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Elixir Programming Language

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Covers language fundamentals, general programming topics, Erlang/OTP framework.

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Front You have a list of attributes [:fname , :lname, :city , :zip ] and list of values ["john", "doe", "london", 87683] How would you combine into a Keyword list?
Back iex> Enum.zip([:fname , :lname, :city , :zip ], ["john", "doe", "london", 87683]) [fname: "john", lname: "doe", city: "london", zip: 87683] def zip(enumerables) Zips corresponding elements from a collection of enumerables into one list of tuples.The zipping finishes as soon as any enumerable completes. iex> Enum.zip([[1, 2, 3], [:a, :b, :c], ["foo", "bar", "baz"]]) [{1, :a, "foo"}, {2, :b, "bar"}, {3, :c, "baz"}] iex> Enum.zip([[1, 2, 3, 4, 5], [:a, :b, :c]]) [{1, :a}, {2, :b}, {3, :c}]
Front Enum.slice(1..10, 5, 0)
Back []
Add Reverse
Front What is the quickest way to find the first item in the list, [1,2,3]?
Back >[head|tail] = [1,2,3]>head

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