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Distributed Computing Part 1

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Low-level concepts of distributed computing from the first few weeks of a university course. Sources are Dr. Koushik Sinha's lecture slides and Distributed Computing Principles, Algorithms, and Systems by Ajay D. Kshemkalyani.

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TermOrCode clock skew
TermOrCodeType definition
BasicInfo difference between the times obtained from the same source by two different points/nodes (typically caused by differences in signal path/propagation delay)
BasicInfoType term
SourcePage 79
Tags chapter3
TermOrCode Flynn's Taxonomy
TermOrCodeType list and define
BasicInfo SISD (single instruction stream, single data stream), SIMD (single instruction, multiple data), MISD (multiple instruction, single data), MIMD (multiple instruction, multiple data)
BasicInfoType categories in what
Details A single-core processor is SISD. Graphics cards are SIMD because each pixel pipeline runs the same code but for different pixels. MISD is rare, mostly used for fault tolerance. Multi-threading and distributed systems may be MIMD.
SourcePage 10
Tags chapter1
TermOrCode Lamport's logical clock
TermOrCodeType rules
BasicInfo R1: before executing an event (send, receive, or internal), process p<sub>i</sub> executes C<sub>i</sub> = C<sub>i</sub> + d (where d is usually 1). R2: The sender's clock value is included in each message; when process p<sub>i</sub> receives a message with timestamp C<sub>msg</sub>, it executes C<sub>i</sub> = max(C<sub>i</sub>, C<sub>msg</sub>); execute R1; deliver the message.
BasicInfoType rules of what
Details Lamport's logical clock is a scalar clock, as each process only maintains a single value to represent the time.
SourcePage 51
Tags chapter3

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