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Review Statistics During Review (Cards done, Left, s/card, spent, left, ETA)

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Adds a widget to the top of the screen with the following information 1. Cards done 2. Percent cards done 3. Cards left 4. Percent cards left 5. Seconds spent per card 6. (Seconds spent per card in the last 7 days) 7. Again Rate 8. (Again Rate in last 7 days) 9. True Retention 10. (True Retention in last 7 days) 11. Super Mature True Retention 12. (Super Mature True Retention in last 7 days) 13. Time spent 14. Time remaining 15. ETA (configure "tz" to n where n is your GMT+n timezone (make it negative if yours is negative) Configurable values 1. tz 2. lrnSteps (default:2, anki's default learning/relearning steps is 1m 15m, so two steps) 3. nodays (default 7, how many days ago anki should look back to compute new, learn, relearn, and review weights) 4. showDebug = 0 Update July 24, 2022: Major Update, revamped how new, review, learn, and relearn weights are computed.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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