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Chinese Beginner Sentences (Traditional and Simplified)

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This deck for beginners of Mandarin Chinese is designed to drill Chinese characters, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. It is suitable for anyone learning Mandarin; ROC (Taiwanese) 國語 or PRC (Main-land Chinese) 普通话. The sentences in this deck come from two separate Mandarin text books commonly used in Taiwan. The first is "Practical Audio-Visual Chinese" 實用視聽華語 (实用视听华语) Book 1, and the second is "Chinese Master" 漢語大師 (汉语大师) Book 1. These books are both written for beginners of the Chinese language. The format of the deck is sentences in Chinese given in the Question box and Chinese Pinyin for the characters and an English translation of the sentence given in the Answer box. This way, learners are drilled on both pronunciation and comprehension of Chinese sentences. It is assumed that users of this deck are already familiar with Chinese pinyin. All sentences are displayed in both Traditional 繁體字 and Simplified 简体字 Chinese characters. This makes this deck practical for both those learning Chinese in Taiwan or main-land China. Sentences are displayed only once when there is no difference between the Traditional and Simplified versions of every character in the sentence. If even one character has a Simplified form that differs from the Traditional form, the entire sentence will be displayed twice to provide a full, natural sentences for both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Some changes have been made to the Chinese sentences and/or their English translations from how they appear in the books from which they were taken. This is done when I could translate a sentence better than it was translated in the books or the sentence in the book used dated or regional Chinese. This deck is designed to be as modern and universal as possible.

Sample (from 866 notes)

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Front 你父親戴的眼鏡很時髦。你父亲戴的眼镜很时髦。
Back nǐ fù qīn dài de yǎn jìng hěn shí máoYour father wears very stylish glasses.
Front 真的嗎?你學得怎麼樣?真的吗?你学得怎么样?
Back zhēn de ma nǐ xué de zěn me yàngReally?  How is the studying going?
Front 你現在很忙嗎?你现在很忙吗?
Back nǐ xiàn zài hěn máng maAre you very busy now?

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After learning about 500 characters and 500 audio sentences, this is a perfect deck.
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Nice sentences for beginners.
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Very useful to brush up conversational Mandarin

I'm a Cantonese speaker trying to brush up my Mandarin. The sentences are simple, but long enough to give context. Definitely worth giving this deck a try.