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JLPT Grammar from Jtest4you

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N1-N5 grammar flashcards extracted from japanesetest4you.com/flashcard I wanted to brush up my grammar but haven't found a deck I am happy with on Anki, so I created one using materials from Jtest4you. Includes romaji and translation, front and back cards. The material is great but putting it in Anki makes it much better! A number of N5 cards missing because some pages can't be parsed. All materials are from Jtest4you.

Sample (from 4281 notes)

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English I’ve made up my mind. I cannot not go.
Japanese 何をすべきか、もう心は決まっている。行かないではいられない。
Level N2
Meaning can’t help but feel; can’t help but do
Romanized nani o subeki ka, mou kokoro wa kimatte iru. ikanai dewa irarenai.
Vocab ないではいられない
English She didn’t say anything. She kept glaring at me.
Japanese 彼女は何も言わなかった。ただわたしを睨むばかりだった。
Level N3
Meaning continue to (similar to 一方だ)
Romanized kanojo wa nani mo iwanakatta. tada watashi o niramu bakari datta.
Vocab ばかりだ
English I used to play on the river when I was a child.
Japanese 子供のころはよく川で遊んだものだ。
Level N3
Meaning used to do something; should do something; of course
Romanized kodomo no koro wa yoku kawa de asonda mono da.
Vocab ものだ

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on 1655530244
good deck so far, don't know why people are crying about romaji like they have to use it
on 1648979351
Nice deck to focus on grammar! For those who aren't comfortable enough with the fact that this deck doesn't have furigana, you can complement with a vocab deck that has it.
on 1645749782
This is a great deck so far. I'm curious though: what percentage of the JLPT vocab are covered throughout the entire deck?
on 1639612702
First ever card I checked, huge mistake on formation information (mixing na and i adjectives). It's a N5 card, who knows how many mistakes there are in the superior levels?
Not recommended.
on 1635732576
Thank you so much!!! I have made some changes to seamlessly merge it with my main deck.

Quick tips for adding furigana using the Japanese Support add-on and their bulk edit option.
I did this and it worked for me:

1) Go to "Tools" > "Manage note types", and rename the note type of this deck to anything containg the word "Japanese" (e.g. "Japanese: JT4Y")
2) Rename field containing Japanese sentence to "Expression"
3) Add a field and call it "Reading"
4) Go to Browser, select the sentences, and click Edit -> Bulk add-reading

Additionally, I suggest to beginner Anki users to:
1) Set the field containing the Japanese vocabulary/grammar item as the "sort" field of the note type.
2) Delete "Romanization" field, unless you are studying for N5.
3) Delete the "Level" field, and add the JLPT level as a tag. Add additional tags such as "JT4Y".
on 1626929418
Very useful set to study grammar!
on 1623204556
fucking romaji this shit just makes the hole deck terrible, wtf why just WHY?
on 1623158314
on 1616023543
Seems good but I can't figure out how to add furigana. One reviewer posted these instructions:

>> Download Japanese support addon. Change Japanese field to Expression. Add Reading field. Add "Japanese" to the name of the note type jtest (jtest Japanese). Use addon bulk generate readings and you're set. You have all the furigana now.

This isn't working for me. I'm trying to use Bulk Generator Plus, which has one single negative review that it didn't work. Indeed it doesn't work. But this is my first time using Anki at all so maybe I'm missing something. Help, anyone?
on 1610559874
The font is hard to read when using night mode on windows :(
on 1608263055
Thank you so much!!!! I'm very grateful <3
on 1606818210
Really useful. Several sentences per grammar and thousands of sentences in total.
on 1605731313
on 1597371882
can someone explain how to get the furigana please? i dont get what the lot of you are saying about changing this and that. i already have the add on downloaded [2]
on 1595310101
I've been using this deck for a couple of years and I love it! It's a great way to learn new vocab within the context of a sentence. The romaji doesn't bother me, just look at the kanji and google if a word you don't know comes up.
I hope you'll post any updates or cleaned up versions here
on 1594195990
can someone explain how to get the furigana please? i dont get what the lot of you are saying about changing this and that. i already have the add on downloaded
on 1583512234
Great deck! As previously commented, just use the Japanese Support add-on and generate furigana readings to replace the romaji fields and you're good to go :)
on 1566522591
on 1565089928
on 1562752229
Roomaji is no problem, since there are easy ways to automatically add furigana. Don't be lazy people.
Download Japanese support addon. Change Japanese field to Expression. Add Reading field. Add "Japanese" to the name of the note type jtest (jtest Japanese). Use addon bulk generate readings and you're set. You have all the furigana now.

I've used Dictionary of the Japanese Grammar serious before that, and it mostly covers JLPT N5 - N2 grammar. When I looked into the Shin Kanzen Master N1 Grammar I didn't know the majority of the grammar there. This deck is very helpful!
on 1556157573
Uses romanji, useless shit at this level
on 1555673230
I really like it and it's been helping me a lot with reviewing for the N2, but I think you could add furigana for the answers bit so people can make sure they read the grammar correctly.

So what I did is -> on the Back template (the answer), write "furigana:" before "Vocab" and on the Front template write "kanji:" before "Vocab" . This way, if you have に伴って for example and don't know how to read it, just go to edit and type "に 伴[ともな]って" instead. If you set up the Front and Back templates correctly, you should now have the question with no furigana (so に伴って) and the answer with furigana attached to it (I put furigana only on the answer so I can test myself on it, but if you want, you can just put furigana on both the Front and the Back template). The only slight inconvenience is that you'll have to do this for every grammar with kanji you don't know, so I'd appreciate of someone does that. And yes, I think it works with the example sentences too, haven't tried it yet.
on 1519862400
Doesn't isolate the concept in question well in its examples, requires grammar knowledge not provided within the cards.
on 1518998400
on 1517184000
on 1514764800
Great formatting, well organized deck
on 1513382400
Great deck
on 1513296000
incredible work, easy on the eyes too
on 1512950400
I made more progresses in Japanese in one week of using this deck than in two years of Core2k.
on 1512950400
GREAT DECK!It would be better if all these deckes are with audio. Could anyone give me such a link?
on 1512086400
excellent updates. thanks for your efforts!
on 1508803200
on 1508112000
on 1507593600

Cleanup of the deck:

With *synthesized* audio (not the original human due to copyright):

* Combined with the "Complete JTest4You JLPT Grammar" below (now at 4930)
* Removed cruft from that one's explanations
* Proper styling (colors, lang attribute)
* Few mistakes fixed
* Furigana for expressions instead of extra romanji field (automatic – which has issues with ambiguous readings. Fixed obvious mistakes, but there'll be some more)
* Turned Level field into tag
on 1506297600
on 1502236800
on 1496966400

ITs very helpful thankyou very much indeed
on 1492473600
on 1492214400
on 1485907200
on 1485388800
on 1483401600
on 1480982400
on 1480723200
on 1480723200
on 1480723200
Good job with the deck.

Here is a lit of the three N2 Grammar rules that are missing (I think it is because they only have an example in the picture flashcard but not text examples after the picture)

かいがある(kai ga aru): it worths one’s effort to do something
かねない (kanenai): might happen, might do something
に越したことはない (ni koshita koto wa nai): it’s best that, there’s nothing better than
on 1477958400
on 1472083200
on 1471996800
on 1469491200
Legendary Japanese deck

I can't even imagine the time it took to make this. The presence of both a production and recognition card for each grammar point makes this deck incredibly effective!

Thank you!
on 1464912000
on 1464739200
on 1461542400
A Decent Grammar Decks!

In creating this deck you've undertook Herculean Labors, my friend. Thank you, sir. However, there some major mistakes in there, so be wary of them, especially if you are a beginner.
on 1461024000
on 1459814400