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Esperanto 101

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This deck contains all must-have basic Esperanto rootwords as suggested by the editorial team of the magazine Kontakto. They are roughly sorted into categories to that you can prioritise your learning. Bonus: sample sentences for almost every item, and a list of common words from the same root. I also have a version of this deck with audio recordings of the Esperanto words and added intermediate vocabulary. You can get this deck from https://payhip.com/b/12sE

Sample (from 603 notes)

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Esperanto lasta
English last
Related words antaŭlasta - before-last, penultimatelaste - lastly
Sample usage Li estas la lasta travivanto de la katastrofo. - He is the last survivor of the catastrophe.
Tags Adjectives
Esperanto Usono
English USA
Related words usonano - American personusona - American (as an adjective)
Sample usage Marko venas el Usono. - Marko comes/is from the USA.
Tags Introducing-Yourself
Esperanto presi
English to print
Related words
Sample usage
Tags more_basic_verbs

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on 1621544445
This is arguably one of the best Esperanto resources out there, at least compared to the garbage on memrise.com. From what few audio tracks I've heard, the pronunciations are more often accurate, although I've noticed that a few of the recordings do make the common mistake of stressing the wrong syllable. That's no big deal, though, since I don't listen to the audio.

The biggest flaw of this deck is its description of affixes which, in my opinion, are unintuitive. More importantly, they're sometimes only partially accurate. Take for examble "-u", which is described as "<tabelvorto ending for reasons>", along with some examples, which is a nice use of the format. And it's correct: there are correlatives that end in "-u", and they do seem to denote reason, but that's not the sole meaning of this suffix. "-u" also defines a verb as of imperative form, as in "Lernu!". I find it strange, because I feel like the latter definition is more pertinent. The note is consequently only partially accurate. This tends to be the case for suffixes with multiple definitions.

Another affix that I noticed was "-in-", which was defined as "-ina / -in-", when I'm pretty sure it's meant to say "-ino / -in-", where -in is the root of -ino. Maybe this is just a typo, though.

I'm also quite fond of this deck, https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/522817356, which procures Esperanto words from Wiktionary by order of usage. The advantage that this deck, Esperanto 101, has is that the notes are ordered in a pretty reasonable way for novices. The Wiktionary one is indiscriminate. But, the thing is, if you're using either deck in supplement with a book or maybe a course like that of learn.esperanto.com, you're going to reposition your cards, anyway, in order to study the right ones in concert with your other resources. In that case, the Wiktionary one is arguably superior simply because it has far more words. I like the definitions of this deck more, but, honestly, I don't think it really makes a difference.
on 1616685236
Great deck! Start here!
on 1608762922
The author of the deck co-authored the book "Complete Esperanto". I would recommend that book for anyone learning Esperanto. I kind of wish I didn't download this deck. Reread the authors description. She has a more complete deck with audio available for download. Its not free. Its 8 pounds. I wish I would have downloaded that one instead. But... it is a great deck... by an expert.
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on 1597677531
Good, but for some reason "related words" on a card will often not appear in the answer. If you suspect this happens, click "Edit" on the card and you can see whether there are in fact related words not revealed. -- Later: when I clicked "edit" on a card and looked at the Back Template, the cards that did not show "Related" were missing some of the template definition that appeared on the cards that did show related words. I copied that part of the template definition from a card that showed related words and pasted it into the appropriate spot in the Back Template of a card that did not show related words — specifically, this phrase: <br><br>Related: {{Related words}} which goes just before <br><br>Sample: {{Sample usage}}

That change seemed to fix all the cards that were missing Related words.

One other note: "rimarki" means "to notice," not "to remark." It's a false friend.
on 1594677471
it's very clear
on 1581042960
It is clear and has a wide coverage
on 1569267952
I've been going through lernu.net's course, and I'm learning the core language well enough, but I've not learned a lot of good vocabulary from it, and often forget words it told me in previous lessons. This deck helps takes care of that issue for me.
on 1568279527
it is indeed Esperanto
on 1562754406
good design, nice selection of sentences
on 1560522324
It's a good basic deck. Good jo.
on 1546960620
The most complete deck I've found
on 1537815675
Great deck!
on 1524700800
on 1517529600
I didn't use the deck yet, but i wanna tell all of you that a very good site to learn any language is LingQ, it is paid, but is has a free version so you can choose what you want, I usse the free one and find no problem.
on 1511568000
Great deck. Helping me expand my Esperanto vocabulary quickly.
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on 1475539200
Excellent set of cards

I'm currently using this in supplement with Duolingo and definitely feeling lucky someone made this already.
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on 1382745600

This was pretty much my first exposure to Esperanto, except for a little bit of reading on Wikipedia. The examples are really handy and thanks to them my girlfriend and I could start speaking simple sentences on day one of learning. The only downside in my opinion is that there are a little too few words, but it's a good start and you can easily add your own words as you go along.

Can't recommend this enough for anyone interested in learning this fascinating language!