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Bulk-Generate Japanese Vocab Frequency Ranking

4.16MB. Updated 2019-03-11.
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What this Add-on Does For those asking for the License permission, it's WTFPL. So please feel free to modify/re-upload a better version whenever you like. •This Add-on will generate the frequency ranking for the provided japanese vocab field • The frequency ranking is generated from the same Frequency database of Rikai-Sama firefox add-on (I asked for Permission from Rikai-Sama author) Usage Example For example, if you have a card with the vocab "頬杖" then the frequency ranking of "14962" will be appended to the chosen destination field What does this frequency number means? •if a word has a frequency of 1563, it means that 1562 words are more frequent than it. •frequency number 1-5000 = very common, 5001-10000 = common, 10001-20000 = rare, 20001+ = very rare •Frequencies are based on analysis of 5000+ novels. Naturally, frequency based on other mediums (such as newspapers) might vary. •Not all words have frequency information. It is possible for multiple words to share the same frequency •More info in Rikai-Sama addon or its frequency ranking can be found on his site at http://rikaisama.sourceforge.net/ Image tutorial on how to use Important additional steps for Mac Linux User ! A very kind Mac/Linux user have reported that another step is required for Mac/linuc user for this to work Alternatively, you can also scroll down to see his instruction comment below. Other Notes I'm not a programmer. So my code may have errors. Use Backup ! Also my apology for the additional steps required for Mac user. I have no idea how to code the add-on to automatically detect whether the is running on Mac or Windows.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1644751946
This does in fact work, like the commenters below me mentioned

1. In your add-ons > config you need to set the 01_modelName field to your note type, not deck.
2. You (seemingly?) need to put a # on line 61 of the Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py file

an additional thing I found out, your expression cannot have asterisks, or it will return an error, and cards with parentheses while not giving an error, will not register.
on 1639437186
Works fine for me, once I realized that the note type of my cards is not the same as the card type (which sounds obvious, but I did not realize I'd had to click the blue/green button next to the filter of the browser to show the note type, instead of the card type), so it took me a little bit of trial and error. Oh well, now that I figured out this stupid mistake (and comment the showInfo line) it works just fine on Version ⁨2.1.49.
on 1628444924
For those of you who ran into the infinite processing bug:
Goto tools -> add-ons -> select "bulk-generate japanese vocab frequency ranking" -> view files

File explorer will launch, open file named "Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py" in whatever text/code editor you like, then find line no.61 (the one that starts with "showInfo"). Now either comment this line out (add "#" symbol in front of it) or delete it altogether.

Save file, restart Anki. It should now work.
on 1619202807
I'm on 2.1.35, it's not working. Even with 1 card selected - this https://i.imgur.com/n9Fn47C.png
Can you please update the addon?
on 1607190483
Just downgrade to Anki 2.1.21 and it works for me. After spending about half an hour on "Processing.." bug I finally got it to work!!!
on 1606683621
I will change this rating if I can figure out how to make it work, but right now the Add on will just process forever and never finish. Even when I select a single card it won't finish. I am using the latest version of Anki and triple checked that the fields within the Add on matched the fields within my note and the name of the note. This Add on looks awesome, so hopefully the author updates it.
on 1585520828

Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py", line 100, in bulkGenerateVocabFq
sqlite3.OperationalError: near "font": syntax error

It should probably escape html like other addons:
<h3><span style="font-weight: normal;">人生観</span></h3>
Comment from author before post was edited
should be ported now
on 1571164528
on 1570935281
It works for one card at a time but if I try to process bulk cards I get "Debug info:
Anki 2.1.13 (3ba55990) Python 3.6.7 Qt 5.12.1 PyQt 5.11.3
Platform: Mac 10.14.6
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1
Add-ons possibly involved: Bulk-Generate Japanese Vocab Frequency Ranking

Caught exception:
File "/Users/samanthalane/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/1612642956/Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py", line 114, in <lambda>
a.triggered.connect(lambda _, b=browser: onBulkGenerateVocabFq(b))
File "/Users/samanthalane/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/1612642956/Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py", line 118, in onBulkGenerateVocabFq
File "/Users/samanthalane/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/1612642956/Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py", line 96, in bulkGenerateVocabFq
<class 'sqlite3.OperationalError'>: near "font": syntax error"
on 1570864013
on 1557027777
Throws error if there's already a frequency in the field. Debugging info left in with showInfo is annoying after the first time
on 1552271946
Excellent idea!

Could you add the ability to have multiple card types written here: "01_modelName": "WK Vocabulary Tri", ?

Or could someone tell me how to just write them in? I did --- "Card Type 1", "Card Type 2", --- but got an error.
on 1547319234
Very useful to learn words by frequency. It helps me a lot learning things in a correct order.
on 1533313145
Was working fine... HOWEVER it now gives this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\---\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons\Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py", line 101, in <lambda>


Lilnter complains about this line:

(90) except Exception, e:

Reading up about it suggests its changed in newer versions of Python.
on 1531936258
Good start, but unfortunately the database entries have writing variants appear as separate entries rather than a combined one – which is what one cares about when learning the word itself. This negatively distorts actual frequency (example due to okurigana: 引き取り, 引取り, 引取).
on 1509753600
Image tutorial missing.

A written tutorial would be appreciated.
on 1471996800
Having some problems, even after the Mac/Linux Fix

Not sure what is causing this, I wish the author would state the License for this so that I could upload it to Github and we could all collaborate on an updated version. My I will build a new one from scratch.

An error occurred in an add-on.
Please post on the add-on forum:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/tatsuhiro/Anki/addons/Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py", line 100, in <lambda>

File "/home/tatsuhiro/Anki/addons/Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py", line 105, in onBulkGenerateVocabFq
File "/home/tatsuhiro/Anki/addons/Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py", line 85, in bulkGenerateVocabFq
sqlite3.OperationalError: near "font": syntax error
on 1466467200

Great plugin, I used it to sort the Core10k deck on frequency instead of theme. It works on a Mac too if you use the fix described in another review.
on 1454544000
Works well after fixing

I encountered the same problem on Linux as others have on Mac. The problem is the path to the database. The problem can be fixed by opening Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py located in the Anki/addons folder with a text editor. Change the slashes on line 21 from

FrequencyDBSubfolderName = "\Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency\\"


FrequencyDBSubfolderName = "/Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency/"

This change can also be made during step 4 of 6 (picture TTT-008.jpg) during setup.

Addon works well after this change. Thanks
on 1423958400
Works great on Windows - Does not work on Mac

I finally got Windows Bootcamp to work on my mac and I remembered this add on (eventually). In short it worked perfectly following the above directions and screen shots, unlike when I tried on Mac OS Yosemite. What I think is most cool about this app is that you can sort the cards by order of frequency and then you don't have to hold back adding cards to your deck. Just add everything and then sort it by frequency so you're always learning the more common words - if you don't get to the less common words who cares? Anyway I think it's a great add on.
on 1423612800
Mac issues?

Looks fantastic but it's not working for me, either - I have a mac too if that makes any difference. Get this error message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Users/Tanya/Documents/Anki/addons/Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py", line 100, in <lambda>
browser.connect(a, SIGNAL("triggered()"), lambda e=browser: onBulkGenerateVocabFq(e))
File "/Users/Tanya/Documents/Anki/addons/Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py", line 105, in onBulkGenerateVocabFq
File "/Users/Tanya/Documents/Anki/addons/Bulk_Generate_Vocab_Frequency.py", line 85, in bulkGenerateVocabFq
sqlite3.OperationalError: no such table: Dict
on 1418860800
Very nice

It's nice to have the word frequency displayed in my Anki decks. And the addon is pretty straightforward to set up.
on 1418860800
An add-on sent from the heavens, blessed be the coder. Hallelujah! Sing it child

I can't tell you how many times it crossed my mind -- oh how I wished for the Rikai-sama to be able to also have the ability to append frequency information. Oh how I thought about it and dreamed of it, and though those dreams were often plagued by demons taunting me about how my past collection wouldn't have that information, I held on to hope; I had faith in the coders! Now, that steadfast belief in the blessed coders has paid off and we, all of us, have been granted not just the ability to have vocab frequency appended to our new cards, no!! But also the ability to have our back catalogues automatically updated with this righteous information. BLESSED BE THE CODER! I bow down to you, kind sir, for you have done a righteous deed this day. Not once to be forgotten by me.

Seriously though, this is just fantastic and thank you so much for making it. Works perfectly, even for a deck containing over 28K worth of vocab built up over 3 years.

Again, thank you.