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US Amateur Radio - Extra [good July 2020 - June 2024]

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This is the full question pool for the ham radio extra class exam, effective July 2020-June 2024. You can view the original, official NCVEC document at Public Release 2020-2024 Extra Class Pool. This deck includes all images included in the original release. The extra class exam is the third in a series of three exams:
  1. Technician
  2. General
  3. Extra
There are study decks available for all three tests. This is the question pool to use if you plan on taking your test between July 2020 and June 2024. Don't use an expired question pool if you plan on sitting your exam within this range. Don't use this question pool if you plan on sitting your exam after June 2024. I intend to make new decks for each question pool about two months before that test goes live. But if I seem to have abandoned that project, you can use my question processor code at https://github.com/JASchilz/Ham2Anki.

Sample (from 621 notes)

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head E9H07 (D)
question Why is RF attenuation used when direction-finding?
choices (A) To narrow the receiver bandwidth(B) To compensate for isotropic directivity and the antenna effect of feed lines(C) To increase receiver sensitivity (D) To prevent receiver overload which reduces pattern nulls
answer_letter D
answer_text To prevent receiver overload which reduces pattern nulls
head E6B09 (C)
question What is a common use for point-contact diodes?
choices (A) As a constant current source(B) As a constant voltage source(C) As an RF detector(D) As a high-voltage rectifier
answer_letter C
answer_text As an RF detector
head E9H01 (D)
question When constructing a Beverage antenna, which of the following factors should be included in the design to achieve good performance at the desired frequency?
choices (A) Its overall length must not exceed 1/4 wavelength(B) It must be mounted more than 1 wavelength above ground(C) It should be configured as a four-sided loop(D) It should be one or more wavelengths long
answer_letter D
answer_text It should be one or more wavelengths long

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