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Hiragana + Katakana w/ Audio & Stroke Order

2.53MB. 226 audio & 117 images. Updated 2016-10-02.


This deck is a combination and fix up of these two decks: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1678048485 https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/722065315 I combined these two decks and fixed the incorrect katakana combo readings along with adding alternate readings to things like dzu = zu. I also added recall cards to both hiragana and katakana cards so that you get Kana -> romaji and also romaji -> Kana for every character. Hope you enjoy!

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id 96
katakana ピャ
romaji pya
hiragana ぴゃ
id 2
roumaji i
id 76
katakana ギュ
romaji gyu
hiragana ぎゅ

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on 1600258453
Some stroke order pictures are missing.
on 1577232807
on 1552760502
A lot of media is missing
on 1542509215
Images are not showing
on 1541991536
good deck
on 1538407181
Nice deck but there are missing media files please update
on 1535574876
it says 0 cards out of 226
on 1535545865
Good deck.
Thanks for your work.
on 1530911288
A good combination of the two decks, but not for me personally.

If you're practicing writing out the characters, roumaji needs to be at the front of the cards, always. It was much easier to download the two uncombined decks and edit the roumaji to the front of the cards.
on 1530402490
Some images are lost that made it a little embarrassing. But apart from this, it is a good thing, absolutely.
on 1525305600
Great! Much better than the previous flash card app I was using. Some stroke order images are missing though.
on 1524009600
Thank you for this!
on 1507852800
A lot of media is missing please update

thank you
on 1507075200
on 1505952000
on 1504396800
on 1501286400
on 1501200000
on 1499299200
on 1497225600
on 1490745600
on 1486944000
on 1486684800
on 1485820800
on 1484524800
on 1480723200
on 1477440000
on 1477008000
on 1476316800

Really useful, but some stroke diagrams are missing (e.g. gu in hiragana).
on 1475539200
on 1475366400
on 1475366400
on 1475366400
on 1475366400