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Periodic Table: Atomic Symbols

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Please see HERE for more information! This is a collection of flashcard decks I generated so that I could study the periodic table. I wrote it for use with Anki, but csv files are available for other flashcard applications, just as long as those applications support html and use the same syntax for cloze completions. I've had great luck going through these decks. I've gone through them several times now in Anki, all but a few cards have review intervals on the order of months, and now I think it's ready to share with others. This deck accompanies the one here and teaches atomic symbols. It chiefly represents two functions: The cards in this deck look something like this: In Night mode, they look something like this: I recommend studying this at the same time you're going through the "Groups and Periods" deck, and tweak the "New cards/day" setting for these decks to be half that of the "Groups and Periods" deck. This way their content will keep sync as long as you do all of them each day.

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Text 94Pu {{c1::plutonium}}
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Text 30Zn {{c1::zinc}}
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Text 104Rf {{c1::rutherfordium}}
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A lot of the higher rated decks have a bunch of extra nonsense in them or use unpleasant neon colors. This one is no nonsense and looks quite nice in my opinion. I also like that the test boxes resemble entries on a table itself too. Recommended for anyone else that saw the top ones and immediately recoiled in fear
on 1651169162
on 1629002951
Thank you for sharing this! Really underrated deck ;)