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GENKI I Grammar Deck with native speaker audio and images

104.40MB. 341 audio & 342 images. Updated 2020-07-13.
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Text  週末しゅうまつは、パスタを{{c1::食たべ::食たべる}}に行いく。
Question Complete the Japanese translation
Translation (I) am going to eat pasta on the weekend.
Image Credit https://pixabay.com/en/pasta-spaghetti-italian-food-329522/
Tags Chapter-7 Furigana Genki-I Grammar-Point-4
Text {{c1::電車でんしゃで}} 学校がっこうに行いく。
Question Complete the Japanese translation
Translation I go to school by train.
Image Credit https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ikuno_highschool_Osaka.jpg
Tags Chapter-10 Furigana Genki-I Grammar-Point-7
Text メアリーさん{{c1::は}}アメリカ人じん {{c1::です}}。
Question Complete the Japanese translation
Translation Mary is an American.
Explanation XはYです Sentences XはYです。 -> X is Y. As for X, it is Y. For situations where the subject is not implied we can use the following structure: SubjectはXです。 メアリーさんはアメリカ人です。 Mary is an American. 私はスミスです。 I am Smith. は is a “particle”. Particles indicate the purpose of a word in a sentence. は is called the topic marker and it can set the topic or subject of a sentence.
Image Credit https://pixabay.com/en/bikini-girl-usa-beach-flowers-1031719/
Tags Chapter-1 Furigana Genki-I Grammar-Point-1

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on 1681134930
It doesn't really follow the Genki lessons. The vocabulary and grammar points you get are random in terms of lesson.
on 1675838357
on 1659481330
Well made!
on 1656113403
I'm not qualified to verify the accuracy of every translation here. But I can say that, as a low-level student, these cards are very helpful and the few errors I have found have been easily edited.
on 1647889611
on 1647732635
Well professionally made decks that seem to have thorough coverage of every grammar point. I can't imagine how much effort you put into this, but thank you for all of it. :) Excellent learning/review content.
on 1611851901
As a poor high school student I'm tremendously grateful for this ;v;
on 1609631770
Great Deck! There are a few errors here and there, but they don't take away from the learning.
on 1595162181
Thanks for this, looks like a really neat deck!

Just one thing: You probably ought to put "Japanese" into the "Tags" line when sharing the deck — people won't find your two decks otherwise when going via AnkiWeb's default "Get Shared Decks".