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Statistics for Note Types, Card Types and Tags

<10kB. Updated 2020-07-20. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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This add-on allows filtering statistics by a specific note type, card type or tag. Hierarchial tags separated by a double colon are supported. Statistics for a tag include notes tagged with the tag or any of its subtags. This might not be compatible with some other statistics add-ons. There are no known issues with these add-ons: - Correct Answers Graph - Ease Factor Histogram - Progress Graphs and Stats for Learned and Matured Cards Tested with Anki 2.1.15 - 2.1.26. Older versions might work but are not supported. Compatibility with future versions cannot be guaranteed. New stats in Anki 2.1.28 and later are not supported. This add-on should still work with the old stats. Those can be accessed by holding shift while opening the stats window. Version history: 2020-07-20: - Fixed compatibility with Anki 2.1.28. 2019-12-17: - Added filtering by tags. - Fixed some user interface issues. 2019-12-05: - Fixed a compatibility issue with some add-ons. 2019-12-04: - Initial release


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1624269295
"This add-on should still work with the old stats. Those can be accessed by holding shift while opening the stats window."

Put this part in size 20, bold.
on 1612305856
It is incompatible with the following addon: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1178407876
on 1611672201
Another fantastic add-on :)
on 1590941827
Statistics became much more useful.
on 1587856027
Exellent add-on!
on 1575581056
My dream is to have it by tag. Consider this, please.
Comment from author
The latest version supports tags. Please upgrade and tell if it works for you.
on 1575500038
The add-on works well for me - and I have many add-ons. And it's a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
on 1575493230