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This deck contains all the TOCFL vocabulary with pinyin and definition. The vocabulary is tagged with the TOCFL level. So use a custom deck to target the level you're interested in. The definition comes from CCEDICT dictionary. Some entries which have multiple pronunciation may be wrongly attributed. I'm currently reviewing it but it's a long process.

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Id Band2-L4 高階級 4939
Number 4939
PartOfSpeech V
Pinyin zhŭn
Definition to allow, to grant, in accordance with, in the light of
Theme 詞彙
Tags Band2-L4 高階級
Id Band3-L5-6 流利級 6357
Number 6357
Chinese 臉龐
PartOfSpeech N
Pinyin liănpáng
Definition face
Theme 詞彙
Tags Band3-L5-6 流利級
Id Band3-L5-6 流利級 6008
Number 6008
Chinese 加重
PartOfSpeech V
Pinyin jiāzhòng
Definition to make heavier, to emphasize, (of an illness etc) to become more serious, to aggravate (a bad situation), to increase (a burden, punishment etc)
Theme 詞彙
Tags Band3-L5-6 流利級

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on 1628734366
Excellent resource for generating custom TOCFL decks, with by far the most complete set of information I've found for these lists.
on 1614527062
Appreciate to author
on 1573390599
Thanks for taking the time to make this.
on 1542116300
Great resource. Massive help in preparing for the TOCFL exam.
on 1534649837
A wonderful and comprehensive deck with all of the TOCFL vocabulary. I don't know why there aren't more upvotes on this, since it is an awesome resource. I do think this should be labelled with traditional Chinese somewhere since it is a very good resource for anyone who wants to brush up on their traditional characters, however right now it is very hard to find since you have to explicitly search for TOCFL to find it and I don't think TOCFL is very well-known.