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Multiple Choice for Anki

0.05MB. Updated 2021-03-19. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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Adds multiple choice cards to Anki. SCREENSHOTS COMPATIBILITY Anki 2.1.20 or higher is required for this add-on to work. Cards created with this add-on can be reviewed with all Computer and mobile apps and on AnkiWeb. USAGE Creating / Editing The note type is automatically added the first time you start Anki after installing the add-on. When creating cards, write a "1" for correct choices or a "0" for incorrect choices in the "Answers" field. The question type can be selected with the field "QType". It can be either 0 (Kprim), 1 (Multiple Choice) or 2 (Single Choice). The Screenshots section shows how the question types look. These values in the "Answer" field must be separated by a single space. The order and number of values in the "Answer" field must correspond with the choices "Q_1" to "Q_5". If you don't need all the choices, just leave the remaining "Q_" fields blank and only enter as many values as you need in the "Answers" field. Reviewing Select the correct and incorrect choices accordingly and click "Show Answer". The add-on will automatically style your choices based on whether you answered correctly or not. LICENSE AND CREDITS Multiple Choice for Anki is Copyright ยฉ 2021 zjosua It is licensed under the AGPLv3. For more information refer to the LICENSE file. The files __init__.py and the template file are based on the Anki add-on Cloze Overlapper by Glutanimate. Click here to support Glutanimate's work. Persistence is achieved using the code from Simon Lammer's anki-persistence. Great work Simon! Hax merged my Multiple Choice card template with Simon Lammer's persistence code. He also reworked my card templates into one single all-in-one template. Thanks a lot! Simon's and Hax's work made the multiple choice cards compatible with all platforms. Volker Umpfenbach contributed a change that allows to customize how the questions and answers are colorized. He also provided the code to calculate and display the percentage of correctly answered items per question. Shoutout to 3ter for his contributions that improve card initialization and checkbox handling. This add-on uses the packaging library. SUPPORT Please use the issue tracker on GitHub if you run into any issues.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1619950376
used to work alright, but with latest update no answers show up while reviewing a card so I can't select anything. This is only on windows, on android the addon works fine.
on 1619824343
IT WORKS (2.1.43 + Ankidroid)๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’•

Follow the USAGE AND Creating / Editing section ๐Ÿ‘€

Don't be like theses morons that downvote because they aren't following the editing format of the card type๐Ÿคก

There is even a picture to guide though the process of making the cards itself ๐Ÿ‘
on 1619607431
i was nervous about people saying the answer is wrong. Turn out I need to add space on the answer column. right: 0 0 0 0 1 wrong: 00001. yes this works properly on mobile. thank you for sharing this addon.
on 1619556816
Works as intended. Love the detail of randomized answers
on 1619465188
Unfortunately this add-on is not usable for the iPhone Anki. No matter which question I choose, everything is flagged as the wrong answer (I've tested it with MC and SC. MC answers are not possible because as soon as I touch the screen to select an answer, the add-on switches to "answer" (which is obviously marked as wrong).
on 1619018101
Love the concept! After trying it out a bit it seemed to work fine, so I added a ton of cards to my decks in this format. However, I've found out that often it selects the wrong option as the right one. Example:

Question: Blue + yellow=
Q_1: black
Q_2: green
Q_3: white
Answer: 2

When I select green during review, it marks it as wrong, saying that black is the correct one. The first time I thought I had gotten something wrong, but going back to edit the card it seems that 2 is selected. By switching black and green, but keeping the answer 2, it says that green is correct. Is there a known fix? It's probably the best MC card format around, I'd really love to use it to study.
on 1618679730
I also encountered the problem where it wouldn't render a card. ("Correct: x%"), the weird thing is that it worked on mobile. I checked out the code and found the problem. It has nothing to do with this addon directly, it is only that they changed the JavaScript in the Card Template. If you had the addon installed before and have cards with that template it will not pull the new template because there is already code in the template. What you could do is go to the addon files into the template.py file, copy the variable "card_front" and replace the content of the template front with that. Do the same with the "card_back" variable.
You have to replace the whole content of front and back (CTRL+A) with everything that is between the """\ and \""" . If you can't fix it, report a bug in GitHub and someone can help you there.
on 1616257694
the values aren't working in the answer for multiple choice. The right answer I can't get please clarify the values
on 1616241278
Really love this.
It has drastically improved my studies.

Is there a way to get more than 5 answers choices. I can't seem to get the code for this right. "Adding a field" is not working either.
Would love to get an answer for this.
Comment from author
The note template needs a slight modification to support additional choices: https://github.com/zjosua/anki-mc/pull/20
on 1616239690
It does not work! if you add a multiple choice question i.e "2+2 equals:" "4" or "-99" then selecting 4 will only sometimes be marked as correct but not always. Also, I did read the instructions and made the card as "1 0" in the answers field with a space in between so that is not the problem.
on 1616148040
There is something wrong with the calculation for sc questions. When I select the wrong answer out of 4 incorrect and 1 correct answers it says correct answers: 60%, how is that possible? The colorcoding is a little bit off too, it shows the wrong answers in green and my selected wrong answer in red, but the right answer is also red, why?? Am I doing something wrong here?
on 1616109610
Works great!!! Thanks for the recent update.
on 1615565397
Something goes wrong since the latest version: checked status lost, answer options do not show completely.
on 1615130274
On mobile (android), whenever I select the answer I just see "Correct: x%"
Sounds like a great add-on if it'd work but at this stage it's not very helpful.
on 1614946234
Same problem in windows.

"In the Windows version when I click on "show answer" and if I chose the right answer, it appears highlighted in orange and the wrong answers are highlighted in green."
on 1614601950
In Ankidroid when I click on "show answer", it just shows the message "Correct: x%" with no true numerical % nor the correct answer displayed.

In the Windows version when I click on "show answer" and if I chose the right answer, it appears highlighted in orange and the wrong answers are highlighted in green.

In AnkiWeb when the new question shows up, the different possible answer don't appear. I have to click "edit" and then "save" for them to appear.
on 1613749724
thanks it runs like a charm! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘
on 1613288399
Simple and intuitive. Works really well.

To have the back template show only the question and solutions (and not the question plus choices) find the following section of code and add one line:

var qtable = document.getElementById('qtable');
qtable.innerHTML = Persistence.getItem('qtable');
var output = document.getElementById("output");
var atable = qtable.cloneNode(true);
qtable.style.display="none" <!-- add this line of code - you can copy this entire line into the javascript -->
on 1611961415
You just have to leave spaces between the 1s ans 0s of the answers!!!!
For Example: Answer: 0 1 0 0 0
dont do this!!!!! Answer: 01000
on 1611679739
Fantastic, very easy to use
on 1611185351
overall a great addition to the app! my only complaint is it's a bit janky on mobile, it always says that my answer is wrong and seems to highlight all the other answers as right? it's perfect on desktop though.
on 1609072051
Amazing. I would like it to be possible to disable the percentage or show me "0%" if I fail. I also have 3 types of answers: the correct one, the incorrect one and the ones I did not choose. There should be 3 colors.
on 1608853646
it's very helpful but I'd rather just write the question without a title. for writing the correct answer instead of 1 i have to write 0 and 1 for the incorrect answer, otherwise, the color and the correct answer will not work properly. i really like the randomized answer feature.
on mac, the first question doesn't show the answer options.
on 1606434358
Basically quite all right but what should I do if I need a "Q_6" too? I added it but it still does not showing up and "0 0 0 0 0 1" does not work either in the "Answers" field.
on 1605987142
this is perfect! exactly what i needed
on 1605822243
Awesome thx!
on 1605259606
works super
on 1604041297
fantastic plugin.
How to add more answering options, in case 5 are not enough?
on 1602102406
Can someone share their card type via google drive so we don't have to make one?
on 1601800522
It's good but is there a way to make the title be blank as well and not be considered duplicates?
on 1600337274
I am studying variously with this add-on.

The regrettable aspect of this addon is that the front and back sides come out together....I hope it can be resolved.

In addition, this is a way to change the style of correct and incorrect answers.

from back
//Colorize the qtable. Find the part and edit it as shown below.

//Colorize the qtable.
if (solutions[i] && answers[i] === "0") {
qrows((type != 0)? i: i + 1].setAttribute("class", "correct");
} else if (!solutions[i] && answers[i] === "1") {
qrows((type != 0)? i: i + 1].setAttribute("class", "wrong");

When you're done editing, go to the style section

.wrong {
color: orange;

.correct {
color: green;

You can edit this item. If you like the background color, I think you can do that.

If my choice was right, it would be white.
If my choice is wrong, the one I choose will change the font color to orange and the correct answer will change to green.

It becomes very useful.
on 1600087188
I can't handle the correct answer on mobile

Looking forward to the next patch
on 1600079240
Thank you so much for making this
on 1599383324
Is there a way to have multiple questions on a card? Like this: http://prntscr.com/uce6pe

on 1599186660
This is one of the most awesome addons here in this site! Thanks a lot for creating it! I hope,you will keep working on it and enhance its features in future....
on 1597217036
This is what I needed!
on 1596725233
This is exactly what I needed, I'm so glad it works on mobile as well! thank you so much! Oh and thank you, Mr Omar G. Goda for your held on the colour coding.
on 1596423238
Very useful, thanks! Is there any possible way to add multiple choices at once from a database? I have tried it but wasn't able to do it so far (from an excel file with multiple columns, for instance). Anyhow, thank you very much.
Comment from author
Yes, Anki's import dialog allows to import from csv files.
on 1594748674
Just awesome for creating Multiple Choice cards in a fast way!
on 1593962990
Color coding does not work - green and orange are applied randomly regardless of whether the answer is correct or incorrect
on 1591804838
Noticed, that this add-on isn't working in the preview-mode. Tried it in review, and it worked perfect! Great Add-on, thanks for all the work!

"In my case, there isn't shown the answer template...i've got the latest Version of Anki. What could I do?"
on 1591743378
I can fill out the card and get the question and choices set up, but the back of the card only shows the question, source and extra information. There is no answer available. I can't seem to get it to work. I'm using Anki 2.1.26.
on 1590440763
Great add-on, works fine for me, I have edited the code of the card back as it displays green color if the choice is wrong and the user did not choose it.
Instead, I prefer the interface used by other online Qbanks that displays green only if the choice is correct (whether I have chosen it or not) and displays red only if the choice is wrong and I have chosen it.
If anyone wants to display the same color-coding, here is the code:

//Colorize the qtable.
if (solutions[i] && answers[i] === "1") {
qrows[(type != 0) ? i : i + 1].setAttribute("class", "correct");
} else if (solutions[i] && answers[i] === "0") {
qrows[(type != 0) ? i : i + 1].setAttribute("class", "correct");
} else if (!solutions[i] && answers[i] === "1") {
qrows[(type != 0) ? i : i + 1].setAttribute("class", "wrong");

If you want to apply it, you will see a similar section in the code of the card back, just replace it with this code and it will work fine. I could not paste the whole back code as there is a limit for the rating length here.

Good Luck
Omar G. Goda

Contact: Omar.gamal@med.helwan.edu.eg
on 1590158739
Same problem like the others that downvoted.

This is a good add-on, the front template is coming up perfectly fine with the title, question, and answer choices in the desired format. However when I choose to go to the back template to see the correct answer, all the answer choices disappear and only the title, question, source, and extra fields are visible.
on 1589407703
I can create Multiple Choice questions easily but sometimes it will mark random answeres as right or wrong although in the note I marked them the opposite. I alwas have to go and check the note behind the card to see if I was right...
Comment from author
By "mark as right or wrong" do you mean the green or orange highlighting?
on 1588531956
Anki 2.1.22 (0ecc189a) Python 3.8.0 Qt 5.14.1 PyQt 5.14.1
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1
Add-ons, last update check: 2020-05-03 20:37:39

Caught exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt\webview.py", line 446, in handler
File "aqt\editor.py", line 444, in <lambda>
File "aqt\addcards.py", line 207, in _addCards
File "aqt\addcards.py", line 184, in addNote
File "lib\site-packages\anki\collection.py", line 367, in addNote
File "lib\site-packages\anki\collection.py", line 535, in _newCard
File "<C:\Program Files\Anki\decorator.pyc:decorator-gen-4>", line 2, in flush
File "lib\site-packages\anki\hooks.py", line 666, in decorator_wrapper
File "lib\site-packages\anki\hooks.py", line 658, in repl
File "C:\Users\Ev\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\865767531\__init__.py", line 179, in update_caches_for_card
self.add_cards_to_caches(s.col, [s.id], update=True)
File "C:\Users\Ev\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\865767531\__init__.py", line 99, in add_cards_to_caches
qa = card._getQA()
AttributeError: 'Card' object has no attribute '_getQA'
on 1588431289
on 1588076743
Super cool add-on! I know a lot of anki users think that MC is kind of a passive way to study but I find it challenging just to sit there and try to think up challenging questions (especially those tough all of the answers apply except or those multiple answer questions). Anyways, I'm looking forward to using this add-on but I had a problem displaying the answers. I'm using the AllInOne (kprim, mc, sc) note type and when I answer the question it only displays the question and the extra field. Any thoughts to why that might be happening? I'm on Anki Version 2.1.24 (359b9f5c). Thanks for all the great work!
on 1587935388
Ich kรถnnte vor Freude weinen!!! Vielen lieben Dank!
on 1587846557
This is a good add-on but when I first installed it, the front template is coming up perfectly fine with the title, question, and answer choices in the desired format. However when I choose to go to the back template to see the correct answer, all the answer choices disappear and only the title, question, source, and extra fields are visible.

Is there a way I can fix this, because I have no way of knowing if my choices were correct? I have also tried removing the add-on and reinstalling it but the problem persists. Currently using Anki 2.1.22
Comment from author
What is the name of the note type you are using for your multiple choice questions?
on 1587480293
Thanks a lot!!!
on 1587142610
Works really well. would it be possible to add 4 more more choices?
on 1586761034
I think it's great add-on, thanks for your efforts, but it will be a much better if we can change the table and the text alignment to center, and if we change the back template for the single and multi choice questions to show the right answer or answers in order after the answer line, instead of repeating the table.
on 1586373884
Great addon. Would it be possible to have the option to leave out the "title" field in a future version?
on 1585941891
Very interesting! Thanks!
on 1585889762
My version is 2.1.15.Your add-on cannot be installed on my anki.If I update to higher version,will the other add-ons which I installed before disappear and I need to re-install all add-ons?
Comment from author
No, updating Anki will not uninstall any add-ons you have installed.

Some might still break, because they rely on code that was changed in newer versions of Anki.
If updating Anki breaks any add-ons you can't do without, you can still downgrade Anki again by downloading an older installer here: https://apps.ankiweb.net/downloads/archive/
on 1585647864
Help for parpre to examine!
on 1584319567
on 1584153554
This is a good add-on and was working when I first installed it, but for some reason it is now dysfunctional. The front template is coming up perfectly fine with the title, question, and answer choices in the desired format. However when I choose to go to the back template to see the correct answer, all the answer choices disappear and only the title, question, source, and extra fields are visible.

Is there a way I can fix this, because I have no way of knowing if my choices were correct? I have also tried removing the add-on and reinstalling it but the problem persists. Currently using Anki 2.1.21
Comment from author
There was a change in Anki that broke the original add-on.
If you reinstalled the add-on on Anki 2.1.21, there is now a new note type called "AllInOne", which has been added by the add-on.
Convert your existing multiple choice notes to this new note type, then it should work again.
on 1583143649
Really great addon, thanks a lot!
on 1582593458
Great add-on! Could you add randomization to the order of the elements so that we do not memorize their position? For example:

What's the tallest building on Earth?
1st review answers would be displayed abcde
2nd review answers would be displayed aecdb
3rd review answers would be displayed cdeab

and so on... :) (like a set randomizer)
on 1582300318
This is so useful Dude , keep it on โœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธ
on 1582213629
Working now
Thanks to update for the last 2.1.20!!!!

Great job!!!
Comment from author before post was edited
Yes there was a change in Anki (7fcb6b5) that broke the add-on.
I just updated it and it should work again. But you'll have to convert your existing notes to the new "AllInOne" note type.
on 1582205745
Works good. Would be awesome if one could clock on the answer (instead on the circle-symbol) to select it.
on 1581943659
would be nice to have but
can't download it :(

yap it is indeed a good add-on thanks for helping us
Comment from author before post was edited
The add-on needs Anki version 2.1.20 or higher.
The normal release is currently at version 2.1.19, so you'll have to run the current beta to use this add-on now.
Or just try again after updating once the regular release of Anki 2.1.20 is published.
on 1581154005
This is so excellent! Answers in shuffle. Works great with the 2.1.20 beta8 - as written, you need to be on 2.1.20 at least - still beta
Like it very much!
on 1580902113
Error !!!!
Comment from author
Would you mind providing more information on this error?