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Easy Japanese Sentences

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I made a 'starter' sentence deck. It starts very easy and progressively adds more detail. Front Side shows kanji with furigana with a romaji hint button (only for the first 20 or so cards) Back Side shows the grammar breakdown of the sentence. Edit: fixed some spelling errors. P.S. please let me know of any errors you find so I can fix them. PPS I'm planing on adding more sentences in the future as I have progressed a bit further in the book/course I'm using.

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English When do you close?
Kanji 何時[なんじ] まで です か?
Kana なんじ まで ですか?
romaji nanji made desuka?
grammar 1 何時 = what time (何 = what, 時 = o'clock/hour)
grammar 2 まで = to (A まで = to A)
grammar 3 ですか = to be?
grammar 4
grammar 5
grammar 6
English He is reading a book.
Kanji 彼[かれ] は  本[ほん] を  読[よ]んで います。
Kana かれ は ほん を よんで います。
romaji click edit to input
grammar 1 読む = to read (G1 verb - て form change [む/ぶ/ぬ] to [んで])
grammar 2 *~ています = ~ing OR state of being
grammar 3
grammar 4
grammar 5
grammar 6
English How do you come here?
Kanji あなた は  何[なん]で ここ へ  来[き]ますか?
Kana あなた は なんで ここ へ きますか?
romaji click edit to input
grammar 1 何で = by what method
grammar 2 へ - destination marker (to/towards)
grammar 3 来る = to come (G3 verb - special change [くる] to [き])
grammar 4 ます = present/future tense
grammar 5 か = question marker
grammar 6 v(^-^)/

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on 1680935066
useful deck!
on 1677840554
Super helpful for understanding grammar basics. Beware though, there are a number of instances where the wrong kanji are used, or the furigana for the kanji is incorrect.
on 1646988502
Solid, wish there was more. Hard to find decks with grammar, sentences and furigana in one nice little package
on 1615593231
Grammar notes are a killer feature ! This deck works great with MorphMan. Thanks !
on 1585630688
Great annotations! Nice work!
on 1559587268
Good sentence structures.
on 1552773848
Nice deck, thanks!
on 1539515899
A good dreck with a great design and easy explanations.