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NGSL English-Japanese

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This deck contains the full updated New General Service List of the 2801 most common words in English that cover 92% of regular usage across spoken and written English. This deck contains English to Japanese definitions and example sentences. It also has each word ranked in order of frequency, part of speech, and English definitions. I made this deck for a class I'm teaching to students in Japan, but figured I'd upload in case it proves useful to others as well. This is a great tool to rapidly increase your receptive vocabulary knowledge. For more information on the NGSL see: http://www.newgeneralservicelist.org/ (I am in no way connected to the researchers who developed or produced the NGSL.)

Sample (from 2801 notes)

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Rank 1976
English Word protein
Japanese Word タンパク質
English Sentence You should eat protein at breakfast.
Japanese Sentence 朝食時にはタンパク質を食べるべきです。
Part of Speech noun
Definition food such as meat, cheese, fish, or eggs that is necessary for the body to grow and be strong
Rank 1134
English Word partner
Japanese Word 相棒
English Sentence Who is your dance partner?
Japanese Sentence あなたのダンスの相手はだれですか。
Part of Speech noun
Definition someone's husband or wife or the person someone has sexual relations with
Rank 1559
English Word predict
Japanese Word 予想する
English Sentence Who can predict what will happen in the future?
Japanese Sentence 将来何が起こるか誰が予言できるか。
Part of Speech verb
Definition say or estimate that will or might happen

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But some translations are strange.
We spent three days in Paris.
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This is exactly what I was looking for to help my Japanese friend. I just need to find a more advanced deck for other people but she's a beginner or sort of a beginner so this will keep her busy for at least a year I think. I see the monolingual decks above but that's really inefficient I think especially for beginners.
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thank god. that's I want
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