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German FSI Vocab & Basic Sentences (with audio)

113.35MB. 3303 audio & 0 images. Updated 2014-08-06.
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This is a deck built from German FSI Basic course. It moves slowly giving all necessary vocab before the dialogues that use them. When copying the text from the PDF there were some OCR issues, I tried to correct them, but there may still be some spelling mistakes I missed.

Sample (from 3302 notes)

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Expression der Photoapparat,-e
Meaning the camera
Expression Hier ist zum Beispiel ein guter Roman des französischen Schriftstellers Cocteau.
Meaning Here's a good novel by the French author Cocteau for instance.
Expression legen
Meaning to lay, to put

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Viele danke
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Thanks dear. This was a very hard job!
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Very good audio. Nice gradation of difficulty. Thank you!
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Thank you!

Really good deck straight from my favorite FSI course! One suggestion is to make reverse cards for two way recall.
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