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JLPT Tango N5 MIA Omega Deck

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Old Deck Name: JLPT Tango N5 Heavily Modified MIA Japanese Add-on !Discord server up! Ask anything about the deck/s, MIA, Japanese, or anything at all. Let's build a nice community:) https://discord.gg/uK4HeGN EDIT: Can also be downloaded here (same deck): https://mega.nz/file/uHxWjTaC#X2hBAYg_cLttQmUvJQWmlk8QbnQtIIoXH7xU5DuDFeU refer to: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1795505504 Finished project! Just finished the deck I added pitch accent graphs and miscellaneous other things using the MIA Japanese add-on. I noticed that https://www.reddit.com/r/LearnJapanese/comments/bkkwr2/tango_n5_1000_spreadsheet_possibly_the_best_n5/ has been removed by the moderators, probably due to piracy but I think this deck is legal as it contains audio which can be downloaded for free here: https://www.ask-books.com/jp/hajimete-jlpt/hajimete-jlpt-audio/ (official website of the publisher of the book) and other info contained in this book can be found in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbHtoNuVIgE (according to him, his videos have consent from the publisher). Otherwise, all the other information in this deck is made by me. I changed the order of the cards and I removed redundant cards, kanjified words and de-kanjified some words that should be in kana. This shows you sentences/phrases at a rate of 1 or 2 new vocabulary at a time. I removed the cards for 1-10(ichi ni san shi...) so just review them on your own. I also fixed some (a lot) of typos and wrong info. You don't need to know how to read the kanji for the places in Japan like Shinjuku and Kyoto for the sentence cards to grade it good, there are dedicated cards for those places, I only placed it on the meaning side for context on the earlier cards. (The same should apply for names of people but there aren't dedicated cards for them) You don't need to have MIA Japanese Add-on installed anymore in this new version. The deck will still work even if you have MIA Japanese add-on installed. Hope you all enjoy! Support me: Buy me a coffee EDIT (2020/4/28): Added Chapter III I merged the redundant ー個, ー台, ー時, and ー分 cards (1x, 2x, 3x...) each into one card since all you have to remember would be [number+(個/台/時/分)] so having individual cards for each number would be unnecessary. -SAME DAY EDIT- いる card -- 犬[いぬ;o] が います[,います] [, います[,います] ;k2] 。 -> 犬[いぬ;o] が います[,います;k2] 。 電話[でんわ;h] card -- 会議[かいぎ;a,o] 室[しつ;o] に 電話[でんわ;h] が ありません 。 -> 会議[かいぎ;a,o] 室[しつ;o] に 電話[でんわ;h] が あり[,ある;k1]ません 。 +Chapter IV Section 1 & 2 -ANOTHER SAME DAY EDIT- 例 card -- (seen in ch2 but only explained on ch5) Added: 見[み,みる;k1]る Meaning: see, watch +Chapter IV Section 3 EDIT 2 (2020年4月30日): Added Chapter IV お願[おねが;h]い します[,する;h] card -- お願[おねが;h]い します[,する;h] -> Please repeat it one more time.  お願[おねが;h]い します[,する;h]  - please EDIT 3 (2020年5月1日): Added Chapter V ~ごろ card -- ~ ごろ[;a]  - around~ -> ~ 頃[ころ;a]  - around~ 8時[はちじ;n2] 40分[よんじゅっぷん;n3] ごろ[;a] 学校[がっこう;h] へ 行[い,いく;h]きます 。 -> 8時[はちじ;n2] 40分[よんじゅっぷん;n3] 頃[ころ;a] 学校[がっこう;h] へ 行[い,いく;h]きます 。 -SAME DAY EDIT- Added Chapter VI EDIT 4 (2020年5月2日): Added Chapter VII and VIII (almost done!(might finish it by tomorrow)) ー 回[かい;a] card -- Added:  ・ コンビニ[;h]  - convenience store いい[,いい;k1] card -- Added: ・ あの人[あのひと;n2,o]  - that person 是非[ぜひ;a] card -- 是非[ぜひ;a] 、 私[わたし;h] の 家[うち;h] に 来[き,くる;k1]て ください[,くださる;k3] 。 -> 是非[ぜひ;a] 、 私[わたし;h] の うち[;h] に 来[き,くる;k1]て ください[,くださる;k3] 。 -SAME DAY EDIT- Added the rest of the chapters POST-FINISH EDIT 1 (2020年5月3日): Just change all the 頃[ころ;a] to 頃[ごろ;a] it was rendaku'd but the furigana didn't reflect it so it should be changed. Just search " 頃[ころ;a] " and then there will be 3 cards that you will change all the 頃[ころ;a]'s Namely, the cards are: 頃[ころ;a] card 寝[ね,ねる;h]る card 遅[おそ,おそい;h]い card POST-FINISH EDIT 2 (2020年5月4日): カタカナ[;n2,n3] card -- The previous version is perfectly fine and you can see the kanji version in the audio field of the card anyways, this is just my personal preference. カタカナ[;n2,n3] -> 片仮名[かたかな;n3,n2] FINAL EDIT (2020年5月21日): Added sort field and "JLPT", "Tango", and "N5" tags Minor order changes Changed 1-10 to kanji except for time, changed 1-12 to kanji for the months Renamed Note Type: "JLPT Tango N5 Japanese" 彼女[かのじょ;a] card -- added です in the sentence to mirror the audio file おはようございます[;n8] card and いい[,いい;k1] お天気[おてんき;n2] です ね card -- separated the pitch accent - おはよう[;h] ございます[,ございます;k4] おじいさん[;n2] -- removed duplicate audio file 何人[なんにん;a] card -- A「 何人[なんにん;a] です か 。」 B「 3 人[にん] です 。」 -> A「 何人[なんにん;a] です か 。」 B「 3人[さんにん;n3] です 。」 ー  年[ねん] card -- Added: ・ 韓国[かんこく;a]  - South Korea 日本語[にほんご;h] 学校[がっこう;h] card -- removed and the vocabulary was transferred to an earlier card containing the same word アルバイト card -- I will go to my part-time job on Saturdays. - > I go to my part-time job on Saturdays. 本屋[ほんや;a] card -- 本屋[ほんや;a] さん で 辞書[じしょ;a] を 買[か,かう;h]いました 。 -> 本屋[ほんや;a] で 辞書[じしょ;a] を 買[か,かう;h]いました 。 銀行[ぎんこう;h] card -- 弟[おとうと;o] は 銀行[ぎんこう;h] で 働[はたら,はたらく;h]いてます 。 -> 弟[おとうと;o] は 銀行[ぎんこう;h] で 働[はたら,はたらく;h]いて います[,います;k2] 。 教える[,おしえる] card -- Please tell me the phone number. 教える[,おしえる] - teach, tell -> Please tell me the phone number. 教[おし,おしえる;h]える  - teach, tell 役[やく;o] に 立[たつ] す card -- 役[やく;o] に 立[たつ] す  - helpful -> 役[やく;o] に 立[た,たつ;k1]つ  - helpful 介護[かいご;a] 士[し] card -- 介護[かいご;a] 士[し] -> 介護士[かいごし;n3] 会議[かいぎ;a,o] 室[しつ;o] card and 電話[でんわ;h] card -- 会議[かいぎ;a,o] 室[しつ;o] -> 会議室[かいぎしつ;a] ー 個[こ] card and 何個[なんこ;a] card -- 十個[じゅうこ;a] -> 十個[じゅっこ;a] ー 時[とき;o] card -- ー 時[とき;o] -> ー 時[じ] ー 分[ぶん;a] card -- ー 分[ぶん;a] -> ー 分[ふん] インターネット[;n5] card -- fixed audio field ユーモア[;a] card -- 山田[やまだ;h] さん は ユーモア[;a] あり[,ある;k1]ます 。 -> 山田[やまだ;h] さん は ユーモア[;a] が あり[,ある;k1]ます 。 -deleted the second かばん[;h] card- 土産[みやげ;h] card -- 家族[かぞく;a] に お土産[おみやげ;h] を 買[か,かう;h]いました 。 -> 家族[かぞく;a] に お土産[おみやげ;h] を 買[か,かう;h]います 。 県[けん] card -- Added: ・ 千葉[ちば;a]  - Chiba 喫茶店[きっさてん;h,n3] card -- 喫茶店[きっさてん;h,n3] で サンドイッチ[;n4] 食[た,たべる;k2]べました -> 喫茶店[きっさてん;h,n3] で サンドイッチ[;n4] を 食[た,たべる;k2]べました。 美味[おい,おいしい;h,k3]しい card -- 果物[くだもの;n2] は おいしい[,おいしい;h] です 。 -> 果物[くだもの;n2] は 美味[おい,おいしい;h,k3]しい です 。 海[うみ;a] card -- 海[うみ]より 山[やま]の 方[ほう]が 好[す]きです。 -> 海[うみ;a] より 山[やま;o] の 方[ほう;a] が 好[す;o]き です 。 宿題 card -- Today, I have homework to do. 宿題 - homework -> Today, I have homework to do. 宿題[しゅくだい;h]  - homework サッカー[;a] card -- Added: ・ 方[ほう;a]  - way, side 簡単[かんたん;h] な card -- 描[えが,えがく;k2] -> 描[か,かく;k1] -various minor changes- ~i got too lazy to put everything else here, just download the new version ffs~ FINAL-FINAL EDIT (2020年6月5日): Added the syntax to the card itself, you don't need to have the MIA Japanese add-on to use the deck. Fixed card#38 FINAL-FINAL-FINAL EDIT (2020年6月11日): Okay this time, the syntax really is fixed. MIA Japanese add-on keeps on flubbing it. Sorry for not noticing sooner. FINAL*4 EDIT (2020年6月12日): 311 card -- 像 -> 象 (all instances except for the audio file since it sounds the same) 455 card -- added space after どう[;a] on the meaning field to fix the pitch accent stuff -SAME DAY EDIT- Kanjified: card 563 -- もみじ[;a] -> 紅葉[もみじ;a] FINAL*5 EDIT (2020年6月13日): Added contact author link Added space after to fix the pitch accent card 653 -- もらう[,もらう;h] Added "。" card 201 -- 「 あれ[;a,h] です 」 -> 「 あれ[;a,h] です 。」 FINAL*6 EDIT (2020年6月20日): remade card 500 and 503 in case some people experience errors FINAL*7 EDIT (2020年6月21日): nothing new to the deck, just edited the description on this page FINAL*8 EDIT (2020年6月22日): Edited the description again card 812 -- 年[ねん] を 取[と,とる;k1]る -> 年[とし;o] を 取[と,とる;k1]る FINAL*9 EDIT (2020年6月29日): card 782 -- changed all instances of 選択 to 洗濯 except on [sound:選択.yomi000AE7C3_0460.mp3] FINAL*10 EDIT (2020年7月1日): card 859 -- Meaning Field - 音[おん] -> 音[おと;o] FINAL*11 EDIT (2020年7月22日): discord server link https://discord.gg/uK4HeGN edited the card to work even with MIA Japanese add-on installed FINAL*12 EDIT (2020年7月23日): oof forgot to sync, now the deck works even with MIA Japanese add-on installed FINAL*13 EDIT (2020年8月11日): card 163 - of -> off :AyameDespair: FINAL*14 EDIT (2020年8月19日): card 727 - 渡[わた;h]り -> 渡[わた,わたる;h]る FINAL*15 EDIT (2020年8月22日): card 500 - Can you play... -> Can I play... ACTUAL FINAL EDIT (2021年5月20日): a lot of stuff edited

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Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Expression 子供[こども;h] と 動物園[どうぶつえん;n4] へ 行[い,いく;h]きました 。
Meaning I went to the zoo with the children. 動物園[どうぶつえん;n4]  - zoo
Audio on Front
Sort 307
Tags JLPT N5 Tango
Expression 京都[きょうと;a]
Meaning Kyoto
Audio on Front
Sort 343
Tags JLPT N5 Tango
Expression 広[ひろ,ひろい;k2]い
Meaning spacious
Audio on Front
Sort 814
Tags JLPT N5 Tango

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on 1674655067
finished this. really good deck. anyone else have recommendations after this deck?
on 1672940538
Question, does anyone know roughly how many total kanji are in this?
I'd like to have a rough idea of how many kanji I've learned by the time I finish this.
I heard that the Tango N5 book itself has about 150 kanji, but that this deck kanjified more words than what's in the book.
Great deck!
on 1668121671
Astonishingly great!
on 1668049504
Just completed this deck, very useful!
on 1664567094
Absolutely incredible. Thank you so much!
on 1664211437
fluent way of learning - learn by sentence
on 1663107056
Yup, this is in fact the vocabulary from JLPT Tango N5, which is good because that matches what the title of the Anki deck says it is.
on 1662844285
I love this but cards 702 and 654 are bugged for me (once I review it, the answer doesn't show up and if I go back to the Decks page, I can't click anything until I close and reopen my Anki). I do not know how to fix this

I know now how to fix this (delete and replace) but I no longer have the audio

I fixed everything. I'm not sure what caused the bugs though
on 1662023525
really really good but i think there are advanced kanji and not just n5
on 1661946625
Thanks for sharing this deck. But it takes so long to setup Anki, I luckily found an iPhone app that has all the JLPT Tango decks:

on 1660380396
Great deck for beginner as me. can you make N4 Deck as well?
on 1655747415
Just finished the deck, my first ever finished anki deck. Learned alot from this as my first stepping stone towards Japanese
on 1654039425
on 1652310417
super good
on 1650799416
Example sentences, with accents
on 1649892157
on 1647690481
on 1646782724
I just finished this deck, and I love it! The cards have a nice and simple structure, with only the most useful info. The order of the cards is really well thought. It does have a few unnecessary cards, IMO, but overall it's great. I also like the yellowish background, it is easy on the eyes.
on 1646548663
Just wow☺️👍.
Thoughtfully & Neatly made. Thanks
on 1643064306
This deck has been helpful so far! Though I have just seen two cards that confused me as an american user, specifically cards 283 and 285. Both cards say the meaning of their word is "pants" but the problem is, is that card 283 ”ズボン” uses the american dialect's definition as "trousers" but card 285 ”パンツ” uses the british dialect's definition as "underwear". There should be a differentiation to the two meanings as american and british users can get the two meaning confused.
on 1642946784
Super fun!
on 1639523849
Very in depth
on 1638881209
on 1635935697
Works great and easy to manage
on 1635222643
Great deck and thanks for all your hard work. Just wanted to point out a potential typo on card 274. 「サイス」should be「サイズ」I believe.
on 1634031359
Nice deck that has served me well. I have used it along with other decks and I now have close to 2000 words in my vocab. Just wondering if you used any frequency lists or anything? How useful are words such as 紅葉? Then again, that is not the purpose of the deck :)) Great stuff
on 1632082281
Great stuff
on 1631840450
gracias!!!! ya llevo un año con este deck y hace bastante lo acabé, me fue de maravilla.
on 1631293349
You are a goat sir
on 1630239173
Thank you for the deck! It has all the necessary information, furigana, solid audios, pitch accent. I absolutely love it!
on 1628713779
Thank you for the deck! Although I want to ask, sometimes there are words in the sentences with different pronunciations than the target word's pronunciations. Which one am I supposed to recall, the one for the target word? Or does it not matter that much?
on 1628369194
Very large and comprehensive deck with great audio samples and pitch accent.
I recommend getting this and adding information or getting rid of unnecessary things as you wish.

Some minor downsides:
- some cards are slightly ambiguous
- some cards are unnecessary
- some cards use kanji that are almost exclusively written in kana in the "real" world
Comment from author
I agree that some cards are like that
on 1627390843
on 1626400624
Very good for beginners.
on 1625452040
Hi, thanks a lot for this awesome deck. I would kindly ask if there is an easy way to change the colour of some of the fonts? I am using Anki with the dark theme, and I find it difficult to read the text in "blue", so I'd prefer this in "yellow", but I couldn't find an easy way to do it. Many thanks!
on 1624371130
The cards display on the left side its annoying
Comment from author
on 1622937692
I really like this deck. Thank you for sharing this great resource. There was just one thing bugging me, which is the silence in audio files. This was causing too much delay when playing audios and between. I trimmed silent parts from the audio and it became perfect. For anyone who doesn't know how to do it efficiently, here is my script. This script trims silence at the beginning and ending of the mp3 files and just leaves 50 milliseconds of silence, which is a perfect duration IMHO. The script works like this, whichever mp3 file you have in the same folder with the script they will be processed. The script will create a "Trimmed" folder and place the trimmed files in that folder. Three things you can actually change (one of them is a must) in this script is the location of the FFmpeg folder in your computer, silence threshold (which level of sound to be considered as silence) and duration of silence to be left. Personally, I wouldn't recommend below 50 milliseconds.

Another great upside to trimming silence is the reduction in size. With no perceptible change in audio quality, my collection size (I did this to my whole collection, which is about 300k audio files, after I noticed the upside trimming silence with this deck. From about 10GB, I finally had 3GB.) shrunk about 70%. Generally, I observed the size of the audio files reduced between 30% to 90%.

Here is the link and code of the script;

@Echo Off
Set "ext=mp3"
Set "opts=-v quiet"
Set "opts=%opts% -print_format "compact=print_section=0:nokey=1:escape=csv""
Set "opts=%opts% -show_entries "format=duration""
Set ffmpeg=C:\Users\NORTE\Downloads\ffmpeg-2021-05-12-git-175f675f7b-full_build\bin
If Exist *.%ext% (If Not Exist "Trimmed\" MD Trimmed)
For %%a In (*.%ext%) Do Call :Sub "%%~a"

For /f "Tokens=1* Delims=." %%a In ('%ffmpeg%\ffprobe %opts% %1') Do (echo)
%ffmpeg%\ffmpeg -i %1 -af silenceremove=start_periods=1:start_silence=0.05:start_threshold=-50dB,areverse,silenceremove=start_periods=1:start_silence=0.05:start_threshold=-50dB,areverse "Trimmed\%~1"
on 1622380634
I really like this deck. I've been using it for almost 2 months now and I will probably finish it it a couple days. I can recommend this deck to anyone who is learning Japanese. This really boosted my comprehension!
on 1622148297
on 1621563523
Really solid deck. Also the author seems like a nice dude so that's a plus
on 1621197349
Just finished it -- Such an amazing deck, look no further, just download it.
on 1619366889
O melhor deck!!
on 1618839571
Amazing deck!
on 1618638754
I like it, I did the whole deck and it helped a lot and I'm moving on to the N4 deck.
HOWEVER, there is a font error that affects both this and the N4 deck. The styling wants to use a font called _yumin.ttf, and it's not included. It causes an error message (ignorable) to appear on Android, but because it falls back to a default font some kanji use the Chinese form instead of the Japanese variation.
Please help, where can I get this font that was supposed to be included?
on 1617619306
good starter deck
on 1613054964
on 1612986513
Nice deck but a little overloaded with useless readings.
on 1612783384
This deck is excellent! Thank you so much for the work :D

For those using MorphMan, there is a very critical comment left recently about the furigana messing with it, this is not true! MorphMan was designed to be able to parse sentences with Furigana injected, just make sure to set the "ignore everything in braces" option in the general settings

Happy Anki-ing!
on 1611936565
Thanks a lot.
By the way, I found a mistake: 661: クリスマスにパーティーをします。 (it was クリスマスにパーティー押します, which is wrong, I think)
on 1610269193
This is really an excellent work. It is really a good entry point in japanese once you completed RTK, the order of the cards is one of the best I have seen.
Keep up the good work !
(Buy the books to support the authors.)
(Everything works flawlessly so far, just a small typo note#138 : "I listenED to the CD at home", it should be present tense or futur.)
on 1608764877
Fantastic deck! Is there a breakdown of what the pitch accent symbols mean anywhere?
on 1607209060
Helped out a lot with basic vocab! Thank you and keep up the good work :D
on 1607179490
Very nice, thank you
on 1606591963
That's a quality work, nicely done! Hope to use more of your decks in the nearest future.
Btw, why is there 46 and 33 cards are similar? 弟さん and 弟、doesn't really add anything
on 1605922809
this deck is good but there is one giant problem that i think a lot of ppl missed. This deck is not in order.
in the massimmersion website it had said that it's best if sentences are i+1 (they refer to this as something else that I forgot) meaning that there should be only 1 new Kanji in every sentence and this is reason why the books they recommend Tango N5 and there lies the problem. When i was going through this deck I realized that some of the sentences have 2-3 new kanji that I've never learned/did before and you may ask won't it actually benefit you even more since you're learning two kanji's at the same time?
well for me and for a lot of ppl learning 2 kanjis at the same time is significantly harder than learning only one at a time and since its so much more difficult i feel like this won't benefit you instead it would probably be more inefficient and waste more of your time.
but other then this I would say that this deck is a really good one and I recommend for ppl to try this deck
Comment from author
please read through the mass immersion website again :) thanks and good luck on 日本語!
on 1605870987
Thanks for the hard work providing this deck, brings more joy than the boring DuoLingo courses for getting started.
on 1605507584
Sometimes there is no audio for the word, only the sentence. Is this intentional?
Also there are some minor errors all over the place, I've been noticing more and more as I'm progressing so I'll write them down as I see them, but one I just noticed: Card 183: 「それは中国の本です。」 is what the card says, but the audio reads out 「それは中国*語*の本です。」, if I'm not mistaken. I'd go and fix this on my end but I'm not sure how the pitch accent pattern changes (haven't studied pitch accent yet).
Comment from author
Yeah, the word audio is just generated by the old MIA Japanese add-on so if there's none, there's none. And yeah there are still errors in the deck that I haven't gotten around to fixing, it would be really great if you can take note of them as you go and send them to me in the discord server link at the top. Also, I can help you with the pitch accent in the server.
on 1604075692
on 1603859661
Amazing! Just started but at first amazed. I'm studying for N4 so will check out and download. Thanks!
on 1603288226
Very helpful
Comment from author
Thank you
on 1602788196
I just started it i just want to ask question idk where to ask so i am a complete new to learn japnese i just knew hiragana and katakana and few phrases so shall i procced to learn this or there is something else i need to learn first?

Comment from author
You have 3 choices (actually more but mainly these 3), depending on how you want to handle kanji. You can go the regular RRTK, found on the Mass Immersion Approach website; you can go RRTK450, you can look it up on google; or you can go straight here and face kanji head-on by learning them alongside vocabulary.

You can ask for further assistance on the discord server, link is at the top of the description in this page.
on 1601699446
Thank you so much!
on 1601662692
Your decks are the best!
Just one question. I had to add the field {{Expression}} in the front of the cards because there was only the logo there and nothing more. Is this a bug in my anki? What was supposed to appear at the front of the card?

Please, keep up with the good word.
on 1601526004
Amazing deck. Almost done with it and have had no problems throughout :)
on 1600822656
Amazing deck! Already finished it. MIA Japanese isn't supported on my OS (Linux) and I haven't tested it yet, but as this deck works even without the add-on, it made my life a lot easier and gave me some time to properly set the add-on up.
on 1600133072
on 1599896101
my surprise when I see this wonderful deck. many thanks.
on 1599513532
Amazing deck, thank you for your work.
on 1599412492
Nice clean deck with plenty of features for users at different levels of development. Thank you!
on 1597765750
Really useful and well done. I'm enjoying it so far. :)
on 1597534300
Awesome deck! I'm still somewhat new to Anki and was wondering if it's possible to add the audio clips from the back of the cards to the front, and then have Anki switch off between showing the text on the front and playing the audio (with no text) so that I can be testing myself on both reading and listening with the same card. I went to try and copy/paste the audio portion from the back of the card type but got a little overwhelmed with all of the text and formatting haha. Either way, thanks so much for the deck!
Comment from author
Thanks, I can help you with that, you can join the discord server so we can contact each other faster: https://discord.gg/uK4HeGN
on 1597250828
Very nice deck.
One request - can you make Meanings as two separate fields? One with English translation only, and then another with the additional Kanji, and other Japanese information?
That way we can add cards like Front: English Meaning and Back: Japanese, for language synthesis
on 1597248079
Thank you so much, my friend. I finished the whole deck and you did a great job. Keep up the good work.
on 1596139958
awesome work on these decks!
on 1594313139
I'm happy I found this. But I have a small problem: when I first installed this it worked perfectly fine but then I added MIA Japanese. Obviously the deck wouldn't work but then I disabled MIA Japanese and it still didn't work. I deleted and reinstalled the deck a few times but now I'm hopeless because I don't know what to do. It usually looks like this 私[わたし;h] は アン[;a] です 。without colour n stuff
Comment from author
I can send you a copy of the new code for the card template on discord (works even with mia japanese installed), alternatively you could figure out how mia japanese add-on works and add it in this deck yourself. My discord is Perditio#5484
on 1594054220
Really good. Good job. Hope you can do the same for N4, and if you already have, then sorry for saying this.

Nevertheless, a very solid deck.
Comment from author
Thanks!! I'm currently making the N4 deck and I already finished the alpha version (same style as the Optimized for MIA version of the N5 deck). I'm just making another version with pitch accents and a custom order which is the same as this version. You can keep track of the decks I make here https://ankiweb.net/shared/byauthor/960431736
on 1592789163
Very good. Keep up the good work. Only saw one typo (in a furigana), but it was minor.
Comment from author
Thanks for the feedback! Could you perhaps tell me which card the typo was on so I can update the deck.
on 1592615705
Thanks so much for this!

Edit: #38 seems to be broken.
Edit 2: #500 keeps on bugging. I don't know if it's just mine, but it crashed the program (did exactly the same as #38).
Edit 3: Same for #503.

Problem fixed. Thanks to the deck creator!
Comment from author before post was edited
Thanks for telling me! I've updated the deck and fixed card #38.

Edit: I looked through the deck and it doesn't seem to have a problem for me. Might have something to do with anki version difference or the add-ons difference. You could try deleting the cards that you have a problem on then reimporting the deck (or just the card). If that doesn't work you can contact me on discord Perditio#5484
on 1592580369
Great deck!
on 1592553500
edit: I think this doesn't work with Anki 2.0.52. The expression and meaning fields don't show up unless I remove the unusual audio field tags in the card templates. Anyway, the basic Tango N5 deck is perfectly usable for me, thank you!

(I'm sticking with Anki 2.0 because it has everything I need and it's much snappier than 2.1)

Been looking for a Tango deck, thank you for this! Yay!
Comment from author
I personally recommend just fixing the card template haha since I'm really proud of the custom order I have on this version of the deck. But it is still your choice! Thanks for the feedback
on 1592545958
This file is very good quality!
I hope I can find the same quality files for N3 & N2
on 1592035652
Thanks, you're a genius. It's my favorite shared deck.
I don't speak English very well. I'd like to give you an advice for the future. You put much information in few fields, but it's better if you use other fields for different information.
For example: In audio you put the audio but also the pitch accent
In meaning you put the translate but also the word.

If you put all this information in different fields we can use those fields to make new cards with the same notes.

I'm sorry if I'm sound impolite.
Comment from author
Thanks for the feedback!! I'll keep that in mind when I make future decks. I just thought that if I added more fields, it might make the file size bigger and I won't be able to share it as one package (but the file size was smaller than I thought). Anyway, thanks for the advice!
on 1591832836
What is the purpose of this deck? Like who it's target audience?
Comment from author
This deck can generally be used by Japanese language learners with a slight interest on pitch accents or by Japanese learners following MIA: https://massimmersionapproach.com/table-of-contents/stage-1/jp-quickstart-guide/

Sorry I think you downloaded the previous version. Please update your deck and check out the new version! I flubbed up the previous version's syntax. It's all fixed now so please check it out!
on 1591271324
Seems pretty good, but I think card #38 is broken.
Comment from author
i'll check em when i get back on my computer

I just logged on my computer and reimported the deck(downloaded the version I posted here) and there seems to be nothing wrong with card 38. Could you send me a screenshot of what the problem is on discord? Perditio#5484

-EDIT 2-
I think I saw the problem, i'm working on it heh wait

-EDIT 3-
Thanks for telling me! I've fixed the problem now, just reinstall the deck (or you can just delete the card and make a new card with the same content[don't copy paste it tho it freezes])
on 1590772743
How does it compare to the MIA JLPT Tango N5 deck? Should I just buy the book and get the deck -- or is this one fine?
Comment from author
I personally just used this deck alongside Tae Kim's and I'm doing fine, however I still recommend buying the book to support the publishers. Some info might also stick better when explained in the book.

I also don't know how my deck compares to the official MIA one but I think mine has a custom order in the cards and I added more definitions not found in the book but found in the example sentences. Feel free to check and share your feedback! :)
on 1590429582
What do the ";a" ";o" and ";k4" mean??
Comment from author
h means heiban pitch pattern
o - odaka
a - atamadaka
n - nakadaka
k - kifuku (number indicates which syllable the pitch drops when in dictionary form)

it's all made with the MIA Japanese add-on so you can read more here: https://massimmersionapproach.com/table-of-contents/anki/mia-japanese-addon/#syntax
on 1589707350
on 1588904701
Very helpful, thanks !