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MIA Retirement

0.03MB. Updated 2020-03-11. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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Version Info The 2.1.14 - 2.1.16 version and the 2.1.20 version are equivalent in functionality. About the Add-on Anki is a great piece of software that allows its users to learn and retain huge amounts of information. However, one flaw Anki has, particularly when it comes to language learning, is that Anki card intervals continue growing indefinitely. Even after learning all of the content contained within cards, Anki continues scheduling them perpetually into the future. This is where the Mass Immersion Approach (MIA) Retirement add-on comes in. With this add-on, users can set a "retiring interval" for each of their decks, and control what happens to cards in each deck once they have reached that interval. A user may choose to delete all of their retired cards, add tags to the cards, suspend the cards, move those cards to a "retirement deck," or do any combination of those options. This add-on gives back users' control of their retention. Now the user can decide what information they want their daily habits, or immersion environment, to be responsible for, and what information they want to continue to review in Anki. ###Linux Users### Unfortunately Linux is not officially supported and the add-on may not work properly under all environments. Community fixes may be available however, so please reference the GitHub repository below. Undo Issues Fixed with Latest Patch! ***Note that if you have the add-on set to delete on retirement then it will not go back to the previous card, this is Anki's default behavior for card deletion.*** Usage Guide https://youtu.be/hkhGObQmJwA?t=134 Contribute to the MIA Retirement addon: MIA Retirement Add-on GitHub About MIA: MIA Site Matt vs. Japan Youtube YogaMIA Youtube Matt vs. Japan Twitter YogaMIA Twitter Support What We Do: Please consider giving a thumbs up!         


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1585539239
Worked good for linux to my surprise. I have KDE running on my cromebook via Crouton. I set the interval to 1 year, and I'll decide later if I want something shorter. Thanks Yoga and Matt!!!
on 1585000165
I originally had this as a down vote (operator error) because I was unable to download the MIA add-ons (not through fault of MIA but of Anki itself from not being able to update Anki through Anki itself but appear that it is up to date) YOGA_MIA was a great help and took the time to help this non tech savy noob figure things out so i can enjoy MIA's very helpful and awesome add-ons. It goes to show MIA care about what they do and want to help everyone out by making learning Japanese less painful. Thanks you guys!
Comment from author
Thanks for the up-vote bro, hope you find the tools helpful!
on 1584883430
Another great addon from Matt & Yoga. Thanks for the great tool!
on 1584845842
Awesome addon! Would be even cooler if you could retire cards that were due after a certain date (eg your upcoming test date for those cards).
on 1584564244
Retired 300+ cards so far.
on 1584564016
on 1584563823
really helpful
on 1583961838
Edit- Love it, works with beta!
Comment from author before post was edited
Thanks for letting me know. Anki has added a new sub-branching feature after recognizing that changes made in Anki 2.1.18 broke many many add-ons not just ours. So for right now, our MIA add-ons only support Anki 2.1.14 - 2.1.16. We plan on adding support for the 2.1.18+ in the near future as time allows.
on 1583430232
I wish the retired cards would be moved to a filter deck than to a regular deck so if ever I changed my mind of retiring my cards, I could simply empty the filtered deck. I had 6,000 cards retired through mass retirement and some of those I regret putting on retirement. It's a lot of trouble finding the cards I want to still save within 6,000+ cards in the retired deck and moving them one by one to their original decks, whereas if I just empty a filtered deck (supposed all of the 6,000 card I wanted to save), I think it'll be a lot easier. Hope you can help me on this. Will consider upvoting after this issue is considered. :)

For the record, I really appreciate your work and MIA's principles. I;m quite new to MIA and been on it since November 2019.
on 1583202170
Simple but effective
on 1583168587
Simple and useful tool
on 1580335928
simple and useful
on 1579846585
saves needless reviewing
on 1579712823
what should I set the interval to
on 1579712616
been using for a while and it's really great for saving time wasted on common words
on 1579673735
will hurt your learning long term
on 1579540948
on 1579534452
on 1579506489
I wish I could send the cards to a different profile along with to another deck.
on 1579505844
I never liked reviewing cards past a year anyways and this automates the entire process. Great job Mia team!
on 1579291665
I don't recommend messing with scheduling. The SRS algorithm already "retires" cards, by spacing them further and further out.
on 1578360334
on 1578348515
Retiring cards makes so much sense to reduce workload with cards that have such a long interval that you're destined to see them the word in the wild and keep it fresh in your memory before the rep
on 1578335640
Works as intended.
on 1577392174
Fantastic addon. I use to do this by hand, but this makes it super easy and automated and saves me a few minutes every day of anki "House Keeping". Thank you MIA for yet another great tool.
on 1577354273
Good for cutting off unneccassry reviews and optimising the learning process.
on 1574429851
Activating this plugin causes the 'undo' function to not work correctly. If you try to undo a review you don't get taken to the review you undid but a random other card which means you can't correct the false rating.

EDIT: The plugin author responded to this rating stating that this is default behaviour which is not the case and this bug has been confirmed by various other people. I fear for what the other plugins cause if this much of an add-on breaks a crucial Anki function already.

If you'd like to retire your cards but not use the add-on simply go into your deck in the card browser and add "prop:ivl>100 -is:suspended". Replace the 100 with whatever many days you want to retire cards after and favorite the search. It'll be above your deck in the card browser now and you can just click on it and suspend all cards there. It does require suspending manually once in a while (once a month is probably enough) but at least you don't have to install any add-ons breaking things.
Comment from author
I finally got some free time and was able to fix the undo issue. Please consider taking another look at our add-on!
on 1572114924
This tool is super excellent!
on 1571546516
The addons MIA makes are REALLY BENEFICIAL!
on 1571523166
I am using Anki v2.1 with the new scheduler. The add-on broke the "Undo" feature, i.e. pressing Ctrl-Z / Cmd-Z during review to go back to the last card. Further below the author of the add-on answered that this would be Anki's default behavior, but I cannot confirm that. Disabling this add-on made the Undo feature work again. I made a GitHub issue here: https://github.com/mass-immersion-approach/MIARetirementAddon/issues/9.
Comment from author
This issue has now been fixed. Please consider taking another look at our add-on!
on 1571424443
Works really well. Good work.
on 1570909810
on 1570864466
Insanely beneficial work!
on 1570830120
Addon is super neat!
on 1570598575
Such a simple addon, yet so useful!
on 1570583807
The addons MIA makes are really useful!
on 1570572530
Extremely splendid work!
on 1570496911
Thank you!
on 1570399056
Addon is really magnificent!
on 1570320885
Amazingly convenient work!
on 1570249358
Really effective!
on 1570227758
on 1570157119
I am very excited to start using this. I used Anki extensively while in Japan and ran into a problem of having too many mature card reviews. Plus having a goal where cards just go away is motivating.
on 1570043452
I have a lot less reviews in Anki now!
on 1569996614
Less time in Anki, more time to immerse!
on 1569704670
It just works
on 1569442736
This is great!
on 1568730883
Helps with lessening review load, even if only slightly. Just wish there was the option to NOT make a "retired cards" deck, as I just have my retired cards suspended, not moved.
on 1568663952
Amazing. I saved so much time not doing unnecessary reviews. I love you Yoga.
on 1567883620
Very good
on 1566991558
Doesn't download. Tried multiple times on different days.
Comment from author
Make sure Anki is up to date. It's a shame you gave us a down vote because this has nothing to do with the addon...
on 1565593667
Useful to prevent daily reviews from increasing yearly for cards we already know well enough to maintain through immersion.
on 1565366836
An important feature Anki is missing.
on 1565179309
High quality content
on 1565163582
Thank you!
on 1565095372
on 1564409671
Works perfectly so far
on 1562920542
on 1562776758
Works great and the concept makes sense.
on 1562762729
Amazing work!
on 1562761245
Great addon.
on 1562756888
Thanks Math.
on 1562748821
it good
on 1562747804
simple and useful.
on 1562746101
on 1562744607
Awesome, exactly as described! <3
on 1562732208
on 1562650559
Good Ideal
on 1562629924
Working great, you can do a lot of tricks with it, awesome!
on 1562627947
on 1562621641
Great addon, works as intended! It greatly reduces my reviewing time in Anki