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Remembering the Kanji 1, 6th Edition (2200 Kanji)

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This is a deck including all 2200 kanji of the book Remembering the Kanji 1, 6th Edition, by James W. Heisig. I was going to study this book and thought using Anki with it would be perfect, but lazy as I was, I looked for shared decks. I quickly figured out that many of the decks weren't complete, didn't suit my taste, or was from an older edition. So I decided to create this deck. The deck doesn't contain the primitive elements that are not themselves kanji. Every kanji links to a website containing stroke order, the Heisig story/comment and a few Koohii stories. Example: https://hochanh.github.io/rtk/%E8%A4%90/index.html The deck also contains fields for stories you want to type yourself. Here's a preview of the backside of the card: https://i.imgur.com/P1xjowv.png I created this deck by modifying this deck's card type: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/3528052324 Using mostly information from this website: https://hochanh.github.io/rtk/ Using stroke count and lesson number from this deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/217490318 Using kanji fonts from Matt VS Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wZZ6rkMDeE So most credit to those people. I just put it together how I liked it.

Sample (from 2200 notes)

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Alternative Kanji
Keyword Flavor
Stroke Count 8
Heisig Number 233
Lesson Number 10
Alternative Kanji
Keyword Defile
Stroke Count 15
Heisig Number 1911
Lesson Number 46
Alternative Kanji
Keyword Sign of The Hog
Stroke Count 6
Heisig Number 1637
Lesson Number 39

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on 1602638934
Very good
on 1602210388
Do really need to say a reason? it's kanji, grab it while you still can!
on 1598666602
on 1596976972
This is the perfect deck for me. Doesn't have anything more or anything less than I need.
on 1596887645
Thank you so much, :)
Very very simple and easy to understand.
on 1595884621
i think is great
on 1593340035
Follows the book exactly, just what I was looking for
on 1592608896
Great Deck - follows the book exactly.

It would be nice if the deck was sub-divided into the lessons, so I could focus just on the lessons that I have completed so far, but it's a minor nitpick :-)
on 1591958410
quite simply, an elegant deck for reviewing the 2200 kanji from RTK 6. shows 4 different font formats on backside including a stroke order but doesn't have too much information. each front page/keyword has a link to a website with heisig's own stories as well as user stories which are very helpful if you're having trouble coming up with your own.
on 1590732699
Bury all cards, then unbury them as you progress trough the lessons.
Hard time remembering a Kanji ? Insert your own story by editing the card.

This is the perfect deck for RTK, with no errors so far.

Thank you, author !
on 1589832308
-Add your own stories
-Answer using the kanji, not the keyword
-Original order
This is actually a flawless deck, thank you very much for creating it.
on 1589809179
super helpful, goes in right order, love that it links to a page with more info
on 1588697504
This is exactly what I was looking for. Plus the description is nice. You know exactly what your getting. No complaints great. There was one bug with the kanji for "-times" but you can easily fix that yourself.
on 1587003631
You're a star!
on 1585368038
Its just a really good kanji deck that mirrors rtk
on 1585158327
Thank you!
on 1577146860
Goes in correct order
on 1576778945
My favorite deck! Thank you!
on 1576469577
Good resource and life-saver
on 1565932187
super thorough
on 1555045138
Yes, finally! I had the same problem with the decks as you.
Time to start the grind.
Comment from author
Good luck!
on 1547571904
A fluent god among men
on 1546374447
on 1544652276
I like that it gives you the stroke order in the details, and a link to give you a few of the readings and a drawing diagram. A downside for me would be that there are no example words. Also on Anki mobile the images in this deck seem to take time to load and you can crash the app if touch the screen before they finish loading.
Comment from author
I chose not to include example words, as I wanted to learn how to remember the kanji. Instead, I use another deck for studying vocabulary. I think that is more efficient since I learn the reading of kanji at my reading level, instead of learning words and kanji compounds way above my level.
But I'm glad that you like the deck!
on 1535845556
Thank you so much for sharing this deck.
Fabulous job!
on 1529943952
on 1529550552
WOW This is what I needed
Comment from author
Good to hear that others can make a use of it :)