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Korean Corpus KOR-EN sentences

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Korean Corpus KOR-EN sentences I made and shared this deck from http://semanticweb.kaist.ac.kr/home/index.php/KAIST_Corpus A reddit user asked for this deck. The source file does contain multiple inaccuracies and missing information, for example: missing korean: [3] #The traitor's knees were knocking together from fright. # missing # [403] #The proud will be cast down. 교만하게 굴면서 상대를 얕보는 자는 반드시 패한다. extra new line: [916] #He is thirteen years old . #그는 열세 살이다. Hire me Support my work

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kor 우리의 견해는 결국 그다지 커다란 불일치는 없다.
eng Our view are not so far apart,after all.
iid cekcorpus47-1.txt_228
kor 그녀는 그녀의 차가 내 것 보다 빠르다고 과장해서 말했다.
eng She boasts that her car is faster than mine.
iid cekcorpus21.txt_270
eng They have been praising him up to everyone they meet for his utter devotion to others without any thought of himself.

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I recommend studying in shuffled order
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Tons of sentences, really easy to work with and edit to fit your needs