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600+ German sentences by word frequency (A1-B1) – LoF part 1

14.19MB. 233 audio & 0 images. Updated 2023-03-04.
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We’re passionate about languages and we've created an online German course with an integrated Anki deck: languages-on-fire.com. Our course is designed according to the Pareto principle: Get 80 % of the results with 20 % of the efforts! It will enable you to converse in German as quickly as possible by teaching you the fundamental grammar rules and the 1000 most common words. We’ve used word frequency lists to this purpose but also modified them according to our own experience. Therefore, some of the words considered to be A1 in other courses are not included but others, considered to be at a higher level, are. We strongly recommend you use this deck in conjunction with our course. It will be easier to remember the sentences if you learn them in context. Also, some grammar explanations will be helpful even though we don’t focus too much on it. The deck consists mainly of phrases but there are also single word cards, mainly for nouns and verbs. This will help you learn the words' gender and verb forms. More forms appear on the cards as you progress with the course and learn the respective grammar. We recommend studying with our deck to anyone at or below a B1 level. If you don’t want to start from the very beginning, then you can just start with lesson 10 or any other lesson since the deck is divided into subdecks. If you’re level is above B1, you’ll find some useful advice on our website how to continue studying German. Happy studying! Update 31/12/2022: In order to cover production costs of our course and this deck, we decided to not provide the entire deck for free anymore. You'll get access to the entire deck by subscribing on our website languages-on-fire.com.

Sample (from 242 notes)

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Front Das Wetter ist heute schön.
Back The weather is nice today.
ID Firetongues-DE-EN-0082
Front Woher kommst du?
Back Where are you from?
ID Firetongues-DE-EN-0024
Front Ich übe dort Spanisch.
Back I practice Spanish there.
ID Firetongues-DE-EN-0155

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on 1682801286
Thank you.
on 1682698086
very nice!
on 1681936428
Really Good. Good value for money
on 1681764175
Çok iyi bayıldım
on 1681763750
Totally worth of money :)
on 1681059221
on 1680959152
very good audios, i like it
on 1679515148
Thank you !!! :D
on 1679253007
Good deck. My progress is good.

Greetings from India
on 1671017512
on 1668394577
on 1663177277
Thank you.
on 1661253694
Thanks for the deck! ^_^

It is a wonderful addition to my German sentence ‘mega-deck’, which combines cards from various sources and is sorted using MorphMan to ensure an i+1 steady incremental order for optimal learning.
on 1660915418
How can I delete only the cards that make the translation reversed?
Comment from author
On your computer, click on "Browse", then right click on the top menu. There you have to tick "Note" so you can sort cards by note type. Next, select only cards with the "LoF" note type. Right click, click on "Notes", then click on "Change note type". Now, you have to change the note type from "LoF" to "LoF 1-sided". This will delete all cards with English in front.
on 1654523705
Ich habe dich verpasst aber wieder gefunden. Hoffentlich gibt es Languages on Fire B2 and C1 für Lerner
on 1650213542
Great deck and resource!
However, website seems to be dead and there is no means to contact the author...
Please, come back! I have just started this course and it would be a pity not to finish it
Also, I haven't saved the tips for intermediate to advanced learning from the website, which for sure will be valuable after finishing beginner dialogues. I hope you could bring the website back, I could even bring a small donation to keep it going, as your work should be rewarded.
Contact me in telegram: t me / Altime
Comment from author
Thank you for your feedback! Our website is accessible again. The downtime was caused by a technical issue. We're sorry for the inconvenience!
on 1649371392
Even with the site seeming to be gone now, this is a top-quality deck. It helped get me from zero to being able to follow basic conversations in just over a month.
on 1643502261
Awesome deck, I love the human audio for each sentence and how each sentence builds upon the previously learned words and grammar. There were a few sentences here and there that introduced a lot of new words, but overall it was very i+1.
on 1622066543
on 1617350787
Well-organized Decks with audios, this is named Perfection.
Thank you.
on 1617214102
Awesome. It's simple and gets the job done. :)
on 1615818588
This deck is *exactly* what I was looking for as a total newbie to German! It's perfect!

I love that the audio is real humans speaking, not robot voices, the way it's based on word frequency, and the fact that it has lots of conversational phrases to start off with. It's great the way it's organized into subdecks as well.

There's a lot of word frequency-based sentence decks on Anki, but this one is a lot better than most because of the way it starts out with actual conversational phrases purposely put together by humans, instead of the strange computer-selected sentences you normally see.

I excitedly searched to see if "Languages On Fire" had any other courses (Italian? Portuguese? Chinese? ) and so far it looks like the German course is the only one they have put out so far, but I would try whatever language course they put out if it was a language I had never studied before.
on 1615407614
on 1615328203
Thank you
on 1614510140
Best deck yet!
on 1612030780
This is so helpful, thanks a lot
on 1608124362
on 1608051362
I've seen only 100 cards (I erased the ones with english in front), so far I really like it. Don't like that there are some individual words instead of a sentence but aside from that is very good. Wish it had more cards tho.
on 1604381182
Such a great deck! I've been trying to learn German for a longer while without any visible success and I'm pretty sure I would be much more motivated to study, if l started with this collection. Thank you so much! I definitely highly recommend it!
on 1601797897
Gret stuff
on 1598877321
on 1597864457
Nice deck!
on 1597066825
The best way to start learning German
on 1597066558
Vielen Dank!
on 1597066230
Great deck, great course!