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German 10k sentences 3 fields from Easy to hard writing

227.17MB. 9860 audio & 1 images. Updated 2017-04-17.

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Added "writing" to standard desk. Now you need to type sentences in German. After typing you will see your mistakes and listen to the audio file

Sample (from 9852 notes)

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German Das will niemand tun.
English Nobody wants to do that.
German Ich kann mich auch irren.
English I might be wrong.
German Er kommt oft zu sp├Ąt.
English He often comes late.

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Very helpful! You have to type your answers and there is audio available.
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Great deck!
I changed the card template, to make it more simple and usable for me.

Front template:

Back template:
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Excellent useful everyday phrases.
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Awesome deck, thank you!
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great deck!