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German Top 4000 vocabulary

95.71MB. 4253 audio & 4267 images. Updated 2016-11-01.
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Deck to learn German with pictures and sound. Ordered by frequency with cards being both forward and reverse. Will be updated periodically. It can not be guaranteed that the pictures conform to all preferences for modesty. This is a modified version of "Deutsch: 4000 German Words by Frequency". Please rate this deck in AnkiWeb if you like it. Have any suggestions or corrections? Email me at enviare@mail.com

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German die Physik
English physics
Sample sentence Die Physik beschäftigt sich mit Vorgängen in der Natur.
Plural and inflected forms no plural
German Alternatives
English Alternatives
Part of Speech noun
Level 85
Thing 24519212
Tags Level085 noun
German feststellen
English to establish, detect, assess (f~)
Sample sentence Die Kommission konnte keine Unregelmäßigkeiten bei der Wahl feststellen.
Plural and inflected forms stellt fest; stellte fest; hat festgestellt
German Alternatives
English Alternatives
Part of Speech verb
Level 29
Thing 24020516
Tags Level029
German verwirklichen
English to put into practice, carry out
Sample sentence Träume sollte man verwirklichen.
Plural and inflected forms verwirklicht; verwirklichte; hat verwirklicht
German Alternatives
English Alternatives
Part of Speech verb
Level 133
Thing 24609152
Tags Level133

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on 1663998509
I tried a lot of different decks for learning German, this is one of the best! Well done!
Отличная колода для изучения немецкого! Супер!
on 1661518627
Well organized thanks
on 1661352498
Good quality.
on 1644846303
Luv it!!!
on 1642918462
thank you so much
on 1640185756
Great set
on 1633437760
Poorly formatted and sometimes the English meaning shows up first!
on 1632538881
I would llike to learn German
on 1627787648
on 1619194706
Good pictures, clear audio, different forms and tenses
on 1616801235
on 1615062310
like t
on 1610346665
on 1610323841
I had some troubles with the first cards appearing in not the correct order, idk how to fix it yet. But I just read another comment where they suggest how to reorder. No need for me as I overpassed that limit already of reviews.
Great work adding those images (I started with the previous version)!
on 1604763672
For some reason, the bottom 220 cards show up as the first 220 cards in the "Due" order in Anki (Version 2.1.35). In contrast, when I export to txt the cards are shown in the right order. Just check if this is the case for you, and if so use the Anki browse tab and the 'reposition' function to move those 220 cards back down. Assuming the note with the 'Level', going from level 1 to level 169, corresponds to decreasing frequency in the German language, this deck is nicely sorted by descending frequency. Looking forward to getting started with this deck :)
on 1604081716
on 1598941211
on 1598462028
Like for images
on 1594997981
on 1591492124
complete! GREAT!
on 1590390295
on 1589972279
Great resource the pictures definetly help with the learning and they audio helps with pronunciation. It is my first and only resource I'm using to learn german and find myself understanding quite a few of the sample sentences.
on 1588349182
It's not sorted by frequency (as opposed to it's parent "Deutsch: 4000 German Words by Frequency"). I guess I can't blame the author as it was not in the name. But either way, it does not do it for me.
on 1588158078
on 1586863358
Is it possible to order them by levels?
on 1584459391
Very good
on 1582151168
Great translations and pics plus audio
on 1581871079
on 1581378911
I was working through the original Top 4000 deck this was based off and I decided to import this one as well to compare the two. Well! Nobody bothered to change the name of the deck and for some *(&^$ reason Anki decided to override my deck with this one. I had a bunch of customisation done to the original deck that are now gone. Thank you very much, you've ruined my day.
on 1581282645
nice to have pictures
on 1581062912
Vielen Dank
on 1580617045
very helpful! Deserves more upvotes!
on 1576997624
wow, sehr gut. Danke für deine Mühen.
on 1573907762
on 1573099119
Thanks a lot! Respect
on 1565873932
Massive resource
on 1563628910
on 1539685684
Superb work! Really helpful. Pictures are well selected and make sense even for abstract concepts. Thank you very much for this deck!
on 1539469721
on 1533374333
on 1503964800
on 1482883200
great deck

on 1477958400
Can you add audio for sample sentences?

Thank you for your time and effort and it looks great. It would be greate if you could add audio for sample sentences.