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USMLE step 2

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Very useful deck for those who are preparing for USMLE step 2 , Good luck

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Text Severe burns are defined as {{c1::combined second and third degree burns > 20% BSA in adults}} or{{c1::> 10% in the very old or very young BSA}}  or {{c1::third degree burns of body surface area (BSA) > 5%}}.
Tags Back-Log Burns Toxicology USMLE_STEP_2CK kaplannotes
Text If the A-a gradient is increased (above 15 ), the cause of hypoxemia is {{c1::V/Q mismatch}}, {{c1::Diffusion limitation}} or {{c1::Right-to-left shunt}}. While in normal A-a gradient (10-15), the cause of hypoxemia is {{c2::high altitude}} or {{c2::Hypoventilation}}. 
Tags A-a_Gradient KaplanVids PFTs Study_Now USMLE_STEP_2CK kaplannotes pulmonology
Text Any patient with an acute, severe illness may have abnormal thyroid function tests. This condition is called {{c1::sick euthyroid syndrome}}, and the most common thyroid hormone pattern in such patients is {{c2::a fall in total and free T3 levels with normal T4 and TSH levels}}. 
Extra (Remember the 'low T3 syndrome'.)
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