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Esperanto 101

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This deck contains all must-have basic Esperanto rootwords as suggested by the editorial team of the magazine Kontakto. They are roughly sorted into categories to that you can prioritise your learning. Bonus: sample sentences for almost every item, and a list of common words from the same root. I also have a version of this deck with audio recordings of the Esperanto words. If you are interested in getting that deck (for $10), please e-mail yutian.mei@gmail.com .

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Esperanto libera
English free
Related words liberigi - to set free, liberatemallibera - imprisoned, constrainedmalliberejo - prison
Sample usage Vi estas libera homo, vi povas fari tion, kion vi volas. = You are a free person, you can do what you want.
Tags Adjectives
Esperanto strato
English street
Related words
Sample usage
Tags Introducing-Yourself
Esperanto loko
English place
Related words loka - local
Sample usage Ne ekzistas pli konvena loko. = There is no more convenient place.
Tags Environment

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on 1594677471
it's very clear
on 1581042960
It is clear and has a wide coverage
on 1576967570
Good deck. Been going at it a few months now...
on 1569267952
I've been going through lernu.net's course, and I'm learning the core language well enough, but I've not learned a lot of good vocabulary from it, and often forget words it told me in previous lessons. This deck helps takes care of that issue for me.
on 1568279527
it is indeed Esperanto
on 1562754406
good design, nice selection of sentences
on 1560522324
It's a good basic deck. Good jo.
on 1546960620
The most complete deck I've found
on 1537815675
Great deck!
on 1524700800
on 1517529600
I didn't use the deck yet, but i wanna tell all of you that a very good site to learn any language is LingQ, it is paid, but is has a free version so you can choose what you want, I usse the free one and find no problem.
on 1511568000
Great deck. Helping me expand my Esperanto vocabulary quickly.
on 1475539200
Excellent set of cards

I'm currently using this in supplement with Duolingo and definitely feeling lucky someone made this already.
on 1382745600

This was pretty much my first exposure to Esperanto, except for a little bit of reading on Wikipedia. The examples are really handy and thanks to them my girlfriend and I could start speaking simple sentences on day one of learning. The only downside in my opinion is that there are a little too few words, but it's a good start and you can easily add your own words as you go along.

Can't recommend this enough for anyone interested in learning this fascinating language!