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JLPT Tango N4 MIA Omega Deck

153.27MB. 1275 audio & 0 images. Updated 2021-05-20.
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!Discord server up! Ask anything about the deck/s, MIA, Japanese, or anything at all. Let's build a nice community https://discord.gg/uK4HeGN EDIT: Updated version found here and on this link: https://mega.nz/file/KP52hZ4L#pW5k9ejwCCjBig7FnFsUtk5GvnwL_f42xw9qJn64ack This is the Omega Deck aka my heavily modified deck, this contains pitch accents and a custom order. I kanjified some words and left de-kanjified for some with help from jisho and google. I added forvo pronunciations to some lone vocabulary cards, will add more in the future. Edit (2021年5月20日): Edited a lot of things

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Expression ライオン[;h]
Meaning lion
Vocab1 Meaning
Vocab2 Meaning
Audio on Front
Tags JLPT N4 Tango
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Expression 再来年[さらいねん;h] 、 この[;h] 国[くに;h] で オリンピック[;n4] が あります 。
Meaning The year after next, the Olympics will be held in this country.
Vocab1 再来年[さらいねん;h]
Vocab1 Meaning the year after next
Vocab2 オリンピック
Vocab2 Meaning Olympics
Audio on Front
Tags JLPT N4 Tango
Sort 597
Expression 島根[しまね;a] 県[けん]
Meaning Shimane prefecture (#33 on map)
Vocab1 Meaning
Vocab2 Meaning
Audio on Front
Tags JLPT N4 Tango

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on 1634743857
Great deck, don't hesitate to download it. I'm even thinking in using it as my mining deck format.
on 1625431771
Just finished the tango n5 deck, gonna try this next. Thanks
on 1619370142
on 1610853104
Thanks you. Good deck.
on 1610532517
good work
on 1610394359
god bless you for this deck
on 1608265208
I'm still studying the N5 deck you made, but it is amazing and I LOVE your work! Are you still working on the N3 deck? If I make it to that level, I would love use it. Thanks :)
Comment from author
Thanks! I'm still making it but only the Alpha version of the deck, which I estimate will be finished by 1月 or 2月. I think you'll be better served using the Migaku add-ons if you want pitch accents, and then morphman if you want the i+1 progression.
on 1606621882
I just completed your previous N5 deck and am now on this deck. This is such a useful resource (the pitch accent color coding, pronunciation, etc.). I would love it if you do work on an N3 deck, but regardless thanks for your work!
on 1605709677
Awesome deck!
on 1603872727
on 1603288231
Very helpful²
Comment from author
Thank you²
on 1601600781
Just one question. Is this the final version of n4? Or do you recommend to download this and the alpha version that have more sentences?
Comment from author
This is the final version. I recommend to download this, I deleted sentences because they were redundant and didn't show new information. Alpha follows the order of the book exactly, Omega follows its own order to make it i+1
on 1601555222
I'll try thanks
on 1598912120
Neat! Why the large note count difference (1255 vs 1511) to the alpha deck though? Deck summary also ways this has 109 less audio files (all forvo?)?

N3 would be awesome, too. But I understand what time sink making such deck is, so no sweat!
Comment from author
Oh the note count difference was from me deleting unnecessary cards cause I placed Omega deck in i+1 or i+2 order so i deleted cards where all the words are already known in the sentence.

N3 deck in progress •ω•
on 1598313719
Awesome deck with color coding, audio, full sentences. I will be looking for the N3 deck once finished!
Comment from author
Thanksss. idk haha, i might not work on the N3 deck anymore unless a lot of people want to. Ooor if people donate enough so I can buy the book.

N3 deck in progress •ω•
on 1596140731