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RRTK450 Recognition RTK 450 w/ Kanji Koohii Stories

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RTK Number 1372
Keyword leg
Meanings foot, be sufficient
Example Word
Story Captain Ahab lost his leg to the great white whale's mouth and had to mend it with a peg leg.I'll use my mouth to mend your leg, I'll kiss it all better :).
Primitive As a primitive on the left, it is amended to  . Its meaning remains leg, but should be thought of as a wooden leg in order to avoid confusion with other similar elements, namely human legs, animal legs, and walking legs.
RTK Number 64
Keyword page
Meanings leaf
Example Word
Story A shellfish carrying a page balanced on its head.One drop of ink from a shellfish can fill a whole page.
Primitive As a primitive, this kanji takes the unrelated meaning of a head (preferably one detached from its body), derived from the character for head (頭).
RTK Number 1240
Keyword matter
Meanings thing, fact, business, reason, possibly
Example Word
Story I had to take one day off from work due to 'personal matters' after stepping on a rake and having the handle snap up and smack me across the mouth. I certainly wasn't going to tell anyone about it.Just one word about this matter from your mouth and you will find this rake across it.

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on 1626629415
Nice deck, though unfortunately the images don't seem to work on ankidroid
on 1621569411
Awesome deck for beginner