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Chinese HSK 1 - 150 Words, 300 Example Sentences, with Audio

21.98MB. 450 audio & 1 images. Updated 2016-10-03.

This item is large, and may take some time to download.


Flashcard deck from ChineseAudioFlashcards.com where you can also find flashcard decks for HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, and HSK 5. Use coupon code "anki" for $30 off the complete set! All 150 words from the HSK 1 set, with 2 example sentences per word. All sentences are made up using only characters from the HSK 1 set, so every sentence you learn reinforces what you have learned previously and makes future cards easier! All sentences are written and read by native mandarin speakers. Note: Updated Pinyin!

Sample (from 451 notes)

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Hanzi 这个苹果一块钱。
Pinyin Zhège píngguǒ yīkuài qián.
English This apple costs one yuan.
Hanzi 我家没有电脑
Pinyin Wǒjiā méiyǒu diànnǎo
English I don't have a computer at home.
Hanzi 她是我们的好朋友。
Pinyin Tā shì wǒmen de hǎo péngyǒu.
English She is our good friend.

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on 1676341830
Good deck, please get rid of Paypal if you want to sell a few more, Paypal will not accept cards from people they don't like.
on 1671040612
Although the deck had some thing i did not like, I really like the card format. Even if you don't use the deck, I think that the card format is so good. So simple.
on 1666888181
on 1664290436
Has traditional characters
on 1663890552
Good for absolute beginner. Thanks.
on 1661656031
Amazing, Thanks for helpful decks
on 1656802286
on 1653565019
on 1651490696
It really covers the vocabulary needed for this test and also has audio, with is really useful, specially for beginners like me.
on 1649577708
on 1635899295
Excellent deck for learning the HSK vocab. The paid decks (HSK2-5) are worth the money. Sometimes the example sentences include words that aren't in the HSK, though, so it's useful to look them up in CC-CEDICT dictionary and add them to your own deck if you want to get better context. It should be noted that many common Chinese words and sayings are not in HSK, so you will need another deck for everyday conversational Chinese.
on 1635831666
Good audio
on 1624204665
To anyone who is seriously considering learning Mandarin I would suggest to go with this deck series alongside with "Spoon fed Chinese". You might find some people complaining about audio/translation quality in certain cards, however I have to say that 98,99% of times the audio is perfectly clear. When it comes to translations, most of the time they're fine, though occasionally you might want to verify them in google translate (with the android pop up version it's incredibly fast). I'd bought the the full HSK1-5 package in December and after 7 months I finally started the HSK5 stage. It was definitely a good purchase. The only disadvantage I found were the "word cards" - they lack sentences at the back (even though there are separate sentence cards, I believe that an example sentence at the back of a single word card would clarify the context in which the word is used).
on 1616761466
The best hsk 1 deck!
on 1615560385
It doesn't work
on 1613416356
Could anyone who purchased the whole file from HSK 1 to 5 tell us if they fixed all the technical problems ? thanks in advance.
on 1613027876
Really nice anki cards
on 1610901056
good audio
on 1610273085
Comprehensive, good recordings.
on 1606514615
on 1604971071
Rather useless for total beginners (like me). You learn single character and after that you get entire sentence with a lof of other characters (which you don't know yet) and grammatical rules (which you don't know either).
Maybe I will come back later just to practice before an exam.
on 1602103401
on 1600385818
a repetiçao com o audio ajuda muito
on 1594946648
Thank you for sharing!
on 1592295427
Thank you for sharing!
on 1589060214
nice deck thanks for sharing
on 1585159492
perfect pronunciation
on 1582981760
on 1573044598
There is this card "这块蛋糕(cake)很好吃。"
I don't know why they wrote "cake" in the sentence!?
The pin yin is a bit wrong.
It's given as
Zhè kuài dàngāo hěn hào chī
but the correct one should be
Zhè kuài dàngāo hěn hǎo chī
on 1564880033
The deck is excellent with good audio pronunciations.
on 1559771731
The deck is very good.

Others have bought the deck, according to them the quality sinks dramatically.
on 1559204059
It's good
on 1556191410
Good examples.
on 1555984935
Thank you so much.
on 1554402641
Thumbs-up... with qualifications.

This deck seems to be good. It has all 150 HSK-1 words, along with English descriptions. It also has sentences.

However, the order for the words is not good. If you're just starting to learn Chinese, then having all of the sentences mixed with the basic words is HARD.

I reordered the deck, so that basic words come first, then the sentences. This change deeply improves the deck for me.

Thanks for creating it!
on 1547517557
it works
on 1541141472
on 1539989020
Strongly recommended. Learning daily!
on 1536367443
Very good!!!
on 1535703272
Love it
on 1533789257
Such great quality, really helpful
on 1522540800
Extremely good deck. I bought the entire set after finishing HSK 1 and struggling with other decks. I'm very satisfied. Strongly recommend! :)
on 1522108800
Help me to learn CN on my own pace and it helps me to remember the characters easier. On the Ankidroid version, it could be improved if I can write the characters on the mobile phone for practice purposes.
on 1515888000
very useful and interesting
on 1512000000
on 1501977600
on 1498089600
on 1497312000
on 1493424000
This first one is good, but the quality gets worse as you get further

This first one has a few errors but is okay, I decided to buy the full set from these guys because it was a nice deal. Little did I know that as the decks went on the quality would get worse and worse. HSK 2 was filled with more problems and HSK 3 made me mad enough to write this review, it's utter shit. I regret paying for it. There's a girl who rather then read the chinese sentences always says the word "repeat" maybe a mistake once or twice but every one of her cards is just the audio of her repeat, literally her saying the word "repeat" there are cards where halfway through they make a mistake, rather then rerecord which might take a few seconds they just fix it mid recording. Theres also cards with incredibly loud background noises and crashes, rather then rerecord they just sent it. It's as if their was no way for them to rerecord the audio, they only get one shot so hope they didn't mess up. I'm worried about how bad 4, 5 and 6 could get. For 6 I'm assuming everycard and audio is just blank.
on 1492387200
on 1488326400
on 1487808000
on 1486166400
Very useful for learning to HSK-1 exam.

It's really HSK-1, many sentences, not only single words.
After 2 weeks with real chinese lessons and then 4 months using ONLY anki with this cards I passed HSK-1 with score 195/200 points.

There are some small mistakes with translation and there is a few missing audio files, but it's a very small percentage of a whole deck.

Overall: it's best quality deck I've ever used.

One note for learning from it: it's best to suspend ALL cards at the beginning and browse through it to unsusped only some basic words and VERY simple sentences with: I, you, he/she, is, eat, like, dog, cat, fiend, mom, dad, daugher, son, numbers.
When you'll learn all of these, unsuspend another batch with simple rule: enable only sentences with at most one unknown word. Repeat to the end:-)

It's possible to make all cards within 4 months and pass HSK-1 exam, but you should be prepared to spare 30-60 minutes every day for learning (my limits: 12 new cards, max. 100 for review).
on 1486166400
Best Beginner/Refresher deck for Chinese

If you have very basics of Chinese (sentence structure, grammar, pronunciation and very easy characters), this is the best deck on Anki. I studied Chinese in high school for 4 years then 1 year on my own. I stopped learning for the last 6 years and I started again.

Sentences are easy and very relevant in real life.

After covering all the words, I went to Taiwan where I was able to get by. Thanks to the author who put the deck together.
on 1486166400
Pros: Amazing method. Cons: Some errors in the translations, pinyin and tones.

This deck is amazing, very well engineered with a very good learning curve.
Introduce with progression new words into new sentences and day after day can understand a lot of new words in various kinds of sentences.
The audio tracks are well recorded and the pronounce of the tones is very clear.

Some English translations are wrong.
Some pinyin syllables are wrote wrongly.
Some pinyin syllables are united in a random manner (should be united to compose the words).
Some tones are wrote wrongly.

Globally in the whole I advice it very much because it is a very effective system but at the same time I advice to check and if it is necessary correct: the translations, the pinyin syllables and the tones using a dictionary (and this will help too to improve your Mandarin).
on 1486080000
on 1485302400
on 1484438400
on 1483747200
on 1483228800
on 1482192000
on 1481414400
on 1480032000
Great learning tool for Mandarin Chinese

I really loved using the HSK 1 learning tool. I even started learning to read and understand not only Pinyin, but also the Chinese characters themselves (which I postponed and circumvented while using other learning tools). The audio is great and very precise. After finishing HK 1 I bought all the other HSK decks, 2-5, with a very substantial discount. For learning beginners I advise to download them individually and learn them step-by-step (instead of using the overall total HSK 1-5 in one step which might be overwhelming). ChineseAudioFlashcards really is doing a great job with these decks. And their service and support - if questions or problems arise - is also great.
on 1479859200
on 1479254400
on 1478649600
on 1477353600
on 1476230400
on 1476057600
on 1475712000
on 1475539200
Nice cards

really great audio quality :)
on 1475539200
Very cool!

Such a good idea to make the sentences out of only the words in the HSK level!
on 1475539200
on 1475539200
on 1475539200