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Multiplication Table 2x1 through 20x20 Spreadsheet-built

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2*1 through 20*20; nothing skipped in between. Basic front / back format tag example: 7* (for 7*13, but not 13*7 [that would be 13*]) This deck was made in LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet software to avoid mistakes which are so prevalent in other multiplication decks. Word to the wise: read deck reviews before downloading and committing info to memory.

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Front 2*14
Back 28
Tags 2*
Front 10*2
Back 20
Tags 10*
Front 19*4
Back 76
Tags 19*

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on 1634329036
great 👍
on 1634265225
It is exactly what it says, and it works great.
on 1623043403
It's perfect. It's just what I want and nothing more.
on 1621099423
on 1614185451
on 1611457608
While I appreciate this deck, I found myself having a very hard time remembering the time table. I used python to generate every comination of a * b = c and c / a = b (where c = a * b), and generated a deck using cloze deletions:


I hope this helps others who want to more easily memorize their times tables. Cheers!
on 1609492106
on 1605828738
Great first deck to learn how to use Anki
on 1605129791
Great deck, but delete all "1" "10" and "20" cards to eliminate these easy ones.
on 1604818707
on 1603567239
Simple but effective, it works.
on 1601890391
on 1600942899
cảm ơn tác giả
on 1600882139
Good deck.
I recommend removing all the "*10", "*1" for obvious reasons, and "*20" cards as it's the same as *2 with an extra zero ;).

That way, you save on 60 cards.
on 1598035768
on 1591543387
Really good!!
on 1587866048
Nice indeed
on 1586721100
on 1586622922
very healpful
on 1586354123
on 1576107089
on 1575645728
The repeated calculations becoming part of the memory.
on 1572532080
muy buen mazo
on 1571412431
on 1570211364
on 1567590924
As someone mentioned, might be better if the deck didn't double up with 8*6 and 6*8 etc. Otherwise it's a great deck
on 1553335539
How is this supposed to be used? Just look at the expression and hopefully remember or calculate in head each time?
Comment from author
The multiplication deck is meant to be used for rote drilling of the facts. I made it to become just as fast with 11 through 20 as I have been since childhood with 0 through 10.
on 1552813886
on 1542879488
Easy acess
on 1539626222
on 1538179779
thank you very much!
on 1535853662
Thank you!
on 1534580962
Good because i dont want to create them on myself.Thank you.
on 1534042231
Good Work
on 1532119798
I cant input my answer
on 1531484705
on 1524355200
I dont know
on 1520640000
Great deck, although I prefer to remove double cards, for instance: 6*8=8*6, I choose to remember that 6*8 equals 48 and if I see 8*6 I switch in my head and know the answer. So you can remove like...almost half the deck - same numbers like 1*1 ain't gonna count
on 1515974400
To the point
on 1514073600
on 1510790400
on 1483660800

Nice. It is what I am looking for.
on 1475712000
It does the job.

Nothing fancy, just simple and effective. It does what it says.
on 1423958400
Thank you

I have had a lot of success using this deck. The format is really helpful.