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Refresh Media References

<10kB. Updated 2017-08-07. Only supports Anki 2.0.
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Adds an entry in the Tools menu that clears the webview cache (hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+M). This will effectively refresh all media files used by your cards and templates, allowing you to display changes to external files without having to restart Anki. The add-on will also update the modification time of your media collection which will force an upload of any updated files on the next synchronization with AnkiWeb. Note: Might lead to increased memory consumption if used excessively COMPATIBILITY This add-on only works with Anki's stable release branch (2.0.x ≥ 2.0.30). The 2.1 beta branch is not supported at this point in time. CHANGELOG 2017-08-06 – Update license 2017-01-29 – Initial release SUPPORT Please do not report issues or bugs in the review section below, as I will not be able to reply to them nor help you. Instead, please report all issues you encounter either on GitHub, or by posting a new thread on the Anki add-on support forums while mentioning the name of the affected add-on in your thread title. CREDITS AND LICENSE Copyright (c) 2017 Glutanimate Licensed under the GNU AGPL v3. The code for this add-on is available on GitHub. MORE RESOURCES A lot of my add-ons were commissioned by other Anki users. If you enjoy my work and would like to hire my services to work on an add-on or new feature, please feel free to reach out to me at: ankiglutanimate [αt] gmail . com Want to stay up-to-date with my latest add-on releases and updates? Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @Glutanimate New to Anki? Make sure to check out my YouTube channel where I post weekly tutorials on Anki add-ons and related topics: / Glutanimate


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1563989115
Works. You're awesome Glutanimate. Thanks a lot!
on 1562376879
Thanks to tip, this works on Anki 2.1.
FYI, in the "overview_refresh_media" folder I added a meta.json file to configure the name that shows up in the addon dialog box. It has one line:
{"name": "Refresh Media, Overview"}
on 1560650826
you're doing the lord's work, Glutanimate! Thank you! (now I only have to copy and paste my HTML edits into the cards)
on 1553546524
Thanks to the guy who gave the trick to make it work with 2.1. This addon is very useful to force Ankidroid to keep being synchronized with media when files like stylesheet are updated.
on 1552756000
The addon is pretty good.
You can make it work on 2.1 by downloading from github and commenting out the line with "clearMemoryCaches()", it only loses part of it's functionality
on 1546592814
sounds great but does not seem to be applicable to Anki 2.1 - If it is indeed so, I'd love to see an update :)
on 1541886275
This is a lifesaver!
on 1531157769
Works a charm.
on 1528968472
Thank you ! Simple and useful
on 1516579200
Does what it says on the tin