 57], [919, 45], [917, 199]], [[352, 39], [404, 25], [643, 62], [718, 33]]]}
Info_Stroke_Count 8
Info_Radical 广
Info_Radical_Strokes 3
Info_Radical_Reading まだれ
Info_Radical_Number 53
Info_Traditionnal_Form (none)
Info_Classification 形声 Phonetic
Info_Frequency 3
Info_JLPT_Level 2
Info_JouYou_Level 4
Reading_On テイ
Reading_Kun そこ
Reading_Main_On テイ
Vocabulary_List 徹底(てってい): thoroughness; completeness; consistency底(そこ): bottom; sole根底(こんてい): root; basis; foundation到底(とうてい): (cannot) possibly; no matter how
KKLC V1 J 川底
KKLC V1 R かわぞこ
KKLC V1 E riverbed
KKLC V2 J 根底
KKLC V2 R こんてい
KKLC V2 E root, basis, foundation
KKLC V3 J 海底
KKLC V3 R かいてい
KKLC V3 E sea bottom
KKLC V4 J 心の底から
KKLC V4 R こころのそこから
KKLC V4 E from the bottom of one's heart
Memrise_Look_Alike_Kanji 底|申|旧|由|田|目|白|旨|百
Memrise_Keyword_Choices Bottom|speaketh|olden times|wherefore|rice field|eye|white|delicious|hundred|soup|focus|icicle|overnight|vice-|thick|one|three|eminent|neck|four
Keyword_Vietnamese ĐỂ
Story_Vietnamese Trong nhà thấp nhất là đáyĐể cái Họ dưới Sàn nhà có Mái che.Để tờ giấy dưới đáy ngôi nhàDưới cái MÁI HIÊN chỗ thấp nhất là nền, chình là ĐẾ nhà.

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on 1641903233
Much effort is done here. Thanks
on 1641645553
Deck looks incredibly comprehensive and must have taken a lot of effort to put together. However, I read the instructions and still don't get the 'reposition cards' part - do I do that with the RRTK deck or this 'Kanji' deck? i.e I want to drop the RRTK deck, and completely move over to this one - but the due dates aren't updating when I click 'reposition cards'.

Thank you so much for making this deck, and I hope you can help
Comment from author
You do that with this kanji deck.

Go to browser mode, pick the kanji deck, click on "Fields...".
In the options below, select "Sort by this field in the browser" and save. Cards should move.
Use the Sort Field column to reorganize them.
Select all your cards, click on "Cards", "Reposition...", use the default settings if you don't know them, and OK.
The due column should change.

If you have more issues, dm me on discord.
on 1641632440
This is really helpful, shows stroke order, readings, and lots of humorous mnemonics. Great job.
on 1641493659
Thank you
on 1639886243
No words can describe how much I love this deck.
on 1638763823
What does the "frequency" field denote? It seems to be a single digit number. Is that a mistake, or am I interpreting that incorrectly? I am expecting a unique number for each kanji, the ordinal frequency. For example, the frequency of 枝 is 1401 in the "All in One Kanji" deck. That would make it the 1401st most-used kanji in Japanese newspapers.
Comment from author
That data comes from another deck, but I can't remember the source.
Should be based indeed on frequency from newspaper but at some point I messed up an import, and that's just the data from Radical_Strokes instead.
I'll fix it soon.

I'm planning on adding another frequency field for focusing on the number of times it appears in video games and manga instead of newspaper.
on 1637693681
on 1637691327
This deck is more than I could wish for (It has anything I can think of being needed for a kanji deck-I couldn't ask for something more). To be more precise, the whole production card type is the best feature by far! I've been looking for something like this since ages (I'm not even exaggerating). However, I can't seem to find the writing_data for these 12 characters: 篭, 罠, 囁, 呟,醤, 噛, 梱, 塡, 繍, 繋, 壷, 覗. And three of them: 篭, 罠, 呟 are missing their img_gif. Any plans on adding this information for those characters too? I'd deeply appreciate it!
Comment from author
The sources I used didn't have it, so I can't add the missing data, sorry.
on 1637473957
Looks great. Thanks!
on 1637107744
Great deck especially the writing practice with stroke order hints!
on 1635474222
Absolutely amazing deck for inspiring learning kanji
on 1635433014
on 1634624060
Wow. Absolutely amazing deck. I want to thank the author for compiling such an EXTENSIVE deck. I mean the sheer amount of information that is available for each Kanji AND indexed by multiple popular learning methods (RTK, KKLC, WaniKani) AND completely and easily customizable for the user to choose what fields show up on a card...I’ve never seen a deck this well constructed. It has made me look forward to studying Kanji everyday.
on 1633552189
Great deck!
I wonder if there is a reason for not including the WaniKani name/meaning of the Kanji?
Comment from author
I wanted to avoid duplicating the website content as much as possible.
on 1633235735
OMG I love everything about this deck. God bless the author!

Also, all 3 card types work on AnkiDroid!!! <3
on 1633062140
on 1631684376
Very good
on 1629000606
The wealth of information on each card blows other decks away.
on 1628334485
Thank you for the answer. :)
Comment from author
I reuploaded the deck and filled out all the missing memrise cards, but they will all use the same examples.
You can edit it with other kanji if you want.
Check the description for how to do it.

Edit: Thanks for changing the answer.
on 1628175949
The most detailed and the best Kanji deck out there, kudos to you for doing this!
on 1628135701
Amazing deck. It's just on a whole different level; the amount of dedication it must have taken is astounding.

The repetition and exposure I get with the Memrise cards is also helping a lot with retention and obviously with differentiating a lot of similar-looking pairs or trios that stumbled me a lot before. Besides, now repping's actually fun, to the point that I must stop myself from just adding and adding more cards every day.
on 1622895882
Great deck!
on 1622883823
This is the way.
on 1622521857
gives shit ton of info
on 1621686367
Great work !
on 1621195248
Thank you and sorry for the trouble I'm not familiar with how this app works 👍
Comment from author before post was edited
Yes, it's because each note (one for each kanji) has 3 different cards.

Go to browser to suspend the other 2 card types if you want.
In the search bar, type the following:
card:"PRODUCTION: Keyword to Kanji"
card:"MEMRISE: Keywords to Kanji"

You can suspend all the cards from those card types.
"RECOGNITION: Kanji to Keyword" is the first card type, so the one by default.

There are 2328 notes (kanji) x3 = 6984 cards in the deck.
on 1620162030
It blew my mind how many informations are in this deck, and it's very useful !
on 1617670197
Speechless, you the real mvp.
on 1615510499
this deck is better than my grandma's lasagna. On God this deck gooder than a mug
Comment from author
Put your grandma's lasagna in a mug, best thing ever.
on 1613987088
Amazing deck, thank you!
on 1613519753
on 1613150059
Great deck. It surpassed my expectations.
on 1613078781
The kanji 填(keyword: inlay) is missing its img_gif and possibly other information.

also the same goes for 喻 keyword: metaphor.
Comment from author
You're right.
I'll look in it, see if I can add the missing informations.
on 1612451609
Just Wow!
on 1611136935
Best Kanji deck I tried so far! Thank you so much for this :D
on 1610620194
Underrated deck. Must-have for kanji learning!
on 1610176081
Honestly is the best Kanji deck that I have tried. It gives you everything all in one screen. There are stories for each Kanji to help memorize and it breaks down what the different Kanji are in the more difficult ones. This in my go to deck. Highly recommend.
on 1608132347
I finally finished it! Thank you for this deck, without it I don't know how I would have gotten though kanji!
Comment from author
Ah, thank you! That makes me very happy.
on 1606325393
Very exhaustive:p
on 1604529368
Great deck for learning kanji. Found it helpful to see the different authors' opinions on keywords, and liked the KKLC order.
on 1593976357
Great deck! very useful and nicely organized,it would be nice to have some kind of card template optimized for production,as in just some keywords (meanings) of the kanji on the front and the rest on the back.

EDIT:I found a problem,since the font family is set to arial some of the kanji are shown in their "chinese" versions instead of their "japanese" versions this is easily seen in the characters for "sea" and "every" the correct kanji are 海 and 毎 without the 2 "drops" in the middle,the front cards have those drops.

I don't know how to change the font correctly,tried going to the browser and changing the font,but it remains the same,I hope the author can tell me how to change the font and fix this issue.
Comment from author
Thank you!
Yes production card template is my to do list. It's just a long list.

EDIT: You're absolutely right. I downloaded the top kanji decks to check and they have the same problem. I changed the font to MS PMincho, since that's what I used in my other decks. There were a lot fields to change, and you can't change the look-alike tab because it's all written in html before import. Anyway, I made all the corrections, and uploaded the deck again. All good now. Thanks for pointing it out.
on 1592756037
Tried a few different RTK and KKLC decks, this on PC is by far the best
on 1589525404
this is cool, thank you!
on 1583488196
on 1583177769
great work!
on 1577261525
Thank you for sharing. :) Really good deck
on 1575145045
Best Kanji Deck!

I use KKLC as my main way to study Kanji but also used to do RTK so I like that it combines RTK and KKLC but uses KKLC order. All info about RTK is still here so it's also great for me as I can use some koohii stories. I love that it includes radical information so other learners not familiar with RTK can still take advantage of the stories. you can also click 'more stories' if some of the given stories didn't click with you. There's also the KKLC vocab for context. and some other info.

I tried most of the kanji deck but this is the best one so far. Looks great on mobile and I actually enjoy studying instead of dreading it.

Well made deck. Thanks!