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Merriam-Webster Learner's Word of the Day

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Word reflective
Pronunciation /rɪˈflɛktɪv/
Part of Speech adjective
Example Two engineers wearing reflective vests
Definition 1 a [more reflective; most reflective] : causing light, sound, or heat to move away : reflecting light, sound, or heatThe material is highly reflective. [=it easily reflects light]reflective surfaces1 b [more reflective; most reflective] : relating to or caused by light that reflects off a surfacethe reflective glare of the shiny metal2 [more reflective; most reflective] : thinking carefully about something : THOUGHTFUL She was in a very reflective mood.3 — used to say that one thing shows what something else is like — + ofThe school is reflective of society: the same problems that exist in society exist at the school.— reflectively adverbHe spoke softly and reflectively about his experiences.
Date June 25, 2014
Word accumulate
Pronunciation /əˈkjuːmjəˌleɪt/
Part of Speech verb
Example Snow accumulating on a roof
Definition 1 [+ object] : to gather or acquire (something) gradually as time passesShe has slowly accumulated [=amassed] a fortune.You can accumulate [=earn] bonus points by participating in surveys.The police have been accumulating [=collecting] evidence of his guilt.2 [no object] : to increase gradually in amount as time passesA large amount of debris has accumulated [=collected] at the construction site.Evidence of his guilt is accumulating.— accumulation /əˌkjuːmjəˈleɪʃən/ noun, plural accumulations[noncount]the accumulation of evidence against him[count]The company's goal was a slow, steady accumulation of profits.The disease is caused by accumulations of fat in the kidneys.
Date October 19, 2014
Word posture
Pronunciation /ˈpɑːstʃɚ/
Part of Speech noun
Example A rider sitting with good posture.
Definition 1 : the way in which your body is positioned when you are sitting or standing[count]Human beings have an upright posture.a rigid/stiff posture[noncount]He has good/bad/poor posture.2 [count], formal : the attitude a person or group has toward a subject — usually singularThe country has taken an aggressive posture on immigration.She took a neutral posture in the argument.— postural /ˈpɑːstʃərəl/ adjective, always used before a noun, formalpoor postural habits
Date April 13, 2014

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