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Katakana with stroke diagrams and audio

1.29MB. 123 audio & 71 images. Updated 2015-09-09.
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Very basic katakana learning skit. 3yey1K@gmail.com

Sample (from 123 notes)

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id 98
katakana ピョ
romaji pyo
hiragana ぴょ
id 44
romaji wa
id 123
katakana チェ
romaji che
hiragana ちぇ

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on 1683737482
first sample i see already has a mistake : card 98 -> pyo <- is pronounced KYO (don't worry, i've listenend several times with high volume.. it's wrong)
Seems a pretty good job but double check is MAN DA TO RY before publishing.
Dômo !
on 1675453888
error +++
on 1672846309
on 1668074710
I like it for several reasons, helped me a lot!
on 1660867467
on 1658849946
on 1652317685
Helped me to refresh my recognition speed (especially for similar symbols like: シ、ツ、ソ、ン) and helped me to learn some combos that I previously hadn't (e.g. デぃ)
on 1650456931
Very useful, you've saved me a lot of time, thanks a lot!
on 1648566654
Impressive thanks
on 1645365364
well structured
on 1643670684
Excellent deck for Katakana
on 1629431974
on 1623189781
Seems good to me.
on 1621033216
it's a good starting point to learn how to read katakana words. listening, writting and pronuntiation with all katakana characters and combination of characters.
on 1619315570
on 1617293574
Good deck! Thank you!
on 1606750766
on 1604967256
on 1603726113
Very helpful.
on 1594070425
on 1593223915
Muito bom, eu aprendi muito rápido. Mostra a pronunciação das letras e como escrever cada uma.
on 1589410003
The br tag is not closed, showing <br/
other than than, very good collection of cards
on 1589229639
It has a lot of katakana
on 1588288398
on 1587853553
Great deck - I like the audio and the inclusion of the corresponding hiragana on the flip side. Thank you
on 1584279002
Great deck!
on 1580242745
on 1569296234
Pretty complete set, good audio and has stroke order as well
on 1564835758
I love this deck, shows both the stroke order and the corresponding hiragana. It also plays the pronounciation
on 1562537455
Tarjetas muy completas y fáciles de recordar
on 1556141088
Perfect, thanks!
on 1534765160
best for all beginners
on 1530910935
Necessary companion to "Hiragana with stroke diagrams and audio".
on 1505347200
on 1498262400

I'm here trying to find an easy deck for a friend who's starting out. This one includes a bunch of odd characters/combos that no one uses. I guess it's thorough?.. But would be confusing for a beginner, who just wants to know what's actually needed. Also, includes hiragana on the answer side. May be good or confusing for some people. The audio and stroke diagrams are good, though.
on 1497398400
on 1474156800
on 1470873600
on 1466553600
on 1461801600
on 1457827200
Pretty good

Overall, pretty good. Some of the romaji in the Va, Vi, Vu Ve Vo special Katakana are incorrect, but easily to edit and save.
on 1456272000